Macoupin County IL Prairie Farmer's Directory - B

Prairie Farmer's Directory
Macoupin County
Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1919

Abbreviations Used in this Directory
a - Acres
Ch - Children
O - Owner
T - Tenant or Renter
R - Rural Route
Sec - Section

Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses ( )
Figures at end of information is year became resident of county
Star (*) indicates children not at home.
Name of farm follows names of children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm

Babbitt, Clarence E. (Clarissa Mitchell) Ch Edwin; Girard R43 Virden Sec12 T320a Laura Babbitt (1888) Virden Tel. Virden

Babbitt, Cornelius L. Ch Henrietta; Virden R1 Virden Sec18 O64a T256a Babbitt Est. (1900) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Babbitt, Harry C. (Bessie Alderson) Virden R41 Virden Sec12 T320a F. P. Babbitt (1895) Virden Tel. Virden

Bacon, Elbert Jr. "Hampshire Stock Farm" Hettick Barr T80a Mrs. Lucinda Bacon (1881)

Bacon, Ira H. (Marie Molen) Ch Ilene; Palmyra R34 North Otter Sec32 T45a Clark Timble and George Molen (1898)

Bacon, Ora L. (Opal Molen) Ch Ralph, Russell; Girard R40 North Otter Sec 29-30 T80a Walter Reese (1889) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Baines, Fred (Callie King) Ch Stewart, Valda, Fred, Malvin; Nilwood R39 Nilwood Sec 22 T125a W. F. Burford and J. Von (1916) Mutual Tel. Girard

Baird, Charles A. Ch Gerald, Beatrice, William; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec 21 O80a (1867) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Baker, August (Catherine Hinkle) Ch Minnie, Walter, Roy, *Frank, *Henry, *Albert, *Lizzie, *Lena, *Emma, *Cora; Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec4 T180a J. W. Smith (1900) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Baker, Ellen Ch George L.; Shipman R22 Brighton Sec1 O160a (1898) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Baker, Frank (Stella Aulabaugh) Ch Ruth E., Mary L.; Hagaman Western Mound Sec 15 T70a Henry Erthal (1902)

Baker, Fred W. Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec 32 O140a (1868) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Baker John (Anna Schwab) Ch George, Helen, John, Clifford, Violet, Elizabeth; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec 33 O160 a (1898) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Baker, John L. (Grace Leach) Ch Harold; Waggoner R1 Nilwood Sec 24, O159a (1911)

Baker, Jonas (Anna Mayberry) Ch Sylvia, Clara, Martha, Everett, Jessie James, Charles; "Mayfield Meadows" Carlinville R6 Brushy Mound Sec 3 T25a A. W. Mayfield (1885)

Baker, Tom (Eva Fisk) Ch Minnie Elizabeth, Eva May, Mrs. Winda Baker Mother; "Mayfield Meadows" Carlinville R6 Carlinville Farm Hand Sec34 A. W. Mayfield (1891)

Baldridge, Horace (Alma Weidner) Ch Bernard, Byron; Gilespie R12 Gilespie Sec 32 T170a C. F. Weidner (1901) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Ball, Allen J. (Flora Kenneth) Ch Kenneth, Leland; Girard R43 Girard Sec 36 O160 a T520a Ball Est. (1878) Mutual Tel. Farmersville Girard

Ball, Henry (Rebecca Clark) Ch Frances, Lewis L; Girard R43 Girard Sec36-25 O240a (1885) Mutual Tel. Girard

Ball, Ira L. (Ola McGinnis) Ch Marie, Ray; Virden R41 North Otter Sec14 T160a Henry and Thomas Ball (1897) Farmers Mutual Tel, Virden

Ballinger, Harvey L. (Alexander and Belle Ballinger Father and Mother) "East Side Dairy Farm" Virden Virden Sec 7-10 T300a J. P. Henderson and W. A. Shriver (1911) Virden Tel., Virden

Ballinger, Lester (Emma Tertzen) Ch Flora Bell; Atwater Shaws Point Sec21 T100a J. G. Ballinger (1882)

Ballinger, Oliver (Ethel Dooley) Ch Harold, George; Atwater R45 Shaws Point Sec 14 T60a Eliza Ballinger (1880)

Ballinger, Thomas J. (Nancie Williamson Ballinger Mother) Nilwood R38 Nilwood Sec 27-28 T116a Ballinger Est. (1874)

Baney, H. E. (Mary F. England) Ch Velma, Lewis; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec 22 o120a (1919)

Bangert, Fred C. (Mae Walter) Ch Phillip, James; Carlinville R2 Brushy Mound Sec1 T80a Mrs. Mary E. Kelly (1881) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Banks, Charles (Ella W. Followell) Carlinville R1 Bird Sec29 O80a (1879) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Banks, John (Maggie Ward) Ch Leis; Florence, Kathryn, *Edna, *Ina; Chesterfield Chesterfield Sec3 T590a W. H. Dews (1898) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Banning, Charles L. (Jennie Sharp) Ch Opal, Victor, Eva; Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec 27-26 O133a (1863) Tel. Atwater

Barber Bros., James C. and Robert L. Ch Charlotte, Joseph, Robert W., James C,. Jr; Brighton Sec7 O160a (1859) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Barber, John W. (Emma Vice) Ch Thelma, Ruby, Opal; Greenfield R1 Barr Sec8 T80a Henry Alexander (1905) Illinois Tel. Scottville

Barbrake, Mrs. Louisa (Uchman) Ch John, William, Henry, Anna, *Louisa, *Fred; Gilespie Cahokia Sec20 O208a (1855)

Barker, Stewart (Myrtle Westfall) Ch Lesile(sic) and Louis Tolliver, Clarabell, John George, James; Virden R42 Virden Sec14 Farm Hand Adolph Hutchen (1912) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Barnard, W. E. (Edna Waltrip) Ch Irene, *Bonnie; Greenfield R2 Barr Sec 31 T200a E. K. Metcalf (1908) Fayette Tel, Fayette

Barndt, Chris Ch Pearl; Palmyra R33 North Plamyra Sec 28 T80a Mr. Ross (1909) Palmyra Tel. Palmyra

Barnes, Albert N. (Jessie Clark) Ch Alberta, Adrian, John, Alta, Edward, Jesse, Grace; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec22 O175a (1872) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Barnes, Charles Ch *Masina J., *Mabel T., *Ada O.; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec22 O20a (1865)

Barnes, Charles B. (Nancie Johnston) Ch Dollie, Jim, *Goldie, *John, *Ralph, *Mabel; Carlinville R4 South Otter Sec27 O120a (1881)

Barnes, John C. (Luetta Wiggins) Ch Verna, Velma, Clinton; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec16 O120a (1889)

Barnes, John N. Ch Lucille, *Elsie, *Mildred, *Alice, *Beulah; Bunker Hill R17 Bunker Hill Sec10 O200a (1880) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Barnes, J. W. (Josephine Emmons) Ch Charles M., Leona, *Ida C., *Parthenia; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec21 T40a Burk Bros. (1853) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Barnes, N. E. (Tena A. Duncan) Ch Myron; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec22 O315a (1859)

Barnes, Ralph O. (Anna Dufner) Ch Howard; Carlinville R4 South Otter Sec37 T120a C. B. Barnes (1892)

Barnes, Richard M. (Agnes Greaves) Ch Carl, Hearsel, Ethel, Kenneth, Clarence, Edna, Ray; "Ruraldale Seed Corn Farm" Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec5 O80a (1847) Girard Tel, Girard

Barnett, George F. (Bitha Frashier) Ch Virgil, Stirgle, Grace,Charles, Edith; Staunton R1 Dorchester Sec23 T1a D. Grove (1916) Staunton Tel. Staunton

Barnett, Jessie (Nona Ballinger) Barnett R1 Shaws Point Sec35 O80a (1889) Bell Tel. Carlinville

Barnett, Laura Ch Truman, Myrtle, *Floyd, *Jessie, *Mabel, *Stella; Barnett R1 Shaws Point Sec35 O384a (1883) Bell Tel. Carlinville

Barnett, Mary A. (Mary A. Pruett) Ch Ralph, Ray, Reba, Ressie; Barnett R1 Honey Point Sec1 O120a (1873) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Barnstable, Fred (Mary Wallis) Ch Bessie I., Frances O.; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec31 T113a (1917)

Barnstable, James (Mary Kwle) Ch Bessie, *Frank R., *Alice, *Betsy, *Fred, *Sam, *Isabelle; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec30 T100a F. Anderson (1865)

Barnstable, Walter J. (Laura Decker) Ch Lawrence, Charles, Ella,Catherine, *Eunice; Carlinville R1 Polk Sec 5 O80a T160a Mrs Ellen Barnstable (1858) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Barr, Harry R. (Anna Schoenherr) Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec 16 T160a Jesse Peebles (1872) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville Barr, William Hettick R30 Barr Sec 17 O140a (1854)

Barrow, Willis (Mary Little) Ch Alonzo, *Ira, *Sophia, *Nellie, *Charley, *Lester; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec 22 O50a (1870)

Bartels, Theodore O. (Vida Fraley) Ch Harold; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec33 T137a John R. Jones (1880) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Barto, Frank (Agnes Supor) Ch Olga, Tressa, Louis, Marsella, Frank, Agnes, John; Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec24 T120a Dick Johnson and O. Smithson (1904)

Barty, Charley (Izetta Crawford) Ch Gladys E., Charley M.; Hettick R29 South Palmyra Sec31 T80a V. Hess (1902)

Bates, Byron G. (Susie Johnson) Ch Melba, Byron Jr.; Carlinville R2 Carlinville Sec 18 T160a D. Mack Bates (1892) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bates, Claud A. (Hattie L. Loveless) Ch Bertha; Carllinville R1 Bird Sec22 O157a (1871) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bates, Eugene J. (Clara B. Brown) Ch James; Reader Western Mound Sec13 O299a (1876) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bates, Ira L. (Nina E. Searles) Ch Hilda, Ester, John, James; Chesterfield R28 Western Mound Sec23 T240a James Bates Estate (1878) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bates, James C. (Effie Keyes) Ch Charles, Beulah, *Martha, *Beatrice, *Gilbert; "Sunny Home Stock Farm" Carlinville R5 Carlinville Sec35 T400a C. A. Walker Est. (1870) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bates, James D. (Jennie Harris) Ch Irma; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec20 T40a J. L. Noel (1915)

Bates, James O. (Ellen Ronksley) Ch Ruth; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec28 O150a (1874) Medora Tel. Medora

Bates, Leroy C. (Lilly F. Wilton) Ch Virginia, Edwin; "Prairie Lawn Farm" Carlinville R1 Bird Sec27 T220a A. Bates (1880) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bates, Maurice O. (Effie P. Jones) Ch Donald; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec11 T96a D. M. Bates (1885) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bates, Quincy H. (Addie Forsythe) Ch Victor, Ruby, *George; Carlinville R1 Bird Sec26 O80a (1863) Mutual Tel. Carlinville

Bates, Walter M. (Cassie M. Morris) Ch Wendell, Dean; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec11 T112a D. M. Bates (1887) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bates, Webster W. (Mary D. Boyd) Ch Martha; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec14 T60a D. M. Bates (1897) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Battis, Orval (May Hays) Ch Orvil; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec3 T10a Vaniman Est. (1894)

Batty, J. E. (Bertha Lewis) Ch James E.; Hettick R30 Barr Sec21 T80a Katie Stidley (1901)

Batty, Ora R. (Mabel H. Hoover) Barnett R1 Shaws Point Sec36 T80a Mrs. Sarah Richardson (1915) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bauer, Albert H. (Edna Fuess Ch Eldon; Bunker Hill R17 Gillespie Sec31 T180a H. H. Bauer (1888) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Bauer, Arthur A. (Mollie Stamme) Ch Olive; Bunker Hill R17 Dorchester Sec6 T170a Huestis Est. (1894) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Bauer, Ernest C. (Minnie Dugger) Ch Oma, Cleo, Elmo, *Edith, *Leo; Hettick R29 Bird Sec5 T96a C. F. Fieker (1879) Chesterfield Tel. Hettick

Bauer, Fred H. (Sophie Rust) Ch John Henry, Helen; Bunker Hill R17 Hillyard Sec36 T160a H. H. Bauer (1885) Farmers Mutual Tel. Dorchester

Bauer, George (Bridget Redington) Ch Mildred, Loretta, Florence, Mabel, Clara, Veronica; Hagaman Western Mound Sec15 O300a (1868) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Bauer, Ida and Hanna; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec17 O160a (1888) Farmers Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Bauer, Jacob (Mary A. Cato) Ch Ira, *May, *Vesta, *Earnest, *Clyde, *Henry; Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec10 O200a (1850) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Bauer, Louis W. (Mary C. Albin) Ch Grover, Virgel, *William, *Christa, *Minnie, *Lucy, *Margaret, *Ethel; Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec10 O220a (1858) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Baxter, Mrs. Alice Ch Victor B., *Hallie; "Alwyl Fruit Farm" Shipman R22 Hillyard Sec32 O160a (1894) Shipman Tel. Shipman

Beanblossom, Peter (Laura Milton) Ch Arthur, Ray, Stella, Willie, George, *Maude; Girard R40 Girard Sec30 O10a (1918) Mutual Tel. Girard

Beard, James (Lucy Lewis) Ch Edith, Annie, Earl, Rosella; Palmyra R33 North Palmyra Sec30 T60a E. A. Dugger (1875)

Beard, William C. (Maude Butler) Ch Olive, Fred; Virden R1 Virden Sec 17 Farm Hand G. W. Wrightsman (1916)

Bearry, Jesse G. (Belle Williams) Girard R40 North Otter Sec19 O20a (1866) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Beasley, Harry W. (Barbara Bradac) Ch Helen, Harriet, Steven, Margaret, William, Eugene, *Lillian, *Victoria; "Flackwell Heath" Carlinville R8 Carlinville Sec32 O40a (1886) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Beasley, James O. (Edith Clemmans) "Three Pines" Virden R2 Virden Sec2 T160a J. W. Beasley (1892) Mutual Tel. Virden

Beasley, James W. (Ora B. Grimmett) Ch Erma; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec30 O123a (1918) Medora Tel. Medora

Bechtel, Harvey (Minnie Eskew) Ch Flora, *Samuel, *Harvey; Nilwood South Otter Sec3 T120a J. E. Duffner (1918)

Bechtel, Samuel M. (Wilhelmina Munstedt) Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec10-11 T180a Harvey Bechtel (1918) Girard Tel. Girard

Beck, Henry A. (Annie Stechman) Ch Minnie, Pauline; Mount Olive R10 Cahokia Sec24 T100a H. J. Prange (1904)

Beck, Henry M. (Julia Kranich) Ch Clarence F., Robert H.; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec23 T160a Chris Kranich (1911) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Beckett, Dennie Ch Fred, Russell, Mary; Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec35 T115a George Williamson (1897)

Beebe, Oliver (Lydia Gray) Ch James; Shipman R22 Hillyard Sec21 O40a (1878) Shipman Tel. Shipman

Beek, Mack E. (Emma Anderson) Ch Claudie, Hazel, Leo, Leola; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec18 T14a M. E. Vancil (1900)

Beerup, N. B. (Rose Staidley) Ch Harriet, Mary Athlone, Horace, Clarissa, Ollyn, Rose Virginia; "Hill View Farm" Palmyra R34 North Palmyra Sec33 O120a (1897) Palmyra Tel. Palmyra

Behme, Henry C. (Clara Rhodes) Ch Myrtle, Iva; Carlinville Brushy Mound Sec17 T85a Henry Behme Sr. (1888)

Behme, William J. (Lucy Taylor) Ch Nellie, Flossie, Grace; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec22 O188a (1861) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Behrbaum, Mrs. Sophia M. (Sophia Miller) Ch *Henry, *William, *Charles; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec4 O170a (1857)

Beil, Emil F. (Della Green) Ch Milton, Mildred, Maynord, Malvin, Merlen, *Maryella; Girard R43 Girard Sec36 Farm Hand Henry Ball (1911)

Belk, John H. (Irene Jennings) Ch May, Edith, Robert; Carllinville R6 Honey Point Sec9 T200a Dr. M. W. Snell (1875) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bellm, John C. and Frances E. Carlinville R1 Bird Sec33 T85a W. R. Smith (1905) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bellm, Robert (Annie Link) Ch John, Frances, *A. L., *Frank, *Philip; Carlinville R6 Sec34 O20a (1861) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Belton, Egbert (Thrusann Lou) Shipman R21 Shipman Sec15 T165a W. M. Jones (1911) Mutual Tel. Piaso

Bendorf, Albert Staunton Staunton Sec26 T155a J. Johnson

Bennett, William F. (Ada Gross) Ch Raymond, Velma, Elry; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec32 O86a (1910) Medora Tel. Medora

Benoist, Charles E. Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec28 O245a (1864) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Benoist, Eddie (Anna Johnston) Ch Frank; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec22 O76a (1910) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bentley, Jonathan C. (Anna E. Shiers) Ch Spencer S. Morse, J. Miles; "Elm Front Farm" Brighton Brighton Sec18 O244a (1871)

Bentrup, Fred Jr. (Edna Schmutzler) Ch Helen; Staunton R2 Staunton Sec 34-35 T160a Fred Bentrup Sr. (1916) Farmers Tel. Staunton

Bergmann, Mary Brayford Ch Herbert, Grace, L. Belle; Macoupin Polk Sec 23 O80a (1865)

Berry, William C. (Lida A. Courtney) Ch Leland C., Wade E., Donald E., Dorothy Ruth, James E., Louise; Mt. Olive R14 Mt. Olive Sec14 T200a Mrs. B. F. Catter (1918)

Besanceney, C. E. (Ethel Gates) Ch Zelma, Reba, Verna, Opal; Barnett R1 Shaws Point Sec26 T120a C. E. Barnett (1905) Bell Tel. Carlinville

Best, Adolph F. (Susie Slagle) Ch Lowel, Letha, Chester, Roy; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec16 T99a T. R. Quorton (1915)

Best Asa N. (Belle Culberson) Ch Edward, David, Hampton, Earl, Onia, Hazel, * Ada, * Ida, * Elsie; Staunton R2 Staunton Sec34 T240a Edward Bruce ( 1917)

Best, A. H. ( Mary A. Pratt) Ch Willis, Ruby, Paul, Arthur,*Walter, *Earl; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec28 O30a (1867) Chesterfield Tel. Hettick

Best, C. T. Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec10 O160a ( 1918) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Best L. C. (Grace Wyzard) Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec21 O100a ( 1875) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Best, William ( Julia E. Coots) Ch Helen L., Marven W.; Palmyra R21 South Palmyra Sec21 O120a (1879) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Best, W. Hosea ( Emma Funderburk) Ch Cora, Monroe, Luretta *Charlie; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec11 T100a Miller Estate (1888)

Betcher, Ernest ( Pauline Haner ) Ch Martha, Anna, Clara, Lulu, Matilda, Ernest, Edward; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec34 O80a (1893)

Bettendorf, Conrad C ( Anna Schrier) Ch Carl, Philip, Eugene, William, Elizabeth; Bunker Hill R18 Brighton Sec13 T107a Charley Drew (1903) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bettis George W ( Dora Shores) Ch Carl, Gracie, Malvin, Reo, Freddie, Welcome, Ray, *Clarence, *Ora, *Otto, *Anna *Orval; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec9 T58a Wm. Snodgrass (1863) Girard Tel. Girard

Bevers, Mansford C. (Susan Chism) Ch Mabel, Ira, *Walter *Addie; "Maplegrove Farm" Carlinville R31 Bird Sec11 O200a (1873) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bevers, Walter C. ( Clara Oller) Ch Muriel, Ada Susan; Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec16 T10a Otto Mieher (1884) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Beyer, John M. (Fern Gimmet) Ch Evelyn; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec15 T80a John Beyer (1895) Girard Tel Girard

Bierbaum, Charles E. ( Alwiene Hauser) Ch Otto, Della, Alma, Harriel; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec1 T176a Hauser Est. (1917) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Bierbaum, Ernest C. (Emma C. Lagemann) Ch Leroy, Lenora, *Ernest William; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec25 M. Heyde (1860) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bierbaum, Hiska Ch Iva, Elmer, Ray, Lester; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec 36 O100a (1900) Mutual Tel Woodburn

Bierbaum Louis E. ( Elizabeth, Carolina Sisters) Brighton R1 Brighton Sec25-36 O120a (1872) Mutual Tel Woodburn

Bierman , J. Henry ( Addie Conner) Ch Eva, Joseph, Frances, Mary; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec33 O100a (1875) Medora Tel Medora

Bilbruck, Joseph G. ( Daisy Edwards) Ch James, Susie, Oren, Fred, Edith, Emma, Robert, Allen, *George, *Nola, *Oscar, *Gussie *Lizzie *Hamson; Hettick R30 Barr Sec27 O174a (1859)

Bilbruck, Oscar ( Rosa Stratton) Ch Arthur, Lucille; Hettick R30 Barr Sec14 T40a Arthur Stratton (1884) Finch Tel. Hettick

Billiter, Harry ( Ethel Frey) Ch Evert, Geraldine, Ellis; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec11 T80a E. A.. Fearn ( 1909) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Billiter, James A. Ch Lena, Hattie, *Ellis, *Albert, *Harry; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec12 T160a D. H. Nail (1909) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Bird, Francis M. ( Eady E. Farris) Ch Orville E., Otis M., Wynryh L., Grover L.; Staunton R2 Dorchester Sec36 O93a (1887) Farmers Tel. Staunton

Bishop, Joseph W. ( Katy Kubecheck) Ch Mary, Annie, Josephine; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec33 O250a (1870)

Bister, Albert L. (Nettie Searles) Ch Floyd; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec26 O80a T80a William Bister (1877) Medora Tel Medora

Bister, William ( Sarah Woolsten) Ch William Jr., *Albert, *Jennie, *Mamie *Stella; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec27 O333a (1869) Medora Tel. Medora

Bitter, Harry S. ( Mary Bellm) Ch John P.; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec13 T160a Henry T. Nail (1893) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Bitter, J. W. (Kate M.. Nail) Ch Ilda M., * Harry S., * Bernice M.; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec12 O170a ( 1889) Mutual Tel Litchfield

Bivin, A. ( Myrtle Strate) Ch Frank, Ida, Horace, Clara, Luthella; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec1 O1521/2a (1867) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Bivin, Herman ( Mary Releford) Ch Melvin; Modesto R30 North Palmyra Sec5 O40a (1916)

Bivin, J. S.. ( Luella Slagle) Ch Hershel, Nora, Louis *Ethel, *Elsie; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra O200a (1869) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Bivin, William H. ( Almeda Stamper) Ch Maude, * Jessie, *Fay, *Blanche; Girard R40 North Otter Sec28 O30a T130a Bivin Est. (1867) Girard Mutual Tel. Girard

Bivin, W. L. (Cloah Deatherage) Ch Ray L., Lowell L., Ralph, Ella, Letha L.; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec1 O175a (1865) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Bivons, Jeff ( Polly Setton) Ch * Clarence; Medora R25 Shipman Sec8 O80a (1911) Mutual Tel. Medora

Black, Charles W. (Eulalia Reno) Medora R25 Shipman Sec17 O60a (1865) Mutual Tel. Medora

Black, Roy E. ( Eva Heyen) Ch Byron; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec28 T100a J. H. Belk (1899)

Black, Truman (Susie Dooley) Ch Nelda E., William T.; Gillespie R9 Honey Point Sec30 O80a (1878) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Blackshaw, James E. (Katie Besanceney) Ch Beulah, Genevieve, Nellie, Joseph; "Jersy Point Farm" Modesto R36 North Palmyra Sec36 T871/2a C. E. Berry (1881) Palmyra Tel. Palmyra.

Blair, Willard ( Mable Curry) Ch Paul, Eldon; Palmyra R32 Barr Cec9 T200a S. S. Cole and Son (1918) Illinois Tel. Palmyra

Blevens, Columbus ( Cina Lair) Ch Lusettia, Olive M., * Nancy; Atwater R45 Shaws Point Sec10 O871/2a (1851)

Blevins, James O. ( Minnie Miller) Ch Paul, * Earl, *Lenard, *Leo, *Arthur; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec9 T100a James Etter (1866) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Blevins, Thomas E. ( Ruth Thompson) Ch Eve, Thomas, Lucy, Susan; Modesto R36 North Otter Sec6 Farm Hand Harvey Addkissons (1902) Farmers Tel. Modesto

Blevins, Wallace (Nellie Grady) Ch Raymond, Leo; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec1 Farm Hand Albert Roseintrater (1907)

Blodget, Samuel P. (Almeda Merrill) Ch Merrill, Paul, Alma, Anna, William, Ralph, Richard, Eva, Daniel; Brighton Brighton Sec6 O130a (1863) Mutual Tel. Piaso

Bloome, Arthur H. ( Emma D. Barman) Ch Estel, Opal, Robert; "Black and White Farm" Atwater R39 Shaws Point Sec12 T80a Geo. Bloome (1886) Macoupin Tel. Atwater

Bloome, Charles G. ( Elizabeth Guber) Ch Phillip, Leo, Carl, Ralph, * Hattie; Carlinville R4 South Otter Sec35 O80a Carlinville Sec2 O60A (1874) Bell Tel. Carlinville

Bloome Charles W. ( Jennie Mack) Ch Agnes, Marie, Florence, Harvey, Earnest * Frances; Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec8 T160a Mrs. Charles Gillman (1867) Macoupin Tel Carlinville.

Bloome, Edward ( Refused to give information)

Bloome George A Jr. ( Minnie Lillemann) Nilwood R38 Nilwood Sec33 O30a Sec29-33 T140a G. Bloome Sr. (1877) Macoupin Tel. Atwater and Carlinville

Bloome, George F. ( Louise Parrottet) Carlinville R5 Carlinville Sec 14-15-23 O83a (1875) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bloome Henry C. ( Emelia Bowmann) "Spring Water Farm" Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec17 O36a (1862) Bell Tel. Atwater

Bloome, Herman ( Cornelia A. Burgdorff) Ch Lida, Florett; Carlinville R5 Carlinville Sec22 T97a A. H. Bloome (1882) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bloom Oscar S. ( Malinda Diekman) Ch Harold, Mildred, Lucille, Wilber; Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec23 Sec33 T244a O. Smithson and Geo. Bloom Sr. (1881) Macoupin Tel Atwater and Carlinville.

Bloome, William F. (Clara Stadler) Ch William; "Prairie View" Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec4 O120a (1885) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bloomfield, James (Mary Dellehanty) Ch Thomas, *Betty, *Patrick J., *Margaret, *William, Alma Ewing, William Ewing, Margaret Wolldridge; "The Dellehanty Homestead" Hornsby R10 Brushy Mound Sec13-14 O200a (1865)

Bloomfield, William E. (Lily Casey) Ch Howard, Anna; Gillespie R9 Cahokia Sec17 Farm Manager H. W. Rice (1891) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Blotna, William (Mary Werts) Ch Opal; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec33 T120a Mrs. L. Armstrong (1911) Mutual Tel. Piaso

Blumtein, Charles A. (Catherine Winsel) Ch Emma, Myrtle, Nellie, Carl, Russel; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec18 T55a William P. Shelt (1884)

Boardman, Homer P. (Tweedie P. Lamb) Ch Christena; Barnett R1 Shaws Point Sec25 T40a (1918)

Bode, Lewis B. (Madeline Dams) Ch Frank; Chesterfield R28 Western Mound Sec32 T160a Mrs. W. H. A. Bode Est. (1892) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bodner, Harry (Mary Machuga) Ch Mamie, Joseph, Susan, George, Charlie, Stephen, Elizabeth, Nicholas; New Douglas R1 Staunton Sec25 O80a (1916)

Boedecker, Alvin W. (Della M. Mitchell) Ch Wilfred, Vernon; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec20 Ernest Boedecker (1890)

Boehm, William F. (Viola Mitchell) Ch John; Hornsby R10 Cahokia Sec5 T100a Thomas Carroll (1891)

Boehme, Fred (Louisa Tieman) Ch Henry, Emma, Oscar; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec11 O10a (1868)

Boehme, Julius H. (Lottie Niehaus) Ch Tillie, Clara, Edwin, Marvin, Edna, William, *Louis, *Adolph, *Fred, *Dora; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec2 O153a (1893)

Boente, John H. (Anna M. Bradac) Ch Margaret, Hugo, Joseph, John, Anna, Florence, Ralph; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec13 T200a P. W. Kessinger (1880) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bohlen, Ollie (Anna Finke) Ch Minnie, Ella, Martha, Anna, Rosetta, Henry; Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec31 T120a P. J. Carroll (1916) Bunker Hill Tel. Bunker Hill

Bohlmeyer, B. M. (Rosetta Capbell) Ch Lawrence, Marshall, Derrel, Homer, Velma, Alpha, Roberta; Shipman R22 Shipman Sec26 T290a J. P. Smith (1868) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Bohlmeyer, Otto G. (Mesina Barnes) Ch William, Julia; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec2 T87a Martin Lauber Est. (1888)

Bohlmeyer, William Sr. (Laura Moor) Ch Benjamin, *Clara, *Ella, *Eva, *Emma, *Meda, *Otto; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec2 (1853)

Bohman, John and Henry Bunker Hill R16 Dorchester Sec32 O40a (1877)

Bohn, Julius H. (Lena Recker) Ch *Viola, *Julia, *Arthur; "Whiteoak Jersey Farm" Brighton R1 Brighton Sec29-30 O120a (1866) Brighton Tel. Brighton

Boirun, Marshall (Aldina Foreman) Ch Frank; Greenfield R1 Barr Sec19 T160a George Olbert (1918) Illinois Tel. Greenfield

Bollman, Charles H. (Mary Karnes) Ch Edith, Charles, *Prosser; Mt. Olive R13 Cahokia Sec34 T278a H. Geihner (1916) Bell Tel. Mt. Olive

Bolton, Joe L. (Ida L. Howell) Ch Lillian, Algernon, Bryan, Pauline; Chesterfield R28 Western Mound Sec32 T1a H. G. Loper (1918) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bond, Newton (Rosey Best) ch Bessie, Robert, Hazel, Johnny, *Florence, *Grace, *Lee; Bunker Hill Bunker Hill Sec15 T170a Charles Krinard (1903)

Bond, Thomas F Girard R40 North Otter Sec26 O80a Sec36 T80a Davidson Est. (1871) Girard Tel. Girard

Bonnivar, Lynn (Florence Fritz) Ch Opal; Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec32 T137 1/2a W. A. Burgdorff (1918) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Boree, Joseph E. (Martha Callaway) Ch Joseph Jr., Mrs Elsie Boree; Plainview R24 Gillespie Sec18 T119a Elsie Boree (1881) Farmers Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Boring, G. W. (Ana L. Hoeker) Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec17 O95a (1866) Bell Tel. Carlinville

Borman, Frank D. (Nettie Long) Ch Arthur; Carlinville R4 South Otter Sec34 T180a Weise & Lancaster (1886) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Borman, Henry W. (Otillia D. Haner) Ch Ethel, Verna, Edna, Ruth Byron; Carlinville R2 Bird Sec14 (1884) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Borman, John Jr. (Margaret Laager) "Cloverleaf Farm" Carlinville R3 Sec8 O80a (1885) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Borth, Christ (Catherine Noppee) Ch Fred, George, Ed, Clara, Catherine, Frances, *Tena; Bunker Hill R17 Hillyard Sec27 T160a J. Siebenborn (1886) Farmers Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bort, George (Lena Strecker) Ch William, Elsie, Annie, Rosie, Fred, Christian, Minnie; Bunker Hill R17 Bunker Hill Sec? O160a (1889) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bosomworth, George R. (Sarah Candler) Ch Floyd, Dorothy, *Edgar, *George, *Alred, *Iola, *Clarence; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec34 T168a James R Graham Mutual Tel. Shipman

Boston, Charles W. (Rose Reno) Shipman R21 Shipman Sec28 T160a Susan Davis (1881) Mutual Tel. Piaso

Boston, C. G. (Fern Jarmar) Ch Donald, Eugene, Isable, Irene; Atwater R45 Shaws Point T160a D. P. Anderson (1897)

Boston, Frank D. (Hallie Campbell) Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec23 O15a Sec14 O33 1/2a (1880) Girard Tel. Girard

Boston, Fred E. (Luetta Grimmett) Ch Anna, Blanche, Ruby, Ruth, Audrey; Girard R43 Nilwood Sec2 O83a (1879) Mutual Tel. Girard

Boston, Herbert E. (Sarah Weller) Ch Walter, Clarence, Lester, Francis; Nilwood R38 Nilwood Sec15 O40a (1876) Mutual Tel. Girard

Boston, John E. (Nancy A. Seaton) Ch Sophronia E., Charles W., Marion E., Walter O., Frances O., Gladys F., *Corlett G., *Mary L., *Flossie M., *Sadie R., *Bessie B.; Atwater R39 Shaws Point Sec10 T160a (1876)

Boston, John L. (Mary Mollon) Ch Nora, Bertha, *Charles, *Howard; Piaso R23 Shipman Sec31 T160a James Hunt (1852) Mutual Tel. Piaso

Boston, J. M. (Mary E. Westbrook) Ch Herman T., Viola P., Gracie L., Beulah M.; Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec16 T80a J. W. Sumpte (1874)

Boston, J. T. (Mary S. Cannon) Ch Maud, Lula, *Rosalee; Carlinville R5 Shaws Point T1a (1873)

Boston, Lee B. (Mary Gilbert) Ch Wilbern, Mary Lee, Alice, *Wilman; Girard R43 Nilwood Sec1 T360a Hal Matealf (1875) Mutual Tel. Girard

Boston, Leslie O. (Stella Boston) Ch Donald, Willard; "Lone Elm Stock Farm" Girard R43 Nilwood Sec3 T80a E. C. Harrison (1884) Mutual Tel. Girard

Boston, Oscar L. (Maud O. Kelley) Ch Edwin, Velma; Girard R43 Nilwood Sec3 T80a Boston Sisters (1881) Mutual Tel. Girard

Boston, Pearlie A. (Anna Nowell) Ch Wilda, Bernard, *Gladys; Girard R43 Nilwood Sec1 T120a R. J. Mitchell (1875) Mutual Tel. Girard

Boston, W. J. (Margaret Graham) Ch Verna, Bland, *Nellie; Waggoner R1 Nilwood Sec19 O40a (1863) Girard Tel. Girard

Bott, Walter E. (Ernestine Brautigan) Ch Floyd; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec29 T60a William Brautigan (1912) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Bouillon, E. T. (Joanna Sclaughter) Ch Walter, Anna, Delia, Lillian, Harry, Lorene, Edwin, *Docie, *Clara, *Henry, *William; Carlinville R6 Shaws Point Sec32 O80a (1864) Bell Tel. Carlinville

Bouillon, Laurence (Laura Fleming) Ch Verra, Cleda, Ruth; Bunker Hill R18 Brighton Sec13 T160a Wemple Bros. (1884) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bouillon, Louis A. (Mary E. Hook) Ch Orlie, *Lawrence, *Nellie; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec19 O120a (1869)

Bouillon; Olla (Bertie Whitrow) Ch Iona, Roy, Ruth, Donald; Atwater R45 Shaws Point Sec 8 T160a Teuer Hoecker (1889) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bouillon, William (Rocelian Rathke) Ch Helen L., Amelia J.; Barnett R1 Shaws Point Sec34 T76a G.W. Groves (1888)

Boulter, Wm. H. (Mattie Price) Ch W. Eddie, *Jessie B., *Arthur; Brighton R2 Brighton Sec6 O73a Brighton Sec T130a J.J. Falter (1854) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Bounds. John C. (Nancy Rose) Ch Wiley, Ethel, Park, *John; Carlinville R8 Polk Sec15 T120a R. Berman (1879) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bounds, John H. (Phoebe Rhoads) Carlinville R8 Polk Sec15 T120a R. Barnard (1897) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bounds, Park G. (Ora Graham) Ch Park; Carlinville R1 Polk Sec3 T160a W. S. Peoples (1886) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bowin, Dennie B. (Margaret Bumgarner) Ch Lucille; "Prairie Dale" Virden R42 Girard Sec27 O80a (1896) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bowman, Abraham (Lavina Fiburn) Ch Ethel, *Dora, *Lydia, *Adda; "Fiburn Farm" Virden R42 Girard Sec21 O163a (1866) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bowman, Charles W. (Alma Brown) Ch Wilma; Carlinville R2 South Palmyra Sec34 T180a P. L. Brown (1886) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Bowman, Eli A. (Lizzie Spangler) Ch Iva May, Donald; Girard R43 Nilwood Sec4 O79a (1898) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bowman, Hardin H. (Anna Quinn) Ch *Mike, *William, *John, *Lawrence,*Philip, *Loy; Rockbridge R2 Western Mound Sec19 O360a (1850) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Bowman, John (Essie Skaggs) Ch Kedral, Kenyon; Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec12 T240a George Etter (1885) Chasterfield Tel. Hettick

Bowman, John C. Bunker Hill R16 Bunker Hill Sec23 O80a (1889)

Bowman, Jonas E. (Pearl Vaniman) Ch Ina Elizabeth;; Virden R2 Girard Sec20 O120a (1900) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden and Girard

Bowman, Mike (Anna E. Shea) Ch Raymond, Florence, Marie, Henry, Vincent, Alberta, Rosemary; "Fairview Farm" Chesterfield R28 Western Mound Sec35 O310a (1876) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bowman, WIlliam H. (Susie Bell) Ch Bernice, WIllard, Wayne; Rockbridge R2 Western Mound Sec19 T200a Hardin Bowman (1881) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Bown, Albert C. (Carrie Fullington) Ch Melvina, Martha, Viola, John, Elijah, Lucy, David; Palmyra R32 Barr Sec12 O120a (1874)

Bown, William (Mary J. Kitlam) Ch Anna Bell, * Harry, * Nellie, *William, *Ohmer, *Ima, *John J.; Carlinville R2 Carlinville Sec29 O1a Sec21 T100a Lucy Watts Est. (1868) Macoupin Co. Tel. Carlinville

Boyd, Samuel D. (Oro Lee Turner) Ch Dana, Virginia; "Panther Creek Stock Farm" Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec23 O210a (1892) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Boyd, William M. (Katie Walter) Ch Fay, May, Margaret; Carlinville R5 Carlinville Sec13 O58-1/2a (1864) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Boyde, Sadie Shade Ch Joe, Relva; Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec2 W. A. Shade (1869)

Brackenbush, Louise (Gesina Johnson) Ch Clara; Mt. Olive R14 Staunton Sec23 O120a (1898) Farmers Tel. Mt. Olive

Braden, John W. (Nola Harrison) Ch Albert, Herbert. Allen; Mary Power Harrison Mother; Waggoner R1 Nilwood Sec13 T125a H. M. Harrison (1909) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bradley, Harm A. (Myrtle Bradshaw) Ch Walter, Alfred, Leslie, Myrtle; Virden R42 Girard Sec23 T319a M. W. Treddway (1911) Mutual Tel. Virden

Bragg, Ben (Bertha Lawrence) Ch Bessie, Carl, Jennie, Dorothy; Carlinville R6 Honey Point Sec16 T160a Jake Baughman (1886)

Braley, Clayton I. (Mazie Pratt) Ch Henry, Clara, Edward, Edwin; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec27 T200a George E. Braley (1881) Finch Tel. Hettick

Bramley, W. R. (Opal Mize) Ch Raymond, Ruth, Watson, Eldon; Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec22 T40a Chester Bramley (1886)

Branan, Joseph H. (Minnie A. Moore) Ch Claud V.; Chesterfield R28 Western Mound Sec36 T85a J. R. Duckels Est. (1889) Chesterfield Tel. Cheasterfield

Brandes, Alvin L. (Alice Clifford) Ch Bernice, Lester; Carlinville R5 Shaws Point Sec23 T1a Mr. Jarman (1882)

Brandt, Herman (Mary Fesie) Ch Otto, *Anna, *Herman; Carlinville R4 Shaws Point Sec6 O89a (1879)

Brannan, Charles E. (Florence Moore) Ch Zelma; Hettick R30 Barr T80a Mrs. Etta Lodley (1917)

Brannan, Philip E. (Lucy J. Tipton) Ch *William E., *Robert, *Nora, *Henry, *Delia, *William; "The Bee Hive Farm" Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec16 O20a (1888)

Brantigam, Albert Shipman R22 Hillyard Sec30 O80a (1867)

Brantigam, Edward (Elizabeth Lyles) Shipman R22 Hillyard Sec33 T280a Brantigam Est. (1889) Shipman Tel. Shipman

Brape, John (Florence Winters) Mt. Olive R13 Cahokia Sec33 O150a (1881) Bell Tel. Mt. Olive

Braun, Carl E. (Mabel Kendall) Ch Beatrice; Carlinville R3 Carlinville Sec20 T160a E. C. Mieker (1899) Mcoupin Co. Tel. Carlinville

Brechon, J. W. (Emma Trotter) Ch Lester C.; "Spring Valley Stock Farm" Palmyra R31 South Palmyra Sec9 O340a (1816) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Breeding, John W. (Christine Schramm) Ch Ruth, Grace, Alfred, Myrtle, *James, *Alice, *Fred; Modesto R36 North Plamyra Sec25 O80a (1914) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Breitwieser, Charles T. (Sophia Schoenman) Ch Irma, Kenneth; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec15 T153a Charles Breitwieser (1897) Mutual Tel. Piasa

Breitwieser, William E. (Minnie Adam) Ch Lorena, August, Ronald, Myron; "WIllow Dale Farm" Shipman R21 Shipman Sec23 T120a W. D. Fisk (1893) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Brenker, Fred H. (Addie Jhne) Ch Lillie Roy, Ollie May; Bunker HIll R18 Bunker HIll Sec29 O160a (1866) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bridges, E. P. (Bessie Bassham) Waggoner R1 Nilwood Sec25 O70a (1874)

Brining, Clarence E. (Elsie Walston) Ch Ruth; Modesto R36 North Otter Sec31 T123a L. T. Brining (1918) Palmyra Tel. Palmyra

Bristow, Amos (Nora Willer) Ch Opal, Clarence; Girard R40 North Otter Sec22 T310a Woolley Est. (1877) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bristow, Arthur P. )Elsie Bivin) Ch Virginia; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec7 T40a J. S. Bivin (1894) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Bristow, Ernest E. (Sarah Coulter) Ch Elmer, Frances, Margaret, Barnard, Glenn, Laura; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec4 O60a (1880) Girard Tel. Girard

Bristow, James M. (Fannie Campbell) Ch Lee, Dollie; Girard R43 Nilwood Sec9 O80a (1875) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bristow, Josiah W. (Samantha Weller) Ch Edith, Sarah, Thomas, Truman, Gilbert, Elmer Weller, *Cora, *Carrie, *Stella, *Nona, *William, *Samuel, *Ernest; Carlinville R4 South Otter Sec25 O40a (1853) Girard Tel. Girard

Bristow, Lowell E. (Mary Foltz) Ch Frances, Dorothy, Leslie, *Lola, *Arthur, *Howard; "Fox HIll Farm" Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec4 T210a J. H. Fox (1895) Girard Tel. Girard

Bristow, Samuel F. (Edith Weller) Ch Hazel, Malvin, Alva; Nilwood R37 South Otter Sec4 O60a (1878) Girard Tel. Girard

Bristow, Will H. (Myrtle Goodson) Ch Harold; Nilwood R37 North Otter Sec32-33 O63a Sec33 T143a Gardner Sisters (1876) Girard Tel. Girard

Brockman, Mrs. Welmeda (Welmeda Ashbrook) Ch Herman, *Freda, *William, *Henry, *Otto, *Elizabeth, *Mary; Bunker HIll R16 Dorchester Sec15 O102a (1883)

Broers, Menke J. (Lydia Bauer) Ch Alvena G., Anna M., Ola O,. John W., Jennie L., Esther M., Freda H.; Gillespie R9 Gillespie Sec14-15-23 O300a (1882) Home Tel. Gillespie

Brown, Charles E. (Melissa Rippey) ch Dorothy, Louis, Ruth; Virden R41 North Otter Sec 16-24 T240a Mrs. M. Drennen and F. R. Rippey (1880) Virden Mutual Tel. Virden

Brown, E. B. (Emma Ford) Ch Hallie, Leah; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec 30 O140a (1851) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Brown, Fred A. (Maude Wiers) Ch Cecil, Mae; Medora R25 Chesterfield R34 Sec 24 O240a (1875) Medora Tel. Medora

Brown, F. T. (Nancy Lackey) Ch Cyrus, Ruth, Francis, Rulliph, *Blanche, *Grace, *Nola; Hettick R29 South Palmyra Sec 29 O100a (1889)

Brown, George A. (Edna Record) Ch Vera; Chesterfield R27 Shipman Sec2 O140a (1864) Medora Tel. Medora

Brown, George L. (Ida York) Ch Marlie, Exie, Horace, Alma, William, Aubrey, *Chester, *Leona, *Lou; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec15 T120a B. T. Ireland (1921)

Brown, George W. (Viola Stotler) Ch William; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec25 O140a (1887) Medora Tel. Medora

Brown, Harry C. (Flossie Anderson) Ch Neasia, Hayward, Jennie: Carlinville R4 South Otter Sec25 T155a Mrs. Street (1914)

Brown, Leonys Y. (Lucy Haycraft) Ch Harry, Ina, Reba, Opal, Harley, Milo, Fern, *Rolland, *Orville; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec 26 O325a (1864) Medora Tel. Medora

Brown, Melvin E. (Beatrice Wood) Ch Beulah, Russell, Melvin; Greenfield R2 Western Mound Sec8 T160a J. O. Brown (1885) Fayette Tel. Fayette

Brown, Orville M. (Milburn Lowis) Shipman R21 Shipman Sec 10 T140a L. Y. Brown (1894) Mutual Tel. Medora

Brown, Paschal L. (Minnie A Casteel) Ch. William, Marie, Reba, Louis, *Alma, *Elizabeth; Carlinville R3 Bird Sec3 O200a (1864) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Brown, Peter L. (Anna M. Eglason) Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec3 O158-1/2a (1866) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Brown, Raymond E. (Harriet Barnes) Ch Morris, Doras(sic); Girard R42 Girard Sec23 Farm Hand Tom Lloyd (1908) Mutural Tel. Virden

Brown, William T. (Malinda Boyd) Ch Leo Ernest; Modesto R35 Scottville Sec 14 O74-1/2a (1845) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Brubaker, Alva A. (Jennie Robbins) Ch Russell, Chester, Nora, Edwina; Girard R40 North Otter Sec 27 T160a David Ames (1887) Mututal Tel. Girard

Brubaker, Asa J. (Mary Ferry) Ch M. Terry, Nellie, Florence; "Clear View Stock Farm" Virden R42 Girard Sec22 O80a T180a D. B. Gibson and Nellie Ferry (1871) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Brubaker Doran H. (M. Isabelle Jelf) Ch Della R., Samuel I., Mary E., Calvin, Rossa(sic), Belle T., Wilmer E.; Virden R1 Virden Sec7 T135a S. S. Brubaker (1884) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Brubaker, Evert(sic) E. (L:aura Lear) Ch Dorothy, Paul, Ruth, Everett Jr., Erma, Naomi; Virden R41 Virden Sec18 O152a T30z S. S. Brubaker (1877) Virden Mutual Tel. Virden

Brubaker, Ezra H. (Elma Brubaker) Ch Wilbur, Cleda, Milton, Mabel, *Edith; Virden R2 Virden Sec17 O158a (1889) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Brubaker, George W. (Aurelia Watson) Ch Donald,Walter, Carl, McClain, Galon, Truman, *Clinton, *Lola; "Hickory Grove Farm" Nilwood R38 Nilwood Sec 31 T400a Nathan Cole (1912) Girard Tel. Girard

Brubaker, Irvin J. (Bertha Mumma) Ch Fern, Orpha, Miriam; Virden R1 Virden Sec 17 O45a Sec 18 T217a J. H. Brubaker and Cl. L. Babbitt (1882) Virden Tel Virden

Brubaker, Ota O. (Faye Lemons) Ch Milford, Carroll; Girard R40 Girard Sec 30 T40a Jacob Shearer (1893) Mututal Tel. Girard

Brubaker, Samuel S. (Mary Harshbarger) Ch LIla C., Lola, *Evert(sic), *Doran, *Harvey, *Lela; Virden R1 Virden Sec7 O136a (1863) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Brubaker, Walter (Hattie Bowman) Ch Ivan, Vera; Girard Girard Sec 29 T169 a Mrs. F. W. Faster (1883) Mutual Tel. Girard

Bruce, Calvin T. (Mollie Russell) Ch Elmer, Lorine, Catherine; Staunton R2 Staunton Sec 27 O160a T120a Elizabeth Bruce (1881)

Bruce, Charles (Jennie Sprecher) Ch Winifred, Doris, *Stanley; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec20 O240a (1884) Mututal Tel. Litchfiled

Bruce, R. S. (Bernice M. Butler) Ch John H.: Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec35 T100a Charles Bruce (1888) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Bruce, Wallace (Helen Sprecher) Ch Marguerite, Harry; Gillespie R12 Gillespie Sec4 O164a (1886) Farmers Mutual Tel. Gillespie

Bruce, Wallace S. (Della Rigsbey) Ch John, Matilda, Mildred; Chesterfield R28 Chesterfield Sec8 T30a John Rigsbey (1907) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bruckert, Anton (Tena Penning) Ch Bertha, Edward, Clarence, Earl, Albert, Harry; Bunker Hill R16 Bunker Hill Sec26 O80a (1883) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Bruggemann, August W. (Amanda Dingerson) Ch Clyde, Dorothy, Harold; Bunker HIll R18 Bunker Hill Sec19 T120a William Bruggemann (1916) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bruggemann, Henry A. Jr. (Clara M. Kahl) Ch Ralph, Sarah; Shipman R22 Hilyard Sec18 O97a (1890_ Shipman Tel. Co. Shipman

Bruhn, C. L. (Emma Grove) Ch Daniel, Elmer, Edwin, Floyd, Bernice; Bunker Hill R16 Bunker Hill Sec24 T320z William Sonttag (1896) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Buck, Elijah (Julia Caldwell) Ch *Jacob; Modesto R35 Scottville Sec15 T120a D. C. Butcher Scottville Tel. Scottville

Buck, William H. Ch Bertha, Elsie, Inez, *Della, *Mary; Modesto R35 Scottville Sec9 O60a (1867) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Buckilngham, Elias F. (Mary Peflery) Ch. Earl, Ora, Orval, Elmer, Rosa, Roy, Forest: "Fairview Stock Farm" Birden R41 North Otter Sec13 O200a (1914) Farmers Mutual Tel. Virden

Buckles, Frank J. (Julia Skees) Ch Leo, Ralph, Margaret, *Onia, *Mamie, *Alfred, *Bertha; Girard R43 Girard Sec27 T240a Mrs. Fletcher (1916) Mututal Tel. Girard

Buckles, Ralph (Edna King) Ch Francis, Voneta; Girard R43 Girard Sec27 T240a Mrs. Fletcher (1916) Mutual Tel Girard

Buckley, Ira E. (Roberta Stevens) Gillespie R9 Gillespie Sec 15 T120a P. Beggan (1904) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Bueford, William F. (Myra T. Rogers) "Wild Rural Park" Atwater R39 Nilwood Sec 25 O80a (1864) Girard Tel. Girard

Buhs, Fred (Olivia Brinker) Ch Velma, Alfred, Clara, Lewis; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec20 T160a George Buhs (1879) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Buhs, Henrietta C. Ch Elsie, Edwin, Otto, Walter, Annie, *William, *Edna; Bunker Hill R18 Bunker Hill Sec20 O226a (1873) Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bull, Abe M. (Cordelia Hicks) Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec18 O423a (1901) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Bullard, Edwin D. (Ollie Greenwood) Ch Eliza, Goldie, *Addie, *Chester, *Minnie, *Myrtle)Gertrude, *Agnes; "Valley View Farm" Chesterfield R27 Tolk Sec19 O180a (1863) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Bullman, B. E. (Susan Patterson) Ch Charles, Viola, Wilbur; Bunker Hill R17 Hillyard Sec27 O62a (1865)

Bullman, Charles N. (Bell Coffee) Ch Carlyle, Dorris(sic) Emma; Bunker Hill R17 Hillyard Sec27 O50a (1871) Farmers Mutual Tel. Woodburn

Bullmann, J. Lorman (Mattie Morris) Ch Ethel, Lucile, Clarence; Shipman R22 Hillyard Sec32 T160a Mrs. T. Coulthar (1869) Shipman Tel. Shipman

Bullyard, Chester W. (Phoebe Lee) Chesterfiled R27 Polk Sec19 T140a Katie E. Bullard (1888) Chesterfiled Tel. Chesterfield

Bunt, Thomas (Annie Greenwalt) Ch Robert, Chester, Albert, Ambrose, Virgil, Everett, Ellen, William, *Floyd, *Nellie, *Stella; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec1 O200a (1888) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Bunte, William (Lena Welsman) Ch Viola, Oscar; Bunker Hill R16 Bunker Hill Sec26 O170a (1911) Mutual Tel. Bunker Hill

Burford, G. M. (Lizzie Hamilton) Ch *Cyrus, *Ada; Girard R2 Nilwood Sec10 O80a (1864) Mutual Tel. Girard

Burgdorff, Fred G. (Irma Kasten) Ch Irma, Albert, Olga; "Sunlit Lands" Carlinville R2 Carlinville Sec18 O114a (1880) Macoupin Co. Tel. Carlinville

Burger, Ed. (Melissa Leefer) Carlinville R5 Carlinville Sec24 T80a M. Moore (1891) Macoupin Tel. Carlinville

Burger, Henry (Emma Trefenbuch) Ch Lewis H.; Litchfield R1 Honey Point Sec14 T160a Henry L. Harke (1878) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Burger, John J. (Mollie Ebel) Ch Killian, Louis, Nelson, Thresa, Cecelia, Lillian, Agnes, Leo; "Lime Stone Valley Farm" Carlinville R7 Brushy Mound Sec27-28 O80a (1881)

Burger, Lewis (Bertha Hauer) Ch Alfred, Lewis; Carlinville R4 Carlinville Sec24 T92a Herman Hauer (1887) Macoupin Co. Tel. Carlinville

Burger, Mrs. Mary D. (Mary D. Hagen) Ch Josephine, Gertrude, George, John, Mary, Anna, Theresa, Matilda; Staunton R1 Mt. Olive Sec16-17 O114a (1884)

Burger, William (Flora Tecklenburg) Ch Willkenry, Harold; Carlinville R1 Bird Sec27 T8a Albert Maulenbreck (1889) Mutual Tel. Carlinville

Burgess, David M. (Mary Hulcher) Ch Eva, Lucille; Virden R42 Virden Sec1 O80a Virden Sec12 T160a Mrs. Ida Thomas (1904) Virden Tel. Virden

Burgoyne, Edward (Anna Stethen) Ch Dewey, Harry, Lily, *James, *Nellie, *Bell; Brighton R1 Brighton Sec8 T240a J. J. Kelsey (1882) Mutual Tel. Brighton

Burk, James A. (Lillian Padtick) Ch James, Russell, John, William, *Charles, *Frank, *Benjiman, *Richard, *Mary; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec34 T160a A. Eldridge (1882)

Burke, B. M. & Son (Alfred S. Mayfield) Ch Bertie, Beatty I., Kathleen, Gertrude, Lillian, *Martha; "Woodlawn Farm and Dairy" Carlinville Carlinville Sec29-32 O385a (1864) Macoupin Co. Tel. Carlinville

Burke, Thomas F. (Elizabeth Halpin) Ch Blanche, Rosa, Mary; "The Osage Orange Farm" Gillespie R9 Gillespie Sec23 O160a (1870) Gillespie Home Tel. Gillespie

Burket, Herman M. (Louisa Dingerson) Ch Oscar, Della, Alma, Alfred, Albert, Mary, Herbert, Luella; Mrs. S. A. Dingerson Mother; Staunton Staunton Sec19 T133a Mrs. S. A. Dingerson (1891)

Burkhardt, William (Ida Pouge) Ch Harman, Tillie, Charles, Mildred, Emma; Hornsby R11 Cahokia Sec12 T106a Mrs. M. L. Cruse (1902)

Burleson, Jesse W. (Clara Krueger) Ch Joseph, Bernice; Carlinville R3 South Otter Sec31 Farm Hand Richard Krueger (1919)

Burns, Hugh (Julia F. Crouch) Ch Paul, Vincent, Virgil, Wayne, Mary, Grace; Hettick R29 Bird Sec6 T180a Burns Est. (1856) Chesterfield Tel. Hettick

Burns, James (Mary Goedde) Ch George, James, Nellie, *John, *Lizzie, *Gertrude; Medora R25 Shipman Sec9-4 T160a William Carroll (1854) Mutual Tel. Medora

Burns, Martin (Bertha Kahl) Ch Sarah, Bessie, William, Frances, Robert, Mary; Chesterfield R27 Chesterfield Sec35 O160a (1869) Medora Tel. Medora

Burns, Peter (Mary Drew) Ch Peter Jr.; Chesterfield R27 Chesterfield Sec24 T212a Sarah A. Burns (1878) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Burns, Mrs. Sarah A. (Sarah Wright) Ch Robert, John, *Edward, *Thomas, *Martin, *Peter; Chesterfield R27 Chesterfield Sec21 O212a (1843) Chesterfield Tel. Chesterfield

Burns, Walter (Elizabeth Jones) Ch Ivory, Ivan, Orvell; Modesto R36 North Palmyra Sec1 T240a I. C. Burns (1901) Modesto Tel. Modesto

Burrell, J. F. (Ida Aulabaugh) Ch Ferol, Ralph, Lois, Floyd; "Maple Lane Stock Farm" Hettick R29 Western Mound Sec1 O270a (1869) Chesterfield Tel. Hettick

Burris, Ralph J. (Maggie Cook) Ch Robert, Emily; Medora R25 Chesterfield Sec32 T160a Tom Cook (1918) Medora Tel. Medora

Burrows, Clarence H. (Gladys David) Ch Odessa; Macoupin R26 Polk Sec27 T260a Jent & Briton (1911)

Busch, George Ch Gladys, Doris, Everett, Edwin; Shipman R21 Shipman Sec14-15 O120a (1910) Mutual Tel. Shipman

Buske, August (Annie Pullman) Ch Edward, Lottie, Alinda; Hornsby R10 Honey Point Sec23 O120a (1896) Mutual Tel. Litchfield

Butcher, Fred E. (Rolla M Rohrer) Ch Elbert R., William G., *Horace G.; Palmyra R32 Scottville Sec21 O275a (1866) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Butcher, Juno C. (Nancy J. Hayes) Ch Leona; Scottville Scottville Sec21 O220a (1875) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Butchers, John W. (Lulu Conaway) Ch Verna, Irma, Earl O.; Palmyra R34 South Palmyra Sec2 O84a (1870) Waverly Tel. Palmyra

Butler, Andrew Lincoln (Mary Alice Hettick) Ch Marjorie; Palmyra R32 Barr Sec4 T86a Robert Hettick Illinois Tel. Co. Scottville

Butler, John W. (Elizabeth J. Andrew) Ch Vesta, Oran V., *Eva, *Ethel, *Laura, *Rosella, *Olive, *Andrew; Palmyra R33 Scottville Sec21 O148a (1844) Scottville Tel. Scottville

Buzan, Elisha (Mary Lyle) Ch James and Wife, *Lena; Shipman R3 Hillyard Sec15 T175a J. D. and F. Snedeker (1918)

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