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Prairie Farmer's Directory
Macoupin County
Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1919

Abbreviations Used in this Directory
a - Acres
Ch - Children
O - Owner
T - Tenant or Renter
R - Rural Route
Sec - Section

Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses ( )
Figures at end of information is year became resident of county
Star (*) indicates children not at home.
Name of farm follows names of children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm

Yahr, Henry C. (Alice Jones) Ch Joseph; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec4 O120a (1884) Chesrerfield Tel. Chesterfield

Yard, Charles M. (Elizabeth Townsland) Ch Roy L. *Edna E., *Ethel; Macoupin R26 Brushy Mound Sec31 O50a (1887)

Yard, George J. (Effa George) Ch John, Lela, Clarence, Glen, George, Myrtle, Chauncy, Willis; Nilwood R36 Nilwood Sec16 T200a J. C. Oder (1918) Girard Tel. Girard

Yard, John S. (Bertha O. Parrott) Ch Fred, Thomas; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec2 T250a J. W. Killams (1872) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Yard, Thomas I. (Emily Killams) Ch Chester A., Truman L., Anna Marie; Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec9 O160a (1867) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville
*** Wife's name listed as "Killam". I typed "Killams" to agree with J. W. Killams above.

York, Dan E. (Anna M. Rinker) Ch Elnora, Mary, Myrl; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec28 T80a A. S. Culbertson (1873)

York, E. P. (Harriette Dooley) Ch Rome, Floyd, *William, *Dan, * Mary, *Rose; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec32 O120a (1856) Bell Tel. Gillespie

York, William J. (Daisy F. Smith) Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec30 T138a W. J. Dooley (1878) Gillespie Tel. Gillespie
*** "Ch" followed ( ) but no children so I omitted it.

Young, A. V. (Georgie Urquhart) Ch Merle L., Delbert L., Lyle L., Estella L.; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec33 T160a George Urquhart (1884) Gillespie Tel. Gillespie

Young , Ben F.(Pauline Jouett) Ch *Clarence M.; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec22 O144a (1904)

Young, Charles A. (Margaret Johnson) Gillespie R9 Brushy Mound Sec26 T14?a Frank Heyen (1882) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie
*** Cant read last number in "T14?a"

Young, Cyrus W. (Mary Johnson) Ch Johnie; Shipman R21 Brighton Sec5 T187a John Dipper (1913) Mutual Tel. Piasa

Young, Ernest (Anna Yowell) Ch Paul, Arthur; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec14-13 O45a (1872) Young, George T. (Nellie Morrison) Ch Esther, George Earl; Plainview R24 Hillyard Sec1 T200a H. Young (1885)

Young, Jacob (Grace Urquhart) Ch Marion, Ruth, Dale; Carlinville R7 Gillespie Sec5 T233a George Urquhart (1878) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Young, James B. (Mary Vanhooser) Ch Cora, Daisy; Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec25 T60a William Burford (1918)

Young, J. N. (Sarah C. Hall) Ch Jessie M., Harry L., *Edna B., * Emerson, *William C., *Martin G.; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec21 O50a (1899)

Young, Lenard W. (Lena Ebel) Ch Harold, Mary, Louise, Kenneth, Elizabeth; "Green Hill Farm" Carlinville R1 Polk Sec3 O89a (1880) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Young, Roy (Sarah Stewart) Ch Ralph, Robert; Nilwood South Otter Sec13 T200a Nilwood Sec18 T80a Duncan Est. (1886) Girard Tel. Girard

Young, Victor A. (Gladys Rhoades) Ch Mary, Hazel; Carlinville R7 Polk Sec24-14 T117a Charles M. Rhoades (1890)

Young, Walter (Alma Fuess) Ch Wayne; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec28 T80a A. Young (1888) Tel. Carlinville

Young, William J. (Maude Porter) "Youngs Knoll Stock Farm" Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec15 T120a Peter Young (1886)

Young, William S. (Ebbie Lawrence) Ch James, Mary, Joseph, Lowell, Leo; Palmyra R32 Barr Sec5 Farm Hand S. M. Hicks (1911)

Young, William T. Ch *Ella, *William F., *Robert L., *Laura E.; Atwater R39 Shaws Point Sec10 T10a Matilda Young (1870)

Yowell, Elmer H. (Harriette Lott) "Shadow Lawn Farm" Atwater R45 Shaws Point Sec3 O36a (1890) Macoupin Tel. Atwater

Yowell, Mrs. E. F. Ch Addie, Della, *Robert; Atwater R45 Shaws Point Sec3 O150a (1860) Macoupin Tel. Atwater

Yowell, Robert S. (Osceola Leefers) Ch Vera L., Jack J.; Atwater R39 Shaws Point Sec4 T80a M. Dugger (1891) Macoupin Tel. Atwater

Yowell, William (Sarah Price) Ch Mark, Jacob, Mary, *William, *Annabell; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec14 O60a (1850) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Yowell, William Jr. (Fay Thompson) Ch Hazel, Claribel; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec14 O41a (1882) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Yowell Brothers, Mark and Jacob; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec14-15 O204a (1878) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

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