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Name Name of Administrator,
Executor, or Guardian
Title Box Comments Index Page No.. Year which index
page starts if shown
(Exact date if shown
with entry)
BOEHME, M. Knetzer Admr 11   18 1872
BRUBAKER, H. L. Benj. Beckner Admr 14 1/2   18 1872
BUNCE, Ellen et al Robt Tucker Guar 32-G   18 1872
BROWN, D. K. L. M. Paden & I. N. McIlwain Exrs 16   18 1872
BLACK, James C Milton McClure Admr 10 1/2   18 1872
BISHOP, Delia C. Willis Bishop Guar 2-G   18 1872
BISHOP, Thos       Order Book J, page 227 18 1872
BUDD, W. N. A. R. Miles Guar ?11-G   18 1872
BROWN, Samuel Levi Mitchell Admr 14 1/2   18 1873
BATEMAN, J. C. & J. D. Robert Bacon Guar 34-G   18 1872
BOTKIN, J. B. Wm Botkin Admr 12 1/2   18 1872
BALLINGER, J. E. et al J. H. Ballinger Guar 63-G   18 1872
BISHOP, Willis F. James A. Black & Dorah Bishop Exrs 9 1/2   18 1872
BOTKIN, Stephen Mrs. Botkin Admrx 13 1/2   18 1872
BOWMAN, T. H. John D. Wilson Guar 48-G   18 1872
BARNETT, S. B. Insanity     Order Book J, page 429 18 1872
BISHOPP, John Same J. R. Cundall Conser 4-C May be ?Insanity? 18 1872