Macoupin County IL Prairie Farmer's Directory - O

Prairie Farmer's Directory
Macoupin County
Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1919

Abbreviations Used in this Directory
a - Acres
Ch - Children
O - Owner
T - Tenant or Renter
R - Rural Route
Sec - Section

Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses ( )
Figures at end of information is year became resident of county
Star (*) indicates children not at home.
Name of farm follows names of children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm

Odell, Roy H. (Mary Beebe) Ch Frances, Richard, Sylvia, May, Russel, Paul; Piasa R23 Shipman Sec18-17 O220a (1877) Mutual Tel. Piasa

Odell, Thomas J. (Olive Stone) Ch May; "Walnut Hall Farm" Virden R41 North Otter Sec13 O160a (1887) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Odonell, Thomas H. (Sarah Haycraft) Ch Charley, Viola, John, Katie, Archey, *Agnes; Chesterfield R27 Polk Sec29-28 O60a (1894)

Odonnell, Frank K. (Virginia Burch) Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec11 T160a T. T. Lackey (1895)

Odonnell, J. D. (Sadie Harlan) Ch Thelma, Dorothy, Louise, *Frank; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec11 T160a John Wilson (1860) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Oertel, Charles A. (Anna Ruesch) Ch Paul, Albert; Piasa R23 Shipman Sec30 O107a (1910) Mutual Tel. Piasa

Oertel, Fred W. Sr. (Emma A. Ebber) Ch Herbert C., Fred W., Henry O., Paul F., Herman D., Ottmar M., Oran L., Myrtle M., Virginia V., Clara M., Olga F.; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec19 O25a (1903)

Ogg Brothers, Ralph S. and James B. Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec17 O188a (1888) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Ohlmann, Louis H. (Lydia Niehaus) Mrs. Anna Ohlmann Mother; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec11 O174a (1913)

Oldenettel, Edward G. (Adele Garrels) Ch Arlene, Arnold; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec17 T80a J. Mansholt (1916) Farmers Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Oldenettle, William (Catherine Johnson) Ch Louis, Walter, Ben, Della, *Edward; Bunker Hill Sec1 O134a (1897) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Oldwurtel, Louis (Dora Smith) Ch Annie, Freda, Adolph, Sophia, Fred, Matilda, *Fannie; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec20 T240a Ida and Hanna Bauer (1870) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Oller, G. T. (Mildred I. Dooley) Ch Hugh, George, Ruth, Minnie; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec22 O112a (1859) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Oller, John W. (Neona Crawford) Ch Ruth, Leland, George, Dorothy, Wilma; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec5-8 O80a (1878) Girard Tel. Girard

Olmstead, Marenis (Mary Hilton) Ch Mary Louise; Bunker Hill R17 Bunker Hill Sec3 O187½a (1878) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Olmstead, Walter W. (Beulah B. Barns) Ch Harold; Bunker Hill R17 Bunker Hill Sec3 O145a N. J. Barnes (1883) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Osar, Charles (Sarah Ashby) Virden R42 Sec1 Farm Hand Roy Andrews (1893)

Ostendorph, Otto (Mary Smith) Ch Cora, Marice; "Beunavista Farm" Brighton R1 Brighton Sec15 O80a (1905) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Osterkamp, Fred H. (Matilda Miller) Ch Fred Jr., Mino, George, Retha, *Grace; "Maple Grove Farm" Gillespie R9 Cahokia Sec17 O141a (1874) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Osterkamp, Weye (Minnie Cordum) Ch Irene, Mildred, Wilbur; Gillespie R9 Cahokia Sec8 O77a (1879) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Otwell, Carl (Marie Krueger) Ch Margaret, Claribel; "Hill Crest Farm" Carlinville R2 Carlinville Sec29 T20a Mrs. J. S. Otwell (1890) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Otwell, W. B. (Mary V. Otwell) Carlinville R2

Overbey, J. L. (Gertrude Arnold) Ch Franklin, Fredrick, Ruth, Margine, *Etna, *Mildred, *Paul; Greenfield R2 Western Mound Sec6 T280a F. C. Smith (1899) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Overbey, Leroy C. (Dena A. Meng) Ch Harold, Wilfred, Loren; Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec9 O200a (1894) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Owens, Arthur A. (Annie Milne) Ch William, Eugene; "Maple Dale Stock Farm" Bunker Hill R17 Bunker Hill Sec12 O120a (1858) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Owens, Edgar H. (Dora Rogers) Ch Harvey, Orval, Valma; Girard R40 South Otter Sec25 Farm Hand Cory Hays (1915) Mutual Tel. Girard

Owens, George S. (Oda Ellis) Ch Ralph, Pauline, Lucile, Irene; Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec18 T167½ a J. R. Owens (1884) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Owens, Lloyd L. (Minerva Hettick) Ch *Anna, Frances; Greenfield R1 Barr Sec6 T142a Charles Edwards Sr. Illinois Tel. Scottville

Owens, William M. Ch Louis W., *William O., *Edgar H., *Clarence E., *Marietta, *Melissa A., *Nellie D., *Cora L.; Modesto R35 Scottville Sec3 O272a (1841)

Oxley, James E. (Lillie Spires) Ch Lena, Morris; Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec25 O301a (1905) Scottville Tel. Scottville

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