Macoupin County IL Prairie Farmer's Directory - T

Prairie Farmer's Directory
Macoupin County
Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1919

Abbreviations Used in this Directory
a - Acres
Ch - Children
O - Owner
T - Tenant or Renter
R - Rural Route
Sec - Section

Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses ( )
Figures at end of information is year became resident of county
Star (*) indicates children not at home.
Name of farm follows names of children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm

Talbert, William A. (Edmonia Miller) Ch *William T., *Silas, *George, *Mary; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec17 T40a Dan Burk (1853)

Talbert, William T. (Hazel W. Wiser) Ch Willie, Mildred; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec3 T40a Vernon Kincaid (1877)

Talkington, Bert L. (Addie Gracey) Ch Mabel, Howard, Estella, Adaline, Daisy; Chesterfield R2 Chesterfield Sec6 T112½a C. T. Rice (1917) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Talley, Edward E. (Clara Mieher) Ch Everette Wayne; "Rich Hill Farm" Nilwood R38 Nilwood Sec32 T161a William S. Talley (1889) Girard Tel. Girard

Talley, William S. (Mary Klaus) Ch Jessie, *Edward, *Mabel Etta, *Clara, *Edward; "Rich Hill Farm" Nilwood R38 Nilwood Sec32 O161a (1882) Girard Tel. Girard
****From typist Carl, "There are 2 Edwards listed here and I'm not sure about Mabel Etta. I copied as printed."

Tarry, Herman (Mary Curwin) Ch Carl, Albert, Mabel, Clyde, Russell, Henrietta, Charles, *Vincent; Virden R2 Girard Sec22 O102a (1862) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Tate, Chester A. (Nellie Roesch) Ch Donald, Dorothy; Girard R 43 Girard Sec27 T200a England, E. B. Tate and Metcalf (1884) Mutual Tel. Girard

Taylor, Albert T. (Mary Ellen Work) Ch Ward, Truman, *Robert, *Lola; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec21 O100a (1845) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Taylor, Mrs. Ann Ch Robert M., *Anna, *Elizabeth, *William, *Thomas; Plainview Hillyard Sec11 O160a (1858)

Taylor, Asa C. ( Anna Fitzpatrick) Ch Chesterfield R27 Polk Sec20-29 O119a (1852)

Taylor, Edward (Ellen Rhodes) Ch Caroll E.; Chesterfield R27 Hillyard Sec6 O120a (1867) Shipman Tel. Shipman

Taylor, Francis M. ( Ellen McCall) Rockbridge R2 Chesterfield Sec6 O40a (1871) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Taylor, Janet F. (Matilda Rainwater) Macoupin R26 Polk Sec26 Farm Hand J. M. Crouch (1918)

Taylor, Lawson (Ida Fuess) Ch Helen; Carlinville R7 Polk Sec24 O121a (1880)

Taylor, Miss Nancie Carlinville R7 Gillespie Sec5 O124a (1876) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Taylor, Newton (Mary Enslow) Ch *Walter, *Eva, *Fred; "The Oaks Farm" Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec27-28-34 O180a Sec27 T40a Claude Adkins (1856) Girard Tel. Girard

Taylor, Robert (Bertha Miller) Ch Muriel, Irma, Theda; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec29 T40a Louis Miller (1880)

Taylor, Roy (Mary Poole) Ch Alfred, Raymond; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec22 O100a (1885)

Taylor, Silas N. (Lizzie Recker) Ch Clarence, Harold, Margaret; Medora R25 Chesterfield Farm Hand Donald Voorhees (1880)

Taylor, Thomas H. (Grace Combes) Ch Carrie A., Harriet M., *Kathleen; Plainview Hillyard Sec3-4 O156a Sec9 T160a Combes Est. (1866)

Taylor, William A. (Josie Lemay) Ch Anita Ladean, Wilhemina Mildred, Mr. George Cowell; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec21 O100a (1873)

Taylor, William N. (Regina Danith) Ch Bertha, Howard, Lorine, Arthur, Wilma; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec10 T140a Thomas Landers (1914) Mutual Tel. Medora

Teak, Fred W. (Minnie Wiseman) Ch Wilma, Willia, Lucile; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec33-34 T99a Henry Teak (1880)

Teak, Henry (Wilhemina Papenheim) Ch Charles, William, Henry, Fred, August, Mary; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec33-34 O99a (1877)

Tecklenburg, Harry C. (Imogene Lott) Carlinville R4 Carlinville Sec14 T175a D. Burkson (1892) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Tecklenburg, Henry J. (Dena Schum) Ch *Flora, *Harry; Carlinville R4 Carlinville Sec10 O79a (1863) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Teter, Clarence (Mildred Rice) Ch Lorenze, Dorothea; Plainview R24 Hillyard Sec24 T160a Marshall Davis (1887) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Teter, Phillip (Mary S. Adams) Ch William E., Kenneth L., *Clarence; Bunker Hill R17 Hillyard Sec26 O169a (1882) Farmers Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Tetzlaff, Charles (Minnie Fostberg) Ch Ivan, Viva; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec5 O160a (1870) Macpupin Tel. Carlinville

Tetzlaff, Edward (Anna Teiten) Ch Tillie, Marie; Carlinville R6 Brushy Mound Sec1 T100a Mrs. Long and Ebert George (1878) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Thacker, Orville C. (Minnie Roach) Ch Lester, Mary, Kenneth, Ben; Hornsby R10 Cahokia Sec4 T100a Mrs. Carrie Holden (1918)

Thaxton, Elmer (Mary Pratt) Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec11 T80a Fred Pratt (1909) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Thaxton, Grover C. (Ethel M. Johnson) Ch Lucy Alice, Mary Louise, Etta Marcele; Palmyra R32 Scottville Sec35 T240a E. H. Buckley (1911) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Thaxton, J. H. (Anthalme Cox) Ch Effie, Ebert, Troy, Fred, *Oliver, *Elmer, *Raymond, *Pearl; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec11 O40a (1907)

Thode, Ferd (Dora Schweitzer) Ch Orville; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec16 O185a (1883) Dorchester Tel. Dorchester

Thomae, George F. (Elsie Heal) Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec28 T130a Herman Zimmerman (1888) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Thomae, Philip (Minnie Cardell) Ch Emiley, Joseph, Hulda, Clarence, *Lillian; Bunker Hill R16 Bunker Hill Sec 34 O155a (1871) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Thomae, William M. (Carrie Opdenhoff) Ch William, Martin, Chester, Nellie, Albert, Elsie, *George, *Minnie, *Edna; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec28 O91a (1860) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Thomas, Case (Mary Dick) Ch Gertrude; Virden R1 North Otter Sec10 Farm Hand G. W. Dunigan (1914) Virden Tel. Virden

Thomas, Frank (Anna Trunk) Ch Helen, John, William; Carlinville R4 Carlinville Sec1 T108a Ferd and Anna Winters (1879)

Thomas, Mrs. Harriet A. Ch Effie M., *Mary, *Frances, *Sarah; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec17 O40a (1850)

Thomason, Benj. (Adalie Waples) Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec16 T40a Percy Thomason (1880)

Thompson, Charley W. (Lizzie Guthrie) Ch Olin, George; Girard R40 North Otter Sec23 T120a Fred Lowe (1867) Mutual Tel. Girard

Thompson, Herman E. (Nellie Dews) Ch Kenneth, Chester, Selma; Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec8 T80a Henry Straub (1900) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Thompson, Josiah (Emily Johnson) Ch Lois, *Myrtle, *Mary; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec22 T50a E. F. Woodman Sr. (1871)

Thompson, Levi D. (Emma Preyar) Ch Irene; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec2 O91a (1876) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Thompson, M. B. (Reka Armstrong) Ch *Vella, *Empson, *Frank; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec28 O48a Mutual Tel. Piasa

Thompson, Parker (Emma Lindner) Ch Leonard, Lorena, Arthur; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec5 T80a W. J. Barnstable (1884) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Thompson, Richard B. Ch Charlotte, Lilly, *Bessie, *Parker, *Fay, *William; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec1 T100a Henry Wolf (1866) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Thompson, Samuel (Belle Mansfield) Ch *Ruth, *Ray, *Dolly, *Ollie; Modesto R36 North Palmyra Sec24 O110a (1862) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Thompson, William (Aletha Curtis) Ch Marvine; Chesterfield R27 Polk Sec6 Farm Hand Davis Ambler (1890) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Thompson, Zach (Jessie Jarrett) Ch Hellen; Modesto R36 North Palmyra Sec26 O100a (1876) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Thornton, Ed. A. (Dorothy Carico) Ch Clarence, Frederick, James; Barnett R1 Honey Point Sec1 O24a V. B. Carico (1890) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Thurnkorst, Charles L. (Ruth Roach) Virden R41 Virden Sec6 Farm Hand J. A. Scott (1918)

Thursby, Henry (Florence Austin) Ch Edith, Austin, Wendell, Charles, Edwin, Elnora; Palmyra R34 North Palmyra Sec34 T120a Mrs. Jenny Terry (1909) Palmyra Tel. Palmyra

Thuston, Charles T. Ch Everett; Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec21 O19a (1869)

Tiek, August F. (Lurena Poole) Ch Janetta; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec30 T140a A. G. Dohm (1915)

Tiemann, H. J. (Annie Eickmeyer) Ch Amanda, Edward; Hornsby R11 Honey Point Sec35 T160a D. P. Settlemyre Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Tiemann, Otto (Emma Eickemeyer) Ch Elma, Arthur; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec1 T80a Mrs. J. Carter (1889)
*(Emma's maiden name should be spelled Eickmeyer)

Tietzen, John H. Sr. (Emma Peper) Ch *Anna, *Emma, *John; Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec16 O20a (1877)

Tietzen, J. C. (Joseph Ballinger) Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec17 T170a John H. Tietzen (1888) Bell Tel. Atwater

Tinley, G. W. (Jennie Waddell) Hettick R30 Barr Sec34 O75a (1867)

Tipps, Charles A. (Amy Eades) Ch Byno E., Rama A., Elmo A.; �Woodland Farm� Palmyra R32 Scottville Sec29 O17a (1888)

Tipps, John H. (Mattie Hicks) Ch Glen, Martha, Opal, Dorothy; Palmyra R32 Scottville Sec27 T187a Scottville Township School Turtees (1889) Scottville Tel. Scottville
*("Turtees" probably should be "Trustees" in this entry)

Titchenal, Clara Ch Ida, Grace, Cora, Fred, Joe, Bessie, Edward, *William, *John; �Sunny Slope Farm� Brighton R1 Brighton Sec35-26 O215a Mutual Tel. Fosterberg

Titchenal, Edward V. (Lydia Brown) Ch Carl, Susie, Ruthie, John N., Brother; Brighton R2 Brighton Sec7 T40a John N. Titchnal (1918) Mutual Tel. Brighton
*("John N. Titchnal" in this entry probably should be "John N. Titchenal")

Tobias, Jerry (Mary Goosman) Ch Dorothy; �Twin Oaks Stock Farm� Palmyra R34 North Palmyra Sec27 O210a (1912) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Tollman, John (Laura Rands) Hettick R30 Barr Sec13 T160a M. McMahon (1896) Illinois Tel. Hettick

Tollowell, Bert (Ethel Hayer) Ch Chester; Scottville Scottville Sec16 T60a Lizzie Gobble (1883) Tel. Scottville

Tollowell, William E. (Elizabeth M. Ebel) Ch Wilma; Chesterfield R28 Western Mound Sec28 T160a J. Dams (1877) Tel. Chesterfield

Tongate, C. Perry (Mollie Gardiner) Ch Minnie, *Frederick, *Leora, *Mollie, *Bessie; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec9 O140a (1835) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Tongate, Elias Ch Clara, Nellie; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec4 O94a (1899) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Tongate, Orval (Bertha Quarton) Ch Dwayne; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec8 O146½a Tongate Bros. (1894)

Toomey Sisters, Mary, Nellie; Shipman R22 Brighton Sec1 O50a (1864) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Tostberg, John (Refuses to give information) Carlinville R4

Tostberg, Steve A. (Frances Bloome) Carlinville R6 Brushy Mound Sec2 T170a Henry Tostberg (1893) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Towse, Albert Watson (Ella M. Hunter) Ch Melvin W., *Edith A., *Charles H.; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec3-10-9-4-11 O370a (1863) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Towse, Charles H. (Maud Robinson) Ch Robert; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec9-10-11-3-4 T80a A. W. Towse (1891) Macoupin Tel/ Carlinville

Towse, John D. (Ida C. Vancraft) Clary, Nellie, Bertha, John, Hattie; Carlinville R1 Bird Sec34 T210a Charlie Towse (1865) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Trabue, E. P. A. O. Trabue Mother, Mina Sister; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec19-30 T145a A. O. Trabue (1865) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Travers, George E. (Dollie Holliday) Ch Leo, Dorothy, Irene; Shipman Shipman Sec27 T120a Henry Kellem (1877) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Travers, Joseph E. (Edna Kahl) Ch Glenn, Henrietta, Mary; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec35 T160a Charles Wyckoss (1884) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Trill, Charles H. (Mary J. Dorks) Ch Olen, Ethel, Velma, *Lula, *Leta, *Herman, *Chester, *James; Rockbridge Western Mound Sec31 O40a (1873)

Trimble, Cecil O. (Mattie Alderson) Ch Cecil Eugene; Modesto R36 North Otter Sec7 O200a (1883) Farmers Tel. Modesto

Trimble, James C. (Cerena Gimsett) Ch Jessie, *Cecil, *Roscoe, *Halla, *Hazel; Girard R40 Sec31 O160a (1860) Farmers Mutual Tel. Girard

Trimble, R. Clyde (Grace Christopher) Ch Roscoe, Laura; Girard R40 North Otter Sec36 T100a J. M. Metcalf (1889) Girard Tel. Girard

Trimble, William T. (Allie Huff) Ch *Harry, *Ina; Girard R43 Girard Sec35 O80a (1864) Girard Tel. Girard

Trojack, George (Elizabeth Levi) Ch Lizzie, Mike, Agnes, Julia, Steva, *Erney, *George, *John, *May; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec4 O53a (1900)

Trueblood, Albert (Eleanore Wright) Ch *Albert; Nilwood Nilwood Sec19 O80a (1912)

Trueblood, Albert L. (Sarah Deeter) Ch Loren, Boyd, Orvil; Nilwood Nilwood Sec19 T80a A. Trueblood (1912)

Trunk, Frank (Jessie Emmons) Ch Ammor, Mabe, Lily, Wilford; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec5 T120a Sarah Huddleson (1869) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Trunk, Michael Carlinville Brushy Mound Sec13 T80a Mrs. Anna Burton (1860)

Tucker, Allen E. (Mabel Lockyer) Ch Mildred, Lucy, Thelma; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec16 O120a (1875) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Tucker, Charles J. (Laura Adams) Ch Roy, Ida, *Luther; Shipman R23 Shipman Sec33 T200a John Ewin (1913) Mutual Tel. Piasa

Tucker, James Anna Mother, Mary Ganlof Sister; Brighton R2 Brighton Sec18 O65a (1877) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Tucker, Joseph R. (Lelia Schneeberg) Ch Russell, Roberta; Brighton R1 Brighton SEc17 O84a (1888) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Tucker, Luther C. (Ethel Fritz) Ch Dorotha; Piasa R23 Shipman Sec32 T120a Mollie Holloway (1918) Mutual Tel. Piasa

Tucker, O. C. (Lydia Magee) Ch Manford, Helen; Palmyra R34 North Palmyra Sec27 O165a (1867) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Tunnell, John A. (Florence Barnstable) Ch Harold, Howard, Lucius, Ada Virginia; Hornsby R11 Cahokia O40a (1872) Gillespie Home Tel. Litchfield

Tunningley, William (Minnie Hoff) Ch James, *Robert C., *Emma, *Martha; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec2 O80a (1859) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Turner, Barton W. (Caddie Cherry) Ch Arthur C., Raymond B., Mary E., Lester E.; "Berean Stock Farm" Modesto R35 North Palmyra Sec8 O296a (1876) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Turner, Jesse W. (Clara B. Fairburn) Ch Olive K., Leota E.; Modesto R36 North Palmyra Sec25 T179a A. Nevins (1916)

Turner, Martin W. (Osie Hettick) Palmyra R32 Scottville Sec27 T178a John Hettick Est. (1886) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Turner, Newton M. (Eda Sims) Modesto R35 North Palmyra Sec10 O40a (1916) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Turner, Otis C. (Margaret Clevenger) Modesto R36 North Palmyra Sec11 T100a Mrs. S. E. Harris (1877) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Turner, Thomas (Cora Owens) Ch Mabel; Modesto R35 Scottville Sec2 O57a (1868)

Turner, Truman (Edith Buck) Palmyra R33 North Palmyra Sec28 T160a Roy Nifong (1891) Palmyra Tel. Palmyra

Turner, William A. (Minnie M. Snowden) Ch Ida; Modesto R35 North Palmyra Sec5 O120a (1884) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Turner, Z. August (Mary J. VanBibber) Ch Nellie, Lawrence, *William; Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec30 O40a (1878) Scottville Tel. Scottville

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