Fricke, Louis, Macoupin County IL

Louis Fricke

Macoupin County IL

courtesy Andrew McColl Brown

My name is Andrew McColl Brown. I am the great Grandson of Emma Lena Krase (born: Fricke).  Emma is half sister to Lena Dora Fricke, and Lousia Fricke. There father was Louis Fricke born August 16, 1850, who came from Germany to New York and Carolina Fricke (Heineke). I believe Lena was a school teacher at Kasten Elementary School. I think Louisa was a county clerk/typist.  They grew up on a farm.  I have some letters of theirs.  Emma grew up in Kansas with her Aunts.  Her mother was Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Fricke (born Schwerdfeger).  Elizabeth died in 1893 and is buried in Wichita Highland Cemetery, Kansas.  My great grandmother Emma was born in 1890.  I believe her mother most likely died in childbirth.  Louis for whatever reason left Emma with her mother's family in Kansas and moved back to Illinois. Emma lived in Wichita and graduated from East High School. She would marry Fred Krase and live in Cheney Kansas and that is were she is buried.
Louis would then remarry Caroline Heineke daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Conrade Heineke.  They would have two daughters Lena Dora Fricke born in 1902, and Louise (alternate spelling Louisa) in 1906.  She died on Nov 15 1987 and is buried in Belleville, Saint Clair, Illinois, United States of America.  The family does show up in Macoupin Farmer Directory showing Emma's name but with astrik indicating that Emma did not live with them.  I know in the letters they talk of Lena being a school teacher having taught at Kasten schools that is no longer standing but is shown on historical Illinois school page. They both grew up on a farm and spoke about leasing it.  As their mother up to 1935 was receiving income from the sale of the wheat.  Louisa I believe worked as a clerk either for the school board or for the county. 
I have three letters showing the following address.  The letters are mainly from Louisa to her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fricke
618 N. Broad Street
Carlinville, Illinois.
Louis passed away 10 Jun 1908 and is buried in Carlinville City Cemetery, IL.

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