Immanual Lutheran Church School, Macoupin County IL
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Need help with this photo

Immanual Lutheran Church School

Picture below courtesy Sharon Buethner.

Sharon writes:

This is what I know about the photo ..

My Grandmother and her sibs were reported to have attended Immanuel Luthern Church School [possibly could be Zion, too], and this is supposedly a photo of one of them in the 2nd Grade]?].  Assuming that the kids would be 7 - 8 years old in the 2nd Grade ?, then this photo would be between about 1896 - 1911.  Perhaps somebody might recognize the teacher??

The children and their birthdates are:

Maria [Mary] Schultz, 1888
Bill [William] Schultz, 1893
Mate [Mae] Hillmann, 1895
Theresia [Tracy] Hillmann, 1897
Walter Hillmann, 1900
John Hillmann, 1903

My Grandmother [Marie] told me that as the oldest, she rode a horse to school with a couple of the younger kids along the back.  The horse was tied out during school and after school, they rode the horse back home [Cahokia TWP in 1900, Mt. Olive TWP in 1910 - possibly Carlsburg].  Marie had left the area by 1908, but still was given photos taken later than that.  I suspect that she is not in the photo but maybe one of the younger children.

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