Macoupin County IL - 1894 Eureka School Class Western Mound Twp

1894 Class Eureka School
Western Mound Township Macoupin County IL

Pictures from Mike McClain
all rights reserved.

"This photo belonged to my grandfather James R McClain."

List of students in Eureka school picture October 1, 1894

1 Lucy Wilder, 2 Flora McClain, 3 Bill Flangan, 4 Mimie Are, 5 ??orse Etter, 6 Clara Froun, 7 Myrtel Etter, 8 Viola McClain ?, 9 ? (blank), 10 ? (blank), 11 (blank), 12 Kate Flangan, 13 Dot Wilder, 14 Hattie Costelo, 15 Edda Nemur, 16 Sadde Ba???, 17 Hurber Etter, 18 Harry ??aprt, 19 Dar Grant, 20 ?reter Flangan, 21 Leo Robinson, 22 Joe Bates, 23 John ??larn, 24 Fred Wilder, 25 Holla Neninos, 26 Mag Lows, 27 Minie Souis, 28 (blank), 29 Sam Lous, 30 Jack(?) Mefeid.
Very hard to read the names. They are written in a child's poor hand writing with little regard to capitalization. I hope this helps some.

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