Bunker Hill Township, Macoupin County IL

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Bunker Hill Township
Macoupin County, Illinois

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Towns in Bunker Hill Township
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The population for Bunker Hill Township in 1870 was 2,884.

The towns in Bunker Hill Township are:

Bunker Hill Information (Wolf Ridge) (Lincoln)
Lat 390234N Long 0895706W

Illinois Place Names book:
Bunker Hill est 23 Jun 1842; Inc as city 17 Feb 1857, changed from Lincoln. rfd serves Millville and Woodburn; formerly Wolf Ridge and Lincoln; Lincoln est 22 Jun 1833, changed to Bunker Hill. Wolf Ridge, now Bunker Hill.

History of Bunker Hill contributed for use by Mary McKenzie

Old Bunker Hill Newspaper Stories contributed for use by Cindy Leonard

Some Old Settlers Bunker Hill 1889 from the Bunker Hill Gazette contributed by Stephen Crawford

Letter written by Charles A. Jacobi found in Beaverton OR by Frank Sellers

FAMILIES and MEMORIES of Bill Behrens - written and contributed by Lula Vaughn

GRANDMA LADENROFF - Josephine Emiley Ladendroff - 1857-1949 - written and contributed by Lula Vaughn

Bunker Hill Man Votes For 58 Yrs, Is Not Citizen from Debbi Geer and Linda Kmiecik

Digital History of Bunker Hill at the Bunker Hill Library Site

Bunker Hill Public Library

Woodburn Information

Woodburn is located in Section 17 of Bunker Hill Township.

Illinois Place Names book:
Woodburn est 5 May 1837, disb 30 Apr 1907, now rfd Bunker Hill

History of Woodburn contributed for use by Mary McKenzie
Lat 390325N Long 0895613W

Place Names, by James Adams
Listed in RM56 but not RM 58; RFD Bunker Hill. Pop. 15.

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