1835-1836 Debits and Credits Book, Macoupin County IL

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1835 - 1836 Debits & Credits

Macoupin County IL

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Transcribed and contributed by M Trover

"I typed these names from the early book that only said Debits and Credits. The binder had Journal on it. It had names written in large lettering one on each page. The handwriting was beautiful. Some names were known by me to be mispelled, but I typed them exactly like the book had them written. I have proofed them to what I copied from the book. This book is now at the County Archives."

Macoupin County, IL



Henry Gorin Mrs. Lucy Stephenson
John M. Blair J. H. Winchester
Dubois F. White J. W. Goode
J. S. Smith Mansfield Patterson
Finas E. McGinnis John Lewis
John Nall James McDaniel
Wm. L. Cardwell T. J. Conduitt
Freeman Melcher James Dooly
James Johnson J. S. Smith
David Street John F. Tennis
William McWain Thomas Roads
Hamilton Campbell Edmon Sutton
Ames Goodsell H. L. McDaniell
George L. Cockelrease Theodorus Davis
Isaac Moor J. N. English
David T. Taylor David McDaniel
Isaac Greathouse Joshua Smith
John S. Greathouse O. McWhorter
Elisha Dorman John D. Sutton
Furdinan Sigert Money Weatherford
John J. Beattie David Gimbolin
Wm. Tennis Aaron Springer
Oliver C. Davis Foster Brown
Charles Holliway Jeramiah Morris
Jesse Cocks James J. Langford
Daniel Black Wm. L. Cardwell
David Gimlin J. O. Jenkins
Jefferson Mitchell Wm. English
Josiah Hughes James McLearning
John Crayse Nathaniel Moore
Daniel Anderson John Sherell
John G. Driskell Isaac Moore
Jefferson Weatherford John Stamps
Franklin Harris John Leigh
Allen Goodsell Abram Odle
Nicholas Boice Wm. B. Walker
Jeremiah Odle Wm. Bohannon
Isaac Julian Martin Wheeler
Abram Odle Baribas Collar
Charles Storer B. Moses Steel
Ephraim Conner Abnor Kelly
Luis McWain Martin Miller
Isaac Whitson Hardin Hall
James Massa Nichaolas Boice
Otwell & Walker Thomas Morris
Joseph Russell Richard Boatman
William Clevenger Joseph Smith
James McDaniel Jones E. Plumb
Jeremiah Youngblood Isaac Pritchard
Henry Massa Seybourn Gillmore
Lewis Perkins John Gray
Alfred Cole Green Rogers
Thomas Hampton Thomas D. Moore
J. & F. Taggat Lewis McWain
George Rice Thomas Loveless
John Lewis Thomas Hampton
Peter Cummings James L. Low
James M. Davis Johnston Hampton
William Brian Travis Moor
Andrew McClure Willis Cheek
Charles Honnican Wm. Keltner
Benjamin Dorman Shermon Peeler (or Feeler, or Jeeler)
John L. Davis J. W. Ruyle
Wm. Bohannon Jeramiah Odle
J. R. S. Smith Russell Nall
Stephen Jones John Good
Jasper Rice Wm. Gwinn
Wm. S. Jones Ferdinand Taggart
Moses Steel Isaac Whitson
Wm. E. Simes James Massee
Andrew Gray Elisha Prickett
Benjamin Dorman Andrew Truett
John G. Chiles Seth Hoges
James V. White Miles Shuls
Edward B. Walker James Cheek
Joseph Walker Benjamin Barrow
O. McWharter Jeramiah Youngblood
Isaac Hendershot George Clevenger
Thomas Moore Alfred Mansfield
John Sherril Capt. John Lewis
Nathaniel Moor Wm. Lainy
Joseph Haggart Wm. Conner
Charles Holliway Sherell Pryor
Benjamin Stevenson David Brown
Franklin K. Elliff Thomas G. Conner
Mrs. Good Robroy McGreggor
John Coop S. G. Hart
Nickolas Russell Wm. H. Atkinson
Asa Cummings John Tavis
G. A. Norvell Elisha Mitchell
John Wilson Jacob Prewitt
Thomas Cummings Wilson Prichard
Edmund Sutton Thomas P. McMinis
Andrew Tennis John Baucam
Eli Dorman Nathan McVey
John Tennis Tandy Caulk
John Cole Epraim Connor
Mortimore Bainbrige Hardin Weatherford
Conner William Thomas Mitchell
Wm. Dorman Abnor Smith
Tristam P. Hoxsey Sarah Bootan
Wm. Coop David Brown
J. W. Good Samuel Haggart
James Jackson Wm. Gray
Richard Rice John Pope
Mansfield Paterson Andrew Gimlin
Richard F. Potts Isham Caudle
H. J. Akes Stiff Otwell & Walker
Hardin McDaniel Wm. Maddox
Peter Layer Jackson Wallace
Hugh Conoway Willis Whitworth
Abner Kelly Jacob Denny
Norman Gates Richard Smith
Presly Cummings Levi Day
Isaac Prichard Emanuel T. Leigh
Asher Soloman David Madison
C. M. McDaniel Wm. Raymond
John Norvell Mrs. Ann Moor
Larken Richardson Miss Rebecca Moor
Porter Davis Andrew Tennis
Alelxander Tennis Isaac Sharp
Alexander Cowan Samuel Sears
Samuel Couch Joseph Taggart
S. M. Otwell John Williamson
Truett Andrews Mark H. Cooper
John Stevens Joseph Burrow
Willis Cheek Vincent Conly
John Stamps Wm. D. Anderson
P. O. Jenkins John Witworth
Samuel Odle Powel H. Sharp
C. M. McDaniel Joel Hendrix
Wm. L. Cardwell Thomas Huse
Money Wetherford Wm. Harp
Wm. Madducks Isaac Pruitt
Lewis R. Moore Jacob Hoover
Mrs. Stewart Jonathan McMennus
Travis Moore Thomas Richardson
Hamilton Hemphill James Wymen
H. H. Davis Miss Hariet Bush
Hamilton Campbell Henry P. Buford
Richar Anderson James R. Walker
Thomas Anderson Lewis B. Moore
Nimrod Branham Wm. Goode
Ralph Harris Daniel Bagby
Thomas Moore Wm. Oneal
Wm. Gwinn Michael Miller
Andrew Owens James E. Wilcase
............................... Joshua Mitchell
Winchester & Good's
Commencement of Books-page 72
James H. Martin
  David Dupuoy
  Mortimore Binbridge
  Henderson Gimlin
  Thomas Bush
  Wm. Handlin
  Wm. Elam
  John Nall
  Jacob Wymer
  J. H. Winchester
  Braseton Eastham
  M. H. Bacon
  Mrs. Alles Good
  Larkin Richardson
  Thomas Whitworth
  Silas M. Martin
  Lucinda Wallis
  Mrs. Sarah Cavitt
  E. M. McDaniel
  Wm. Lyonley
  William McWain
  Burrel H. Weatherford
  Elias Gwinn

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