Mt Olive High School Graduates 1895-1910, Macoupin County IL

Mt Olive High School Graduates 1895-1910

Mt Olive Township, Macoupin County IL

©Compilation 1998 Gloria Frazier

Extracted from the Mt Olive Herald 19 May 1994 (This paper has all high school graduating classes between 1895 and 1994)

1895 1896
none listed
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The First High School Graduates of Mt Olive High School

1895 (First Annual Graduation) William H Barrick, son of Charles F and Martha Wentwoerth Barrick.

1896 Lillie Kothe, Lizzie Smith, Clara Rumpf, Juliette Niemeyer, Fred Hendricks, Amanda Keiser, Ella White and Bruno Arkebauer

1897 Katie Keiser, Lydia Keiser, Anna Arkebauer, Lydia Hunzicker, J. Ed. Schwaner, Martha Dace

1898 Vernia E Fritz, Lulu E Binney, Immanuel Eissmann, John Schloman, Chas W Friede, Laura E Stoldt

1899 Heman Arnoldi

1900 ?


Leo Valentine Rammes,
born in Fosterburg, son of Fred Rammes

Marguerite Eleanore Dunlap, born near Mt Olive, daughter of Mrs A Dunlap

Elizabeth Baker Curdie, born at Gillespie, daughter of Mr and Mrs James Curdie, Sr

Janet Lawson, born in Knightsville IN, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Lawson

Marquerite Christina Binney, born in Mt Olive, daughter of the late Dr and Mrs John Binney

Louisa Theresa Beck, born in Mt Olive, daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Beck

Henry William Johnson, born in Mt Olive, son of Mr and Mrs J H Johnson


Fannie Dunne

Edward Keiser, son of Mr and Mrs C J Keiser

Arno Korb, native of Saxony Germany and only in the country 3 years.

Mae Cameron, daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Cameron

Florence Greenhaigh, daughter of Mr and Mrs Samuel Greenhaigh

Tillie Mehl, daughter of Mr and Mrs Fred Mehl

Eva Noel, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Noel

David Williams, son of Mr and Mrs W Williams

Tillie Sassmannshausen, daughter of Mr and Mrs C Sassmannshausen

Minnie Beck, daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Beck

Walter Bernreuter, son of Dr and Mrs Bernreuter

Linda Opp, daughter of Mrs Opp and sister of Miss Hattie Opp

Alfred Schroeder, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Schroeder

Sophia Barbracke, daughter of Mr and Mrs Barbracke


Fred John Anton Bartels, son of Mrs Louisa Bartels

Catherine Marie Sassmannshausen, daughter of Mrs Frederika Sassmannshausen

Hallie Cox, daughter of Mr and Mrs Madison Cox

John Francis Reilly, son of Mr and Mrs L C Reilly

Ida Julia Stiehl, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Stiehl

Albert Frank Walter Keiser, son of Mr and Mrs H J Keiser

Dorothy Amanda Johanna Helmbold, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Helmbold

1904 ?


Minnie Curdie,

Clifford Cullins

Charlotte Johnson

David Simpson

Nellie Reilly

Pearl Purdy

John Lubas

Valentine Birtley

Walter Behrens

Elmer Weidler

William E Hiller


Tillie Hesner

Christine Lawson

Josephine Barbracke

Edna Droste

Callie Cameron

Edward Brennan


John Heidinger

Anna Droste

Walter Keiser

Augusta Bartels

William Fahrenkrog

Tillie Arkebauer

Arthur Schroeder

Florence Fitzsimmons

William Stallman

Bessie Dryer

Herman Brockman

Anna Johnson

Mary Edelman

George Simpson


Irene Droste

Adele Schroeder

Alice Reilly

Vila Davis

George Wohlers

Luella Soulsby

Elizabeth Fedor

Walter Sassmannshausen


Thomas Brennan

Gertrude Aberle

Lucille Britton

Adelia Jouett

Eva Curdie

Frieda Droste


Albert Beck

Rolland Hoehn

William Hieronymus

Anna Mehl

Vivan Britton

Anna Johnson

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