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John and Agnes JACOBS Family

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Top picture:
Wedding picture of Nellie JACOBS (16 yrs old), married 1 Sep 1919 to Stanley KATAUSKI, a Lithuanian immigrant, in Gillespie Macoupin Co IL .
Girl attendants in the picture are unidentified.
Nellie currently (1997) resides in the Heritage Manor Home just outside of Gillespie. Nellie has one son Joe KATAUSKI who currently resides in Springfield Sangamon Co IL.

Nellie's parents were John and Agnes JACOBS, Lituanian immigrants. John and Agnes were married in Collinsville IL and resided at Gillespie Lake for many years.
Children of John and Agnes were sons Joe and John and daughters Nellie and Eula JACOBS RUNTA.

Middle Picture:
Picture was taken in 1952 at the 50th wedding anniv of John and Agnes JACOBS. The picture was taken at their home at Gillespie Lake.

Bottom Picture:
Wedding picture of John (23yrs) JACOBS and Agnes (18yrs) married 23 Jun 1902 in Collinsville Madison Co IL. Photo given to Stan Jacobs by John and Agnes' daughter Eula's husband Stanley RUNTA, Jr, of Gillespie.

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