Macoupin County IL - Group 3 Naturalization Index Entries

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Naturalization - Loose Papers 1849-1887, Macoupin County IL. On microfilm at IRAD

Naturalization index entries in Macoupin County IL Probate Index A (1836-1881) in alpha order. We have all of this probate index online.

Naturalization index entries Macoupin County IL Probate Index B (1881-1890)

(Some of the actual papers in Macoupin County have very little information. Many Macoupin County immigrants were naturalized at the Federal Courthouse in Alton Madison Co IL. All of those papers have been filmed by the LDS Library in Salt Lake City and are available through any local LDS Family History Center. The earliest immigrants in Macoupin County may have gone to the Federal Courthouse in St Louis, St Louis County, MO, for naturalization.)

Note: Not error proof - Done by a human.

Naturalization Loose Papers 1849-1887, Macoupin County IL. On microfilm at IRAD.

Loose papers, earliest to 1887, not in alphabetical order as in the following list. Some are applications. Some are documents of naturalization.
==Some have very little information.==
Some are from Macoupin County IL, Madison County IL, and St Louis Co MO.
Some papers for a person are not together in one place. No page numbers, No order.

There were no papers for this small group of names, just names.
??, Lod
??, William
BAUMANN, Frederick
ETTI?, ?
NEIMAN, Frederick
WEAVER, Alexander
ARENZ, George
BAUER, Charles F
BAUER, Charles Frederick
BEHM (BOHM), Michael
BEYER, Michael
BLOOM, John Henry
BOCK, Frederick
BODE, ?Christet?
BODE, Lervis
BOTHE, Charles (ROTHE?)
BREMER, August
BRUMMER, William Frank
BUSHELL, William
CARSON, Christian
COGHLEN, Patrick
COONEY, Patrick
DALEY, Henry
DELANY, Thomas M
DOHM, George
DREW, George
EGLHOF, William
ELLIMAN, William
FANNING, Patrick
FLINN, Andrew
FLORI, Jacob
FULTON, Frederick
GRIGGS, Herman
HACKE, Hartwig
HALL, Charles
HEINNEMIER, Christopher
HEINZ, Henry
HIFLE, John Miller
HOGAN, Daniel
HOLM(E), James Henry
HOLMES, William
HORF, John Joseph
HOWER, Christopher
JOLL(E)Y, Joseph
KARVICK, William
KASTEN, Christian
KEUNE, Henry
KING, Thomas
KIRK, Thomas
KNABNER, Charles
KRA(E)MER, George Philipp
LEBHERZ, Theodore
LEDBROOK, Jr, Leonard
LEE, Thomas
LOEHR, Charles
MCCABE, Patrick
MAIER, Conrad
?MAYSE?, Charles
MILLS, John Charles
MUELLER, Johan Rudolph
MURPHY, Peter (data not together)
O�LEARY, Timothy
OLIVER, Robert
ONEIL, Michael
ONEIL, Michael
ONEILL, Patrick
OZWELL, William
PATTISON, William W (data not together)
PRAHN, Henry
QUARTON, William B
REHM, John
RYAN, James S
SCHACHT?sp?, William
SCHRIER, Wilhelm
SCHUTZE, Christian
SCHMIDT, John Peter
SIAMONS(Z), William
SIMON, George
SKEEN, Julius
SMITH, George
SMITH, Robert
TOOHAY, (TOOKEY?), Patrick
TOU(S)E (prob TOWSE), Jr, Simpson
TOWK, Charles
TOWSE, Sr, Simpson
TOWSE, Thomas
TOWSE, William
VICKERS, Edward (data not together)
WALSH, Michael
WARD, Jeremiah
WATT, Robert
WEIS, Peter
WIEC(K) or(H), Frederick
WINTER, Christopher
WINTER, Fredrick
WOLFF, August
WOLTERS, Frederick

Naturalization entries in Macoupin County IL Probate Index A (1836-1881) at the courthouse. Contact Linda Kmiecik
The papers for these names may be at the county archives. They have not been compared.

First number is the page in the index, and the second set is the Order Book(s) and page number(s) in the Order Book.

To be foolproof that your ancestor is not in the records in the Macoupin County Courthouse, it would be wise to go to the courthouse and go thru the ledgers year by year. There are no actual dates for each entry in the index.
Entries are made as follows:
Last name, First name, Index "page number (is starting year for the page)," Actual Ledger Letter (with the record at courthouse), and page number of actual ledger. There may be more than one listed actual ledger of records.

No letter A, Pages 6 and 7 of Probate Index A missing.
BAUER, John, 22, A157.
BLACKBURN, J.T., 30, L500.
BAUER, A.F.W., 30, L435.
BLUMSTEIN, Michael, 30, L435.
BOHLANG, Detelef, 22, A96, C134, 135, 252.
BORMAN, John, 30, L521.
BRADLEY, Robert, 29, L160.
BRAUTEGAN, Emett, 30, L522.
BROWN, Herman, 30, L422.
BUMAN, Claus, 22, I or J451.
BURGE, James, 30, L483.
BYERS, Albert, 30, L482, O503.
CANNON, Patrick, 38, A133.
CAMPBELL, Wm R, 52, L524.
CANDLER, Thos B, 52, L524.
CARY, John, 52, L526.
CAVANAUGH, Joseph L, 52, L526.
COOLING, H. John, 38, A92.
COONEY, John, 52, L498.
CRAMER, John, 52, L530.
CRUISE, Michael, 51, L215.
CULLOP, John, 52, L349.
DALEY, Robert, 65, L354.
DEGLER, Gustav, 65, L313.
DEIGLER, John, 65, L313.
DELAPARTY, Pat F, 65, L525.
DOPHEIDE, Ernst, 64, L160.
DORKS, Charles, 65, L409.
DREIER, Wm, 65, L525.
DREWS, John, 65, L354.
EBEL, Emil, 71, L452.
EGGERS, Claus, 71, L521.
ERLEMANN, Wm, 71, L551.
FIENE, August, 79, L408.
FOERSTER, C W, 79, L236.
FORD, James, ?Application? L403, M126.
FRAHM, John, 80, L523.
FRITZ, Charles, 80, L521.
FOLKERS, Garrell C, 80, L524.
GARLICK, Joseph, 95, L263.
GASPARD, Joseph, 95, L452.
GEHRIG, Chas, 96, L524.
GELDER, Thomas, 88, A92.
GENT, Frank, 96, L524.
GODFREY, Henry, 95, L210.
GROEKE, Chas, 96, L524.
GUILLOD, Samuel, 95, L210.
HANSON, Anders, 119, L483.
HARDY, George, 120, L526.
HARRINGTON, Patrick, 120, L523.
HARRIS, Wm J, 117, L58.
HEUSER, Emil, 119, L437.
HODGSON, Thos, 117, L69.
HOGAN, George D, 120, L526.
HOLZENHAUSER, Hy, 119, L413.
HOULL, David E, 120, L523.
HOUNSLEY, Wm, 118, L160.
HUNT, Thomas, 117, L55.
HUSKINSON, Henry, 117, L54.
HUSKINSON, Henry, 119, L434.
JAMES, George, 136, L512.
JENSEN, Chas C, 136, L517.
JOHNSON, Wm H, 136, L502.
JOLLEY, Joseph, 131, A133.
JONES, John, 136, L511.
JONES, Wm, 136, L523.
KAHLE, Henry, 145, 514.
KELSEY, John, 145, L521.
KINNEY, James, 145, L524.
KLAUS, Henry F W, 145, L525.
KLEIN, Louis, 145, L433.
Knorr, Gottlieb, 145, L518.
KUBESCHECK, Frank, 145, L253.
LADYDORFF, F H, 153, L523.
LAMB, Isaac, 154, L524.
LAMB, John, 153, L160.
LAUCHE, Chas, 153, L524.
LEE, Charles, 152, L53.
LEE, Samuel, 152, L53.
LEE, Samuel, 153, L522.
LINK, John Vincent, 153, L162.
LONG, Wm, 154, L526.
LUTH, Wm, 153, L494.
MCMAHAN, Pat, 191, L524.
MCCRAMOR, Robert, 191, L526.
MACHLMAN, Thos, 176, L413.
MANSHOLT, John, 177, L512.
MANT, Daniel W, 175, L59.
MEIER, Johanna, 176, L174, (in Minois office).
MEINERS, Henry, 177, L521.
MERZ, Henry, 177, L522.
MEYERS, Augustus, 177, L523.
MILTON, Charles, 177, L521.
MORITZ, Wm C, 176, L261.
MORRIS, Charles, 176, L354.
MORRIS, Thomas, 177, L526.
MOSER, M, 176, L161.
MUELENBRUCH, Henry, 177, L522.
MUELENBRUCK, John, 177, L513.
NAYLOR, John, 193, A218.
NEIMEYER, Fred, 195, L479.
NIGG, Andrew, 195, L524.
OBRIEN, Bossell, 204, A131.
OELTGEN, Reiner, 203, L523.
OSTERKAMP, Geo H, 203, L463.
PERKS, Charles, 217, L500.
PHILLIPS, Nehemah, 217, L253.
PITMAN, Frederick, 218, L526.
PITMAN, Wm, 218, L524.
POOLE, Elisha, 218, L514.
POWERS, Samuel, 210, A131.
PRATT, Albert, 217, 2pgs, Bk 1 (one), 161, L174.
PRATT, Frederick (minor), 217, 2pgs, B80, L174.
PRATT, Robert H, 217, L510.
PRAYER, Morris, 210, A177.
QUARTERLY, James, 218, L409.
READER, Geo L, 231, L483.
READER, James, 231, L517.
ROBINSON, Charles C, 231, L520.
SAHLER, Christian, 240, A349.
SAPF, Joseph, 258, L515.
SARIUS, Gustav, 257, L511.
SCHOENAMAN, Chas H, 258, L521.
SEINI, Wm E, 257, L513.
SONNEBORN, Henry, 257, L511.
SPEICKEMAN, Henry C, 258, L526.
SPITZ, Phillips, 257, L482.
STENGL, John, 258, L521.
STILL, Thomas, 257, L436.
STRAND, Janz, 258, L525.
STRATTON, Wm Jr, 258, L521.
THUET, Lorenz, 273, L466.
THUET, Wm, 273, L512.
TUCKER, James, 273, L555.
WALSH, Wm, 299, L238.
WARD, George, 300, L515.
WARD, Wm, 300, L515.
WATTS, C H, 298, L161.
WEERS, Thee, 299, L337. Put L337 in probate index
WHITE, James, 298, L161.

Naturalization index entries Macoupin County IL Probate Index B (1881-1890) at the courthouse. Contact Linda Kmiecik
  The papers for these names may be at the county archives. They have not been compared.

To be foolproof that your ancestor is not in the records in the Macoupin County Courthouse, it would be wise to go to the courthouse and go thru the ledgers year by year.
For Probate Index B, the year date is the index "page number" or the year that the index page was started. For instance, the "page number" 1881 takes in years 1881 thru 1887. There are no actual dates for each entry in the index. You need to get to the actual record for dates.
Entries are made as follows:
Last name, First name, Index "page number (is starting year for the page)," Actual Ledger Letter (with the record at courthouse), and page number of actual ledger. There may be more than one listed actual ledger of records.
ABEL, Joseph, 1888, O85, C41.
ACKERMAN, Bernard, 1888, O84, C38.
ALBERS, John, 1881, N35 ?O50?.
ALTENBERG, August, 1888, O82, C33.
ANDAGAN, Anton, 1881, N247 or (2+7).
ANDERSON, C(a?)sten K, 1881, N38.
ANDERSON, Lorenz, 1888, O84.
ARMHAUSER, Peter, O440, C84.
ARTL, Constantine, 1888, O84, C30.
ASHILL, John, 1888, O435, C77.
ASTROTH, Fred, 1888, O80, B236.
BAGSHAW, Geo W, 1889, O44, B229.
BAKER, John B, 1889, O85.
BANKS, Charles, 1883, M312.
BANKS, John, 1885, N23.
BARNSTABLE, 1883, M233.
BARTELS, Heinrich, 1885, N46.
BARTELS, Henry, 1883, M391.
BARTELS, Herman, 1883, M391.
BARTELS, William, 1889, O83, O35.
BAUEN, H. Y. F., 1887, N335.
BEHRENDT, John, 1889, N589, C2.
BERRIMAN, Job, 1889, N611, B227.
BERRYMAN, Joh., 1887, N257.
BLEAU(H?)ER, Samuel, 1883, M246.
BLOOME, George, 1889, O444, D23.
BLUMERTH, August, 1889, O76, O28.
BOENTE, John, 1887, N303.
BOENTE, Joseph, 1887, A226.
BONEIVER, Adolph, O167, O46?.
BOOKER, James E, 1889, O438, C83.
BORMAN, Frederick, 1889, O370, C64.
BORMAN, Frederick, 1889 O370, ?P77?, C64.
BORNHOLDT, John, 1883, M289.
BORT, Christian, 1889, O399, D19.
BORT, Christian, 1889, O434, C76.
BOWN, Harry J, 1887, B212.
BRAMHAM, Joshua, 1889, O84.
BRANDT, Herman, 1889, O84, O39.
BRENNING, Henry, 1885, N197.
BRENTJE, Joseph, 1889, O??, C69.
BREUTE, Joseph, 1887, N247.
BRUCKERT, Ignatz, 1889, O440, C84.
BRUCKERT, Joseph, 1889, O80, B235.
BRUCKERT, Leopold, 1889, O440, D24.
BRUNE, Frederick, 1885, N46.
BURKE, John, 1889, O87, O46.
BURKHART, Charles, 1883, M237.
BUSKOHL, no first name, 1889, O436, C78.
CAIN, Thomas, 1889, O334, D15.
CALKUM, Joseph, 1889, O431, D21.
CARROLL, Daniel, 1886, see record A226.
CAVENY, Edward, 1886, O283, also record A225.
COHN, Edward, 1886, Record B220.
COLTER, Ernest W, 1884, N45.
CONNELL, Con, 1883, M294.
CONNELL, William, 1884, N21, O28, O204.
COVI, Giovancici, 1889, O359, C63.
COX, James, 1884, N330
CRAGG, William, 1884, N46.
CREW, Thomas, 1883, N47, 207, M173, O222.
CRIST, Peter, 1883, M313.
CROMPTON, Joseph, 1886, O73.
CRONIN, P P H, 1884, M542, (?not sure if this series of pages goes with CRONIN - N2,
N141, N154, N372, N329, N500(or 501) ?.
CRUISE, James, 1883, M304.
CULLE(A)N, Patrick, 1884, N315.
CUNNINGHAM, John J, 1884, N44.
CURLEY, James, 1884, N117.
DACE, James, 1889, O431, C76.
DAILEY, Robert, 1881, M160.
DALBY, Nathaniel J, 1889, O440, C83.
DANGERFIELD, R C, 1889, O328.
DAVIES, Jenkins, 1885, N619, Record C11, O57, O30, T109(2), T138, T149.
DAVIES, Thomas, 1885, N619, Record C or E 11.
DEAN, Thomas, 1881, N44.
DEUTON, Claude A, 1885, N306, O32, O33.
DINGELDEIN, Geo., 1885, O58, Record C16.
DOHLER, Paul, 1885, O73.
DOUGHTY, Henry, 1881, N45.
DRESSING, H W, 1881, M542, N335, O217.
DRISCOLL, Daniel, 1889, O346, C58.
DROSTEN, Fred, 1885, N598, Record C4.
DUFFIE, Patrick, 1889, O436, C22, D22.
DUFFIE, Thomas, 1889, O431, C76.
DUFFIE, Thomas, 1889, 0438, P267.
DUFFNER, Xavier, 1885, O87.
DUFFNER, Joseph, 1885, O87.
EBELING, Chris E, 1881, N56.
EISMAN, August, 1881, O76, Record C27.
ELLIS, John James, 1881, O76.
ENGELMAN, Mike, 1881, N39, O44.
ENKE, Chas H, 1881, G403, A229.
ENKE, Frank T, 1881, O31, O296, O340, Record B223.
EPPENGER, Frank, 1881, N55.
EPPENGER, Mathias, 1881, N55.
FAHRENKROG, John, 1887, N526, See Nat. Record B217.
FAHRENKROG, Mathias, 1887, N526, See Nat. record A229.
FALER, Jacob, 1881, N105, O43.
FEARN, Albert, 1887, O85.
FEJG, Patrick, 1881, N30, N22.
FEYEN, Henry, 1881, M245.
FISCHER, G H M, 1881, N335, Q479.
FLATER, Ernest, 1890, O436, C79.
FLOYD, Martin, 1881, N335.
FORTUNE, John, 1881, M313, (?N123, ?N154).
FRANK, Henry, 1881, M44.
FRITZ, Wm, 1887, 084.
FROELICH, Bruno, 1887, O336, C57.
FULLERTON, James, 1887, O346.
GASCH, Robert, 1884, O73.
GASPARD, Alphonse, 1884, N45.
GASPARD, A ugust, 1889, O??, C69.
GASPARD, Julius, 1881, M69.
GEINETZ, Frank, 1881, M248.
GENT, Oliver C, 1881, N39.
GERBER, Gottleib, 1884, O76.
GERBER, Herman, 1884, no volume or page number.
GERDES, F W, 1884, N335.
GERDES, Fred, 1884, O85.
GERHARZ, John, 1889, O359, C62.
GEISER, Wilham, 1884, N613, C9.
GERKE, Diedrich, 1881, N39.
GERKE, Frederick, 1881, M310.
GERKE, Henry, 1881, M310.
GHENT, Geo, 1884, N149, O188.
GIBSON, Geo, 1889, O376, D18.
GIESEBEL, Martin, 1881, M308.
GLANDER, Herman, 1889, O330, C55.
GLEMBO, Frank C, 1884, no volume or page number.
GOEMER, Henry, 1881, M247.
GOETZ, Gottlieb, 1884, N525 (See minor record B216).
GRANDIDIER, Emile, 1889, O436, C80.
GRASSEL, Frank, 1889, O430, D25.
GRASSEL, Herman, 1884, O85.
GRAVES, Charles W, N1, N24, N95, N318, O151, M572.
GRAVES, Geo, 1881, N39.
GRAVES, John T, 1884, N43.
GREFF, Charles, 1889, P172, Q100, Q102, D10.
GRIFFEL, J H T, 1884, N43.
GRISEZ, Jules, 1884, O73.
HAGEMEIER, Wm, 1884, N335, O58, O59.
HAGENGO, Motte, 1884, N46.
HALEY, Patrick, 1881, M300, N133.
HALDI, Melchor, 1881, M313.
HALL, John S, 1888, O175, C26.
HANS, Bernard, 1887, O33, See Record C15.
HANSEL, Louis, 1887, O73.
HARTMAN, Herman, 1883, N26.
HEBENSTRCET, Y P, 1883, N27.
HEDEMANN, Fred, 1883, N46.
HEINZEL, Wm, 1887, O76, C26.
HELMER, Christian, 1883, M542.
HEMPEL, Ernest Julius, 1887, N617, O25, O108, O118, O150, O347, C10.
HENDRICKS, Henry, 1883, N46.
HENRICH, Wm, 1885, N308.
HENRICHS, Fritz, 1887, N600, C6.
HENTZE, Richard, 1887, O296, O380, P456, See Record B21l.
HERRING, Geo P, 1887, N600, C5.
HERNAN, James, 1881, M314.
HEYEN, Henry J, 1881, M309.
HINSSEN, Louis F, 1883, M450.
HOEY, Lawrence, 1884, N105.
HOLLMAN, John, 1888, O82, B240.
HONES, Philip, 1888, O84, C37.
HONIS, Franz, 1888, O436.
HOOD, Charles, 1888, O334, C55.
HOLLMANN, Frank, 1881, M314.
HUBERT, Charles, 1887, O76, C23.
HUBERT, Gustav, 1887, O76, C22.
IMMERTHAL, Fred, 1883, O76, C26.
JACOB, Ernest Chas, 1881, O85.
JAHDE, John, 1881, N39, O316.
JAMES, George, 1881, O66.
JANSSEN, Arend, 1881, N17, N1, N7.
JANSSEN, Jans A, 1889, O351, D17.
JOHNSON, Ubbe, 1889, O351, C61.
JONES, Thos J, 1889, O418, C66.
JUNG, Carl G D, 1881, M373.
JURGEN, Henry T, 1881, O72.
KAEMMER, Herman, 1886, N600, L or C5.
KAHLE, Henry, 1886, N587, Record B219.
KALANGUIN, Jules, 1881, N46.
KAMP, Peter, 1886, O8, O395, C13.
KARKANCKAS, Anton, 1908, W353 (Revoke).
KASSABAUN, Andrew, 1886, N23, N235.
KAUFMAN, Louis G, 1890, O436, C73.
KAUKE, L, 1881, N9, N17, N50, N70, N76, N80, N124.
KEIRLE, Henry, 1886, O85.
KEIRLE, Job, 1886, O85, C85.
KELLEY, James, 1881, N28, O446.
KEOHLER, Herman, 1890, O358, C63.
KERBER, Vincent, 1881, M542.
KHICIKOWSKI, Joseph, 1886, O172, C49.
KOHLS, Frank, 1886, N603, L or C13.
KOHN, ??, 1881, M378, N294, N295, N312, N523, N542.
KOLSTROP, Nels, 1881, N46.
KORGE, John, 1881, N46.
KRES, Franz, 1890, O430, C73.
KRS, Mathias, 1886, O77, C30.
KUEHL, Wm, 1886, O72.
KUNDPOTAS, Joseph, 1908, W352 (Revoke).
KURSCHEN, Wm, 1886, N335, N335.
LAMBERT, Henry, 1881, N46.
LAMPE, Dietrich, 1886, O409, C66.
LAMPE, Henry, 1886, N590, Record C page 1.
LANCASTER, John, 1881, M69.
LANG, Ernest, 1886, O436, C70.
LANGE, John, 1886, O336, C58.
LANGE, John F B, 1886, Record A page 230.
LEARMOTH, John, 1886, Record B page 214.
LEE, James, 1886, Record A, page 225.
LEE, William, 1886, O248, C52.
LEIBIG, John, 1886, N603, C7.
LIEBMANN, Herman, 1886, O419, C68.
LINNEMAN, Anton, 1881, N198.
LINSTER, Nicholas, 1886, O436, C80.
LIPPOLD, Henry G, 1881, M222, N101, N352, O356.
LLOYD, Alfred, 1881, N335, O212.
LOCKYER, Alfred, 1881, N43.
LOVERIDGE, Alfred, 1881, M575, N10, N50, N114, N168, N599, O359.
LUCK, Henry, 1881, N45.
LUNDAX, Joseph, 1881, N46.
MAAS, John M F, 1887, O72.
MCCABE, Patrick, 1881, See Rec A page 226.
MCCANN, John, 1881, M223.
MCCARDELL, Cheeter, 1881, See Rec B page 213.
MCCARTY, Jerry, 1888, O77, B233.
MCCLINTON, J M, 1881, N335.
MCCRANOR, John, 1888, O346, C59.
MCEWAN(?MCEVAN), Henry, 1881, N587, O32, Record C1.
MCKEON, John, 1888, O351, O60.
MAGER, Mathias, 1881, M223, M182.
MALEY, Thomas, 1881, N28.
MALHAM, George, 1884, N119, O62, O198.
MALHAM, Geo R, 1887, O80, B234.
MARTIN, Patrick, 1884, N334.
MARTINETTI, Anthony, 1887, O71.
MEADE, Francis, 1884, N335.
MECHLER, Charles, 1887, O86.
MEEHER, Christopher, 1887, O87.
MEES, Charles, 1884, N198.
MEIER, Bernard, 1890, O436, C81.
MEISSLER, Bruno, 1881, N43.
METZLER, J D, 1881, M542, (N1, N15, N202)( ) then crossed out.
MEYER, Fred, 1884, N334.
MEYER, Herman, 1887, N611, O204.
MILLER, Martin, 1887, O76, C29.
MODESTE, Powey, 1881, N8, O229.
MOELLER, Henry, 1884, N334, O33, O42.
MOFFAT, James, 1881, N27, O5, O6.
MOFFITT, Robert, 1887, O179, C50.
MOODY, Henry, 1890, O323, D13.
MOODY, John, 1890, O323, C53.
MOON, James, 1887, O76, C22.
MORETON, Charles H, 1887, O284, O349, O400, P200, See Record B page 218.
MORETON, Timothy, 1881, N45.
MORGAN, Thomas, 1887, O86, C43.
MORRIS, Wm, 1887, O88, D11.
MORRISON, George, 1890, O351, D16.
MORRISON, James, 1890, O362, C65.
MORRISON, Joseph, 1890, O362, D17.
MUEHLENBRUCK, ?? no entry, 1890, O? no entry, D20.
MUELLER, Albert, 1890, O322, C53.
MUELLER, John, 1887, O88, C47.
MUHLENBRUCH, Albert, 1887, O81, B238.
MULLER, Anton, 1890, O359, C64.
MULLIN, Patrick, 1881, M293, Q309, Q366, Q379.
MURPHY, John J, 1884, N238.
MURPHY, Wm, 1887, N607, B226.
MUSSHORN, John H, 1890, O336, C56.
NAEVE, Henry, 1881, N39, N4, N147, O132, O406, O376, O354, O541.
NEFT, John, 1881, N46.
NELSON, Nicholas, 1881, N249.
NEPPER, George, 1881, N39.
NIEMEYER, August, 1881, O79, C32.
NIFT, John, 1881, O443.
NORTHDURFT, Henry, 1881, O? no entry, C73.
OBRIAN, ??, 1881, N216, N256?
OLDHAM, Henry, 1881, O397.
ONEILL, Laurence, 1881, O346, C59.
OPDENHOFF, Charles, 1881, O430, C70.
OPIE(L), Fredercik, 1881, O56, O158, O335, P295, P306, P438, Record C15.
OPIL, Thomas, 1881, M557.
OPIL, Wm, 1881, M557.
OPPLEGER, Victor F, 1881, M222.
ORSO, Dominico, 1881, O84, C38.
OSELAND, Thomas, 1881, O87, Dis Soldier, B396(could be 376?), C60.
OSTERCAMP, Fred H, 1881, O84.
OTTERSSBERG, John, 1881, O350.
PAEVOT, F N U, 1881, N39.
PASS, John, 1881, N123.
PEPER, Henry, 1888, O82, B239.
PEPER, John, 1881, N46.
PEPER, John Heinrich, 1888, O86, C21.
PFAFF, Leo, 1888, N613, C9.
PFOFF, Hermann, 1881, N335, O2, O34, O501.
PFUNDT, Herman, 1888, N619, C12.
PHELAN, Jmaes, 1881, M209, N93, N95, N124, N162, N456, N476, O22, P302.
PLIFFNER, Martin, 1888, O85, C42.
PLUNNEKE, Chas, 1888, O237, C51.
PLUNNECKE, Ludwig T, 1888, O84, C37.
PLUNNECKE, Wm H, 1888, O84, C36.
POKCHERWINSKI, Frank, 1888, N600, C8.
POKERHERWINSKI, August, 1888, O86, C44.
PRANKE, Herman, 1888, O336.
PURSEY, Geo, 1888, See Record A225.
QUARTERLY, Wm T, 1883, M361.
RANCH, Edward, 1888, O80, B237.
READER, John, 1885, N334.
RECORD, Henry, 1881, N28.
RECORD, Richard, 1888, O76, C25.
REESE, Edward W, 1885, N619, Record C page 10.
REGINOLD, Anton, 1888, O73.
REHM, Wm, 1885, N598, Record C page 4.
REIHER, Chris, 1885, N334.
REMLING, Christ H, 1888, O337, D14.
REMPE, Martin, 1881, N39.
REMSTADT, Diedrich, 1881, M310.
RENEDAY, James, 1881, N24.
RENEGHEN, Peter, 1885, N335, O149.
RENNIE, Hiram, 1881, N45.
RICHTER, Alvin, 1888, O76, C25.
RICHTER, August, 1888, O76, C25.
ROBINSON, James, 1881, M310.
ROLLO, Wm, 1888, O77, B241.
ROONEY, Terrance, 1881, N33.
ROOS, Florenz, 1881, M238.
ROP, John, 1885, N247.
ROPER, Robert, 1881, N44.
ROSENTRATER, Andreas, 1885, N597, Record C page 3.
ROSENTRETER, Paul, 1885, N331.
ROSENTRETER, John, 1885, N596, O355, Record B page 221.
RUST, Henry, 1881, M313.
RUSTLRUCT, Herman, 1881, M295, N25, N101, N162.
RYSENCHECK, Michael, 1888, O78, C31.
SAATHOFF, Geo F, 1888, O87, D10.
SAATHOFF, Jorden, 1887, O73.
SALZMAN, Jno C, 1888, O83.
SANDNER, Albert, 1890, O418, D19.
SANDNER, Andreas, 1890, O438, C71.
SANDNER, Franz A, 1890, O418, C61.
SANDONER, Reinhardt, 1887, N600, See Record B page 222.
SARAPANI, Angelo, 1888, O179.
SARGINSON, Wm, 1884, N45.
SCHAFER, Heie, 1882, M312, Q608.
SCHAUM, Chris, 1887, (See Record A, page 227).
SCHAUM, Jacob, 1884, No volume or page number.
SCHELLER, Julius A, 1890, O436, C79.
SCHIERCHNECK, Wm, 1890, O419, C68.
SCHLORTT, August, 1886, N243.
SCHLUETER, Henry C, 1881, M75.
SCHMIDT, Eilert H, 1886, N266, No ID, not sure if this record is a naturalization record.
SCHMIDT, Geo W, 1886, N307.
SCHMIDT, Henry, 1887, O14, See Record C page 14.
SCHMIDT, Leopold, 1888, O144, C48.
SCHMITZ, Anton, 1887, N597, Record page 3.
SCHNEIDER, Edward, 1887, (See Record A, page 227).
SCHOEFERLING, Fred, 1881, M230.
SCHOENEMANN, Henry, 1887, O28, See Record C page 14.
SCHOLL, Charles, 1881, M223.
SCHOPPE, Conrad, 1882, M268, No ID for this record, so may not be a naturalization record.
SCHOTTLER, Herman, 1886, N248.
SCHROEDER, Christian, 1887, O32, See Record C page 14.
SCHROEDER, Saus, 1884, N9.
SCHULZ, Conrad, 1888, O84, C36.
SCHULZ, Frank, 1888, O85, C41.
SCHUPMANN, Chas, 1886, N334.
SCHWIEH?, John, 1884, M557, N136, N249, O52.
SCHWING, Joh H, 1886, N247, P586, P603.
SCOTT, Wm, 1884, N45.
SEGFRIT, Mathias, 1881, N223.
SENSEL, Peter, 1882, M515.
SEVERS, Robert, 1887, O76, B232.
SEYFREIT, Edward, 1881, M238, O179.
SHADICK, Clarence, 1890, O336, C57.
SHON, Ben, 1888, O87, D10.
SHULTZ, Anton, 1886, N334, O201.
SIES, Diedrick, 1890, O350, D16.
SIES, Fritz, 1888, O252, C52.
SLATER, Chas, 1881, M244.
SOEBORN, Fred, 1886, N335.
SOW(E or I?)RWINE, Henry, 1888, O85, C40.
SPERLING, Ernest L, 1890, O431, C75.
SPICKERT, Franz, 1884, N38.
STAHLEN, Wm, 1887, O78, C31.
STEDRONSKY, J E, 1888, 084.
STEDRONSKY, Joseph, 1888, O84, C35.
STENGEL, Geo, 1884, N46.
STEPHENSON, Geo, 1884, N38.
STOCKER, Henry, 1890, O357, C62.
STRATTON, Frederick, 1884, N44.
STRAUB, Geo A, 1888, O82, C33.
STRING, Wm J, O438, D23.
STUCK, Martin, 1887, O6, See Record C page 12.
STUTLEBERG, John E, 1887, O82, C34.
SUHLING, Henry, 1882, M295, N33, N133, N274, N420, N422, P555.
SULLIVAN, Jerry, 1886, N308.
SUTTIE, Alexander, 1887, O80, C34.
TAAKE, William, 1881, O76, C24.
TALBERT, Henry, 1881, M312.
TALZE, William, 1881, N45.
TETZLAFF, Gustav, 1881, M44.
TIETZEN, J H, 1881, M542.
THIEL, Adolph, 1881, N295.
THIMSEN, Swenne, 1889, O418, C67.
THOMASON, Richard, 1881, O76, C28.
THOMSEN, Thomas, 1881, N600, C page 6.
TOLLE, Chas A, 1881, O83.
TROEGER, C. F. Ed., 1889, O436, C78.
TUNKER, August, 1881, O85.
ULMER, Jacob, 1881, M223.
VIEHWIG, Ernest, 1881, O430, C72.
VINTNER, John, 1881, N181.
VIYSKOCIL, Frank, 1899, W78, (no ID so may not be a naturalization).
VOGT, Augustus, 1881, N198.
W??PLEL, John, 1885, N603, O302, O329, B223.
WAGNER, John, 1885, N308.
WALKER, James, 1888, O88, C47.
WARNECKE, August, 1888, O269, D12.
WATSON, John G, 1888, O285, D12.
WATTS, Jeremiah, 1885, See Record A, page 228.
WEINBERG, Wm, 1881, M33.
WEISBRODT, Herman, 1881, N9, N13, N28, N30.
WEST, Thomas, 1888, O151, C48.
WHEELER, Joseph, 1888, O326.
WHEELER, Robert, 1888, O84.
WHITE, John, 1885, See Record A, page 228.
WILKENSON, Geo, 1881, N45.
WILKIN, Gerhard, 1888, O436, D21.
WILLIAM, J Watts, 1888, O422.
WILLING, Peter, 1888, O430, C72
WILLMTZ, August, 1881, N21.
WILTON, Geo, 1881, M375.
WINDISH, Robert, 1888, O335, D14.
WINSLADE, Chas, 1888, O77, C32.
WITTE, Wm, 1890, O430, D24.
WOHLERT, Wm C, 1888, O388.
WOOD, Wm, 1888, O76, C22.
WRIGHT, Arthur, 1885, N603, B225.
WRIGHT, David, 1888, O85, C39.
WRIGHT, Wm, 1885, N603, B224.
YERINGTON, Albert H, 1883, N199.
YOUNG, Charles, 1883, O86, O265, C43.
YOUNG, Francis R, 1883, ????.
ZIMMER, Anton, 1883, O85, O301.
ZOSCHKE, Herman, 1883, O436, C81.

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