Naturalization Research Directions, Macoupin County IL


3-in-1 Index:

Check either the online index to this, or either set of the 2-volume black book set containing this same index, one at the Courthouse in Probate and the other at the Archives.  3 places to look make it easy.

All those books and papers listed in the 3-in-1 index are at the Archives.  The 3-in-1 index refers to Courthouse locations no longer used, such as Shelf I, Shelf II, Drawer 5, Vol. II, and so on.  Every naturalization record has been moved to the Archives.  These descriptors are, however, still useful in finding the books at the Archives containing the papers you seek.

The Archives is open on Fridays roughly from 9 to 2 (and a special appointment may be made with Linda Kmiecik).  Alternatively you can write to Linda ( and make arrangements for her to find and copy the papers.  She will advise of the cost, you will send a check, and then she will mail the papers out to you.

Old Loose Papers 1836-1906 at the Archives:

These papers have been around for 10+ years.  The index is on line at the homepage under “Naturalizations” with the title “Old Loose Papers 1836-1906”.  They have been sorted alphabetically and are stored in folders, separated by acid-free paper.  The folders in turn are stored in flip-top boxes on Storage Unit # 1-Y, on the top shelf, with each box’s content marked on its exterior.

New Loose Papers 1864-1877 at the Archives 2013:

These papers were recently given to the Archives volunteers by Pete Duncan, County Clerk, who found them in a box.  They are now indexed and stored in folders, alphabetically, and placed in a flip-top box, clearly marked, on Storage Unit #1-Y.  The index is on line at the homepage under “Naturalizations” with the title “New Loose Papers 1864-1877”.  It appears at least some of these papers are similar or identical to papers in bound books found in the 3-in-1 index.

Loose Papers 1849-1887:

These papers are available on microfilm at IRAD.  Location of the originals has not yet been determined.  The index is available online at the homepage under that same title.

Small Naturalization Ledgers 1907-1926:

These 33 small ledgers are on file at the Archives, again on Storage Unit #1-Y.  All of its information is available on the Macoupin homepage, and is accessed by the double index, Letters A-L and Letters M-Z.  There is no other information on the originals that is not on the homepage material.

Book 1883-1901:

Available at the Archives.

Probate Index A, Early to 1881 & Probate Index B, 1881-1910:

Naturalizations are routinely listed in the probate indexes at the Courthouse in Probate for these time periods.  They should also be checked.

These documents should exhaust everything on naturalizations that can be found in Macoupin Co., IL.

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