1853 Assessor List for Towns of Carlinville, Scottville, and Cummington (now Palmyra), Macoupin County IL

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1853 Assessor List
Macoupin County IL
City of Carlinville
Town of Cummington (now Palmyra)
Town of Scottville

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Transcribed and contributed by M Trover

City of Carlinville

(Lots and Blocks) (Owners names returned by the clerk) (Names of Persons listed as owners not returned by the clerk as owner)

Old Plat of City of Carlinville    
Part Lot 1 Eliza Berry  
Part Lot 1 Unknown  
Lot 2-4 Eliza Berry  
Lot 5-7 Daniel Dick Matthew Newkirk
Lot 8-9 William Weer Jr.  
Lot 10-11 Oliver W. Hall  
Lot 12-pt 13 A. S. Walker  
Pt 13-14 Unknown  
Lot 15-17 B. T. Burke  
Lot 18 John A. Chestnut  
Lot 19 F. Taggart  
Lot 20 Unknown Joseph Jolly, G. B. Hicks
Lot 21 Matthew Newkirk M. Neukirk, G. B. Hicks
Lot 22 Matthew Newkirk M. Neukirk, Wm. N. Shibley
Lot 23 Unknown  
E Pt Lot 24 A. S. Walker  
W Pt Lot 24 Unknown  
W Pt Lot 25 A. S. Walker  
E Pt Lot 25 Wm. Phelps  
S Pt Lot 26 W. B. Brink  
SW Pt Lot 26 Wm. Phelps  
SE Pt Lot 27 W. B. Brink  
Pt Lot 27 Samuel Walton  
Lot 28-29 Wm. Weer Jr.  
Lot 30-32 M. Newkirk Daniel Dick
Lot 33-35 Eliza Berry  
Lot 36 L. F. Palmer  
Lot 37 Joseph Jolly  
Lot 38-40 Nicholas Boice  
Lot 41 H. Weatherford Heirs Wm. Wright, John Blakeney
Lot 42-43 Wm. M. Maddox  
Lot 44 Walker, Phelps & Co  
Pt. Lot 45 David Street  
Pt Lot 45 Walker, Phelps & Co  
Pt Lot 46 Malcom McNeil  
Pt Lot 46 Ann Cooley Milo Graham
Pt Lot 46 John Palmer  
Pt Lot 46 Otwell Heirs  
Pt Lot 46 Phillip Sharp  
Pt Lot 47 Malcom McNiel D. L. Brock, Wm. Wright
Pt Lot 47 G. H. Blackburn Hughes & Wright
Pt Lot 48 D. S. Brock Wm. Wright
Pt Lot 48 A. S. Walker  
Pt Lot 48 W. J. West George B. Hicks
Lot 49-50 J. W. Hankins  
Lot 51-54 E. Wall  
Lot 55-56 E. E. Webster  
Lot 57-58 E. Wall  
Lot 59 D. S. Brock  
Pt Lot 60 Thomas R. Corning  
Pt Lot 60 Jonathan Gilbert  
Pt Lot 60-61 J. C. Dugger  
Lot 62 H. Weatherford Heirs J. N. Queen
Lot 63-Pt 64 Wm. M. Maddox  
Pt Lot 64 Walker, Phelps & Co  
Pt Lot 64 Nicholas Boice  
Pt Lot 64 John A. Chestnut  
Pt Lot 65-67 Nicholas Boice  
Lot 68 Thomas Shuttt  
Lot 69 Samuel Couch  
Lot 70-72 B. T. Burke  
Pt Lot 73 John Gibbon & S. M. Odell  
Pt Lot 73 R. L. Berry  
Pt Lot 73 Wm. Rickert  
Pt Lot 74 Wm. A. Robertson  
Pt Lot 74-75 John S. Trover  
Pt Lot 75- H. Buzby  
Pt Lot 75 S. T. Mayo John S. Cotter
Lot 76 Joseph Keeler  
Pt Lot 77 F. W. Hile  
Pt Lot 77 Horatio Adams  
Pt Lot 77 Pogue Heirs  
Lot 78 Horatio Adams  
Lot 79 William Shibley  
Lot 80 Jail  
Lot 81-83 W. H. Wolf Heirs  
Lot 84-85 Jeff Adams  
Lot 86 Horatio Adams  
Pt Lot 87 Sylvanus Seaman  
Pt Lot 87-88 Joseph Keeler  
Pt Lot 88 Unknown  
Pt Lot 89 Joseph Kulu (??)  
Pt Lot 89 Unknown  
Pt Lot 90 J. A. Halderman  
Pt Lot 90 Unknown  
Lot 91 Matthew Newkirk  
Pt Lot 92 Samuel Couch  
Pt Lot 92 E. Harlan  
Pt Lot 92 B. T. Burke  
Pt Lot 93 Samuel Couch  
Pt Lot 93 Unknown  
Lot 94-95 J. A. Chestnut  
Pt Lot 96 S. Harlan  
Pt Lot 96 B. T. Burke  
Lot 97-100 John Cherry  
Lot 101-102 A. Kim Dubois  
Lot 103-104 Henry Fishback  
Lot 105-107 John A. Chestnut C. A. Walker
Lot 108-109 Unknown  
Pt Lot 110 L. B. Parsons John M. Palmer
Pt. Lot 110 Methodist Church  
Lot 111 Mrs. Overshiner  
Lot 112 E. P. Odell Heirs  
Lot 113 Unknown  
Lot 114 F. M. Hill  
Pt Lot 115 Joseph Pogue  
Pt Lot 115 Unknown  
Lot 116 A. J. Frank  
Lot 117 Unknown  
Lot 118 William Wright  
Lot 119 Unknown  
Lot 120 M. McNeil Henry Weaser
Lot 121-124 Unknown  
Lot 125-127 School House  
Lot 128 Philip Sharp  
Lot 129 John L. P. Overstreet  
Lot 130-132 John A. Chestnut C. A. Walker
Lot 133-134 Henry Fishback  
Lot 135-136 A. Kim Dubois  
Lot 137-140 John M. Palmer  
Lot 141-143 B. T. Burke  
Pt Lot 144 Unknown  
Pt Lot 144 Lucinda McWain  
Lot 145 Mrs. McWain  
N Pt Lot 146 Samuel Couch  
S Pt Lot 146 Rhoda Fennister  
N Pt Lot 147 Samuel Couch  
S Pt Lot 147 Rhoda Fennister (of Femister)  
N Pt Lot 148 Henry Detrick  
S Pt Lot 148 Rhoda Femister  
Lot 149-150 B. T. Burke  
Lot 151-154 Wm. Challacombe  
Lot 10-12 J. C. Dugger  
Edwards, Smith & McAfee on the East    
Block 1    
Lot 1-2 Eliza Berry  
Lot 3-4 Unknown  
Block 2    
Lot 1-2 Unknown  
Lot 3-5 Eliza Berry  
Pt Lot 5 L. F. Palmer  
Lot 6 Eliza Berry  
Lot 7-8 Unknown  
Block 3    
Lot 1 Isaac H. Kelly  
Lot 2 unknown  
Lot 3 Gilbert & McClure  
Lot 4 O. E. McIlvain  
Lot 5-6 Thomas Shutt  
Lot 7-8 Church  
Block 4    
Lot 1-2 J. McAfee & Heirs  
Lot 3-4 Unknown  
Block 5    
Lot 1-4 R. L. Berry  
Block 6    
Lot 1-8 N. Boice  
Block 7    
Lot 1-2 A. Kim DuBois  
Lot 3-4 B. T. Burke  
Lot 5-8 A. Kim DuBois  
Block 8    
Lot 1-4 R. L. Berry  
Alice Goode Addition on the East    
Block 10    
Lot 5-8 R. L. Berry  
Lot 9-12 M. McNeil George Fishback
Block 11    
Lot 5-7 Sarah A. Radcliff  
Lot 8-12 Johnson Lewis  
Block 12    
Lot 5 James Fishback  
Lot 6-7 R. W. Glass L. T. Palmer
Lot 8 J. C. Homell Joseph C. Homell??
Lot 9-12 L. F. Palmer  
Block 13    
Lot 5-12 E. Braly Heirs  
Block 14    
Lot 1 Unknown  
Lot 2-3 E. Braly & Heirs  
Lot 4 P. B. Solomon  
Block 15    
Lot 1-2 Henry Page  
Lot 3-4 E. Braly Heirs  
Block 16    
Lot 1 Wm. Hunter  
Lot 2-4 Unknown  
Block 17    
Lot 1 Wm. Weer Jr. George Fishback
Lot 2-3 Lewis Johnson  
Lot 4 Wm Weer Jr. George Fishback
P. B. Solomon & Others on the East    
Block 1    
Lot 1-6 Sarah A. Radcliff  
Block 2    
Lot 1-6 B. T. Burke  
Lot 7-12 Samuel Couch  
Block 3    
Lot 1-2 Wm. Grimes  
Lot 3 Nicholas Grimes  
Lot 4-7 Unknown  
Lot 8-12 Nicholas Grimes  
Block 4    
Lot 1-5 Unknown  
Lot 6 Samuel B. Robinson Joseph Davidson
Hoxsey & Edwards Addition to Carlinville on the South    
Block 5    
Lot 1 Unknown  
Lot 2-3 B. T. Burke  
Lot 4-6 Unknown  
Block 6    
B. T. Burke    
Block 7    
Lot 1-3 John Bates  
Lot 4 Unknown  
Lot 5-8 B. T. Burke  
Lot 9 John Bates  
Lot 10-12 B. T. Burke  
Block 8    
Pt Lot 1 E. Harlan  
Pt Lot 1-3 Wm. A. Robertson  
Lot 4-9 B. T. Burke  
Pt Lot 10 E. Harlan  
Pt Lot 10 Wm. A. Robertson  
Block 9    
Lot 1-3 E. Harlan  
Lot 4 J. C. Harlan's Executors  
Lot 5-6 Wm. A. Robertson Samuel Lewis
Lot 7-8 Unknown  
Lot 9-Pt 12 J. C. Anderson Executors  
Pt Lot 12 E. Harlan  
Block 10    
Pt Lots 1-5 E. Harlan  
Pt Lots 1-5 Unknown  
Block 11    
Pt Lots 1-11 B. T. Burke  
Pt Lots 1-11 E. Harlan  
Lot 12 Unknown  
Block 12    
Pt Lots 1-9 B. T. Burke  
Pt Lots 1-9 E. Harlan  
Lots 10-12 Unknown  
Block 13    
Pt Lot 1-6 E. Harlan  
Pt Lot 1-6 Unknown  
Block 14    
Pt Lots E. Harlan  
Pt Lots D. W. Solomon  
Block 15    
B. T. Burke    
Block 16    
E. Harlan, D. S. (or L) Brock Thomas Shutt  
Block 17    
E. Harlan    
Block 18    
J. C. Anderson Executors John S. Cotter  
Block 19    
E. Harlan, B. T. Burke    
Block 20    
Block 21    
E. Harlan    
Block 23    
E. Harlan    
Block 24    
B. T. Burke    
Block 25    
E. Harlan    
B. T. Burke    
Block 26    
E. Harlan    
Block 27    
E. Harlan    
Block 28    
W. A. Robertson Samuel Lewis  
B. T. Burke    
E. Harlan    
Block 29    
B. T. Burke    
Block 30    

Town of Cummington (now known as Palmyra)

(Lots and Blocks) (Owners names returned by the clerk) (Names of Persons listed as owners not returned by the clerk as owner)
Lot 1-3 Unknown  
Lot 4-6 Lewis Solomon Guardian for T. Birkby & Others
Lot 7-8 George R. Brown  
Lot 9-10 H. Y. Foster  
Lot 11   James Gardner
Lot 12 John J. Ramsey  
Lot 13 William F. Jones  
Lot 14 Lewis Solomon Guardian for T. Birkby & Others
Lot 15 Unknown J. J. Ramsey
Lot 16 Unknown  
Block 1    
Lot 1-12 H. Y. Foster J. J. Ramsey
Block 2    
Lot 1 J. W. Childs  
Lot 2 J. W. Ross  
Lot 3 J. G. Burnett  
Lot 4-12 Wm. B. Gardner  
Block 3    
Lot 1 J. D. Marshall  
Lot 2-9 Wm. B. Gardner  
Lot 10-12 John J. Ramey  
Block 4    
Lot 1 Oakes Shaw  
Lot 2-4 J. W. Childs  
Lot 5-8 F. E. Shaw  
Block 5    
Lot 1 School House  
Lot 2-3 Micajah Tongate  
Lot 4-5 H. Y. Foster  
Lot 6 F. E. Shaw  
Lot 7-12 Micajah Tongate  

Town of Scottville

(Lots and Blocks) (Owners names returned by the clerk) (Names of Persons listed as owners not returned by the clerk as owner)
Block 1    
Lot 1-2 J. J. Sears  
Lot 3 Levi Sharp Guardian
Lot 4 Samuel B. Woolfolk  
Lot 5 J. J. Sears  
Lot 6 Woolfolk & Gobble  
Lot 7 George R. Sharp  
Lot 8-9 Unknown J. E. Butler
Lot 10 John A. Butler  
Block 2    
Lot 1 Samuel B. Woolfolk  
Lot 2 John Bristow  
Lot 3 James M. Wood  
Lot 4-5 Samuel B. Woolfolk  
Lot 6 James M. Wood  
Lot 7-8 Morgan White  
Lot 9 John Gibbon  
Lot 10 Thomas J. Woodson  
Lot 11 Alexander Mansfield R. T. Patterson
Lot 12 Sergeant Gobble  
Block 3    
Lot 1 Unknown Chloe Sharp
Lot 2 W. W. Atterberry  
Lot 3 Lewis Solomon P. L. Bostwick
Lot 4 J. W. Atterberry  
Lot 5 S Gobble  
Pt Lot 6 Wm. Gray  
Pt Lot 6 Robert McKnight Sr.  
Pt Lot 7 S. Gobble  
Pt Lot 7 Wm. Gray  
Lot 8 P. L. Bostwick  
Lot 9-10 James M. Wood  
Block 4    
Lot 1 Woolfolk & Gobble  
Lot 2 S. Gobble  
Lot 3-5 Robert McKnight Sr.  
Lot 6 F. Taggart  
Lot 7-10 Robert McKnight Sr.  
Lot 11 S. Gobble  
Lot 12 Lewis Solomon S. B. Woolfolk
Block 5    
Lot 1 Unknown  
Lot 2 C. H. C. Anderson  
Lot 3-4 F. Taggart  
Lot 6 Moses Smith  
Lot 7-8 John Gibbon  
Lot 9 Moses Smith  
Lot 10 S. B. Woolfolk  
Lot 11 John Gibbon  
Lot 12 S. B. Woolfolk  
Block 6    
Lot 1 Walker & Butler  
Lot 2 S. B. Woolfolk  
Lot 3-5 Unknown  
Lot 6 Lewis Solomon  
Lot 7 Unknown  
Lot 8-10 J. W. Bainbridge  
Block 7    
Lot 1 Lewis Solomon  
Lot 2 Alexander Mansfield  
Lot 3 Francis Jackson  
Lot 4 Unknown  
Lot 5-6 Hugh Humphreys  
Pt Lot 7 C. H. C. Anderson  
Pt Lot 7-8 Lewis Solomon  
Lot 9-10 Unknown  
Lot 11-12 S. B. Woolfolk J. B. Stuart
Block 8    
N Pt Lot 1& 2 Dr. John Caudle  
S Pt Lot 1 & 2 Alfred Walker  
Lot 3 Dr. John Caudle  
Lot 4-5 Unknown  
Lot 6-7 Church  
Lot 8 S. Gobble  
Lot 9 C. H. C. Anderson  
Lot 10 Woolfolk & Gobble  
Samuel B. Woolfolk Addition to Scottville    
Blocks 1-4 Samuel B. Woolfolk  
Block 5    
Lot 1 Samuel B. Woolfolk  
Lot 2 James B. Angelo  
Lot 3-8 Samuel B. Woolfolk  
Block 6    
Lot 1 Alfred Walker  
Lot 2 L. J. Thompson  
Lot 3 M. C. Thompson  
Lot 4-5 George W. Hamilton  
Lot 6-7 S. B. Woolfolk  
Lot 8 M. C. Thompson  
Lot 9 L. J. Thompson  
Lot 10 Alfred Walker  

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