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Where Did Macoupinites Go
When They Left Macoupin County IL?

Maybe your ancestor crossed the border into:

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  • Jersey County, Illinois
  • Madison County, Illinois
  • Montgomery County, Illinois
  • Morgan County, Illinois
  • Sangamon County, Illinois
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  • Moved out of State:
    Barton County MO - enticement - who went and when if known
    Chautauqua County KS

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    It might be interesting for you to know what I found out this week regarding the migration of people from IL to Barton Co. I spoke with the president of the Barton Co. MO Historical Society, Bob Douglas, and he told me of a company, the Missouri Immigration Associates, who would organize groups of people to come to Barton Co. in hopes of selling them land. The people would be lodged in a nearby farmhouse, fed good meals, and then taken on a tour of the Barton county properties for sale. The attractions of Barton Co., according to Mr. Douglas, included small grains and prairie hay production, and mines not too far away. The county's population now is much smaller than it was near the turn of the century due to the larger numbers of people that were flooding to the west.

    Mr. Douglas told me the names of the excursion managers from IL.
    They are:
    C.B. Davis, from Aurora, IL
    R.J. Bailey, Joliet, IL
    John Marsh, Joliet
    H.W. Slowthower, Kenton
    John Connelly, Lincoln
    Elmer Smith, Gardner
    W.O. Albright, Manmouth
    George Gelwicks ?sp, Princeton

    Mr. Douglas said he thinks this company was actively recruiting people from IL from the 1860's until somewhere around 1907 or 1908. He said that some people came down the rivers part of the way, others followed trails, and still others took nearby rail lines. I'm betting, based on an old family story, that it was a wagon train.

    Like you, I'm very curious to know how many people migrated from the Macoupin Co. and surrounding area to Barton Co. It's become a great point of interest for me.

    Susan Rives

    To Barton County MO
    BAKER (from Sangamon Co)
    BROUGHTON (from Sangamon Co)
    CRUM, David (from Macoupin Co)
    FINLEY, Thomas J. (from Macoupin Co) 1866
    LILES (from Macoupin Co)
    PITMAN (from Macoupin Co)
    RIVES (from Macoupin Co)
    SNOW (from Macoupin Co)
    STEELY, William Henry Charlton (from Macoupin Co) late 1800's
    SUTTON, John Wesley (from Macoupin and Montgomery) about 1870 - returned to Macoupin Co about 1875

    Some of the following could be from Macoupin:
    BANDY, James (could be Macoupin, Greene, Montgomery)
    BANDY, George (probably Greene, Macoupin)
    BEVANS, Lorenzo (if BIVINS, could be Macoupin, Morgan)
    BRIGGS, Amasce
    BURGE, Jacob
    CASTER, Stephen
    CRERY? (maybe be CRECY), John (if CRECY, could be Montgomery, Macoupin, Greene)
    CURLEN or CURLESS?, Thomas
    CURLESS, William
    DAWSON, John
    EDMMINSON, Alexander
    ETTER, George W. (possibly Macoupin)
    ETTER, John (possibly Macoupin)
    FLETCHER, Martin (possibly Macoupin)
    GILMARTIN, Anthoney (possibly Shelby, Macon, Montgomery...)
    GOULD, John
    HARBOUR, Eliaha (possibly Macoupin)
    HARBOUR, James (possibly Macoupin)
    HARBOUR, Levi (possibly Macoupin)
    HARBOUR, Newton (possibly Macoupin)
    HARBOUR, William (possibly Macoupin)
    HARRISON, James
    JARRED, Arthur
    KNOWLS, Betsy
    KNOWLS, Jessee
    LIVES, Hamilton
    LOVE, Elias (possibly Macoupin)
    LYON, Edward
    MARTIN, Isaac (possibly Shelby or Macon)
    MCCOY, Lewis
    MORRIS, James
    MORROW, John
    PIPER, John
    PRENTICE, James
    SACKETT, Robert
    SHANGER or SAWYER?, Cornelius
    SPRINGER, Dennis
    STOUT, Jessee
    SWARTZ, Alexander

    I live in Barton county MO about 3 miles from the farms lived on by the RIVES - LILES family that Susan Rives mentioned in her email to the list. There are still Rives living in this area. My gg grandfather John PITMAN, his brother James and sister Hannah PITMAN SNOW (widow of Obed Snow) came from Macoupin county with their families to Deerfield, Vernon county MO in 1859/60 (Vernon county joins Barton county on the north). During the Civil War, John Pitman returned to Macoupin county but imediately after the war ended he returned to Deerfield where his daughter, Nancy, married a neighbor boy, Tom Lawrence in 1867. Tom and Nancy are my great grandparents. Tom Lawrence with families of two of his sisters moved down to Barton county to the Central Chapel, Haines Grove & Caput neighborhood in early 1880s where were already living the Rives family. They also were founding members of the Central Chapel Methodist Church.

    I have just finished helping a CRUM researcher whose family came from Macoupin county to Vernon and Barton counties immediately after the Civil War and I have just sent BAKER and BROUGHTON family information to the Sangamon County IL mail list as those two families migrated to Barton county from Sangamon county just after the Civil War as well.

    Bob Douglas's explanation of what drew people to this area of Missouri is the best I have seen. Before the early 1880s the imigrants would have had to come by wagon and horseback as railroads were just being built here during that decade and no streams were large enough for transportation into the imediate area.

    I have transcribed copies of the Barton county 1860 and 1870 census and the Barton county Cemetery Books by Joan Kunkle that I would do lookups if anyone has a specific request.

    Warren Lawrence
    Lamar Missouri

    I found Bandy family in the 1870 census of Barton county Missouri. They were in the extreme northwest corner near the Vernon county and Crawford county Kansas lines.

    Eastfork township # 2
    James BANDY 46 TN
    Ellen 38 IN
    Alfred 20 IL
    Sylvester 18 IL
    Mary J. 14 TX
    Stacy A. (male) 11 TX
    Emma 8 TX
    Cynthia 5 TX
    Laura 5 TX
    James 7/12 MO

    They were in the same neighborhood where resided the CRUM family who were from Macoupin county

    #23 David CORUM (CRUM) 62 IN
    John 31 IL
    Marcell 19 IL
    Martha 16 IL

    MARTIN families in Barton county were, Hiram and Isaac. No SUTTONS found.

    Warren Lawrence


    Gloria, You probably already know this but I will send anyway.

    In Lake Cemetery in Lamar MO.
    Geo. A. Bandy 24 Mar 1843 - 20 Apr 1922
    ssw Martha 4 Oct 1846 - 22 Jan 1929

    In the 1870 Barton county census I find the following:

    Eastfork Township # 62 - 62
    Isaac Martin 27 IL
    Fannie 27 MO
    John 5 IL
    Joseph W. 3 IL
    Fannie 3/12 MO

    Eastfork township no longer exists. It was in the northwest corner of Barton county and gets its name from the east fork of Big Drywood Creek which runs in a general south to north direction in the western side of Barton county. Not too far from the Martin household is that of David CRUM who was from Macoupin county. Perhaps others in the area were as well. I am not acquainted enough with the names to know who else, but many of the families show an IL connection in the census listings. Other names that show ILLINOIS are: James BANDY; Dennis SPRINGER; Stephen CASTER; Alexander EDMMINSON; Amasce BRIGGS; William CURLESS; Arthur JARRED; John PIPER;George W. ETTER; Anthoney GILMARTIN; John ETTER; Alexander SWARTZ; Jessee STOUT; James HARBOUR; Levi HARBOUR; Eliaha HARBOUR; Hamilton LIVES; Elias LOVE; Robert SACKETT; William HARBOUR; Isaac MARTIN (listing given above as census reading); John CRERY?; John GOULD; Jacob BURGE; Lorenzo BEVANS; Martin FLETCHER; Betsy KNOWLS; Jessee KNOWLS; James HARRISON; Cornelius SHANGER or SAWYER?; Edwaard LYON; Thomas CURLEN or CURLESS?; James PRENTICE; John DAWSON; James MORRIS; John MORROW; Lewis McCOY; Newton HARBOUR. This neighborhood is very close to and just south of the line with Vernon county, likely there would be connections across in Vernon county. I know there were more CRUM families just over the line.

    I certainly do know Milford and the Horse Creek area. Your description of the Chapman Store fits to a tee, the lady was Ester CHAPMAN, now deceased. Milford is in the notheast corner of Barton county and 25 - 30 miles from the old Eastfork township of the above census listing.

    Regards, Warren


    I read with great interest the discussion a couple of months back concerning the migration of so many Macoupin Co. residents to Barton Co., MO. In 1866, my g-g-grandparents Thomas J. Finley and Leah Rees Finley moved from Macoupin to Barton Co. I could never figure out what prompted that move until I read the discussion about the Missouri Immigration Association. I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar that was the motivating force behind the move. Has anyone found out any additional information about this company? Are there any other sources that could be used to research the MIA that anyone knows of?

    Thanks! Jill Adami

    I made my first trip to Macoupin County this week, and was charmed by the area. I found some great new information on my family (STEELY, DODSON, DANIEL, WHEELER, OWENS and WILKINSON) at both the public library and the courthouse in Carlinville, as well as friendly and helpful staff. I was unpleasantly surprised, however, to learn that the dome of the courthouse has recently been declared structurally unsound and that courthouse staff have been directed to no longer go up there to retrieve the court records that are stored there, which include items such as the earliest indexes to civil court cases, including divorces.

    Count me in as another one whose family who started in Macoupin and ended up in Barton County, Missouri. My Steely line did just that. My great-grandparents, William Henry Charlton and Susanna Carolyn Steely began operating the General Store in Golden City in the late 1800's. William Henry Charlton continued as its proprietor for a generation. For those of you who might be interested, I would be glad to e-mail you a photo of that general store, which shows a little of what Golden City looked like at the turn of the century.

    Karen Steely

    Chautauqua County Kansas

    My Sterling family (shown below) went in 1871 to Chautauqua Co., KS, but came back to Illinois several times in the 1870s after the father died in 1872 out there, finally staying in KS.

    James Sterling, born c. 1819, Athens Co., OH, to Girard Twp., Macoupin Co. by 1860 census, Nilwood Twp. in 1870 Nancy (Blackburn), wife, born c. 1816, Canaan Twp., Athens Co., OH, dau of John and Jane (-----) Blackburn, NO connection to Blackburn College, Carlinville

    1. George Washington Sterling, son, born 7 Sep 1841, Canaan Twp., Athens Co., OH; married 1860 Macoupin Co., Sarah Jane Sterling, daughter of Morse and Roxanna (Ballard) Sterling; probable that James and Morse were brothers; George and Sarah moved first to Chetopa Twp., Neosho Co., KS, along with William Goode and his wife Melissa (Sterling), sister of Sarah Jane (Sterling) Sterling. In Neosho Co. for 1880 census also, but by 1900 moved to Chautauqua Co., KS.

    2. Mary Jane Sterling, daughter, born c. 1843, Ohio, married 1863, Macoupin Co., to Loron Case, born 1833, Ohio. This couple settled in Bois D'Arc Twp., Montgomery Co., right on the Montgomery-Sangamon Co. line just west of I-55 today, and at death were buried in Brush Creek Cemetery, near Divernon, Sangamon Co., IL.

    3. William Crow Sterling, son, born 21 Dec 1848, Athens Co., OH; "involved" with Agnes Jones (dau. of Edward Jones, 1860 in Bois D'Arc twp.), with two sons born, Edward Sterling 1876, Frederick Louis 1879 (my ancestor; adopted by David Louis and Nettie Arnold Moomaw); following move to Chautauqua Co., KS, married there 1876 Sarah Emma Newton; William back to IL at least one more time

    4. Cassandra, born 2 Dec 1851 Ohio, married 1869, Montgomery Co., IL to Albert Case, born 1841, Ohio, brother of Loron Case above. This couple and children moved to LeSueur Co., MN by 1880 to join other Case relatives there, and by 1905 moved to Benton Co., MN where Albert and Cassandra eventually died, 1905 and 1924, respectively

    5. James Bromfield, born 11 Sep 1854, Ohio, married 1882, Chautauqua Co., KS to Pauline Williamson; later divorced, but they had issue

    6. Roxanna/Rosa Ann/Hannah/Anna, born 11 Jan 1858, Nilwood, Macoupin Co., married 1876, Chautauqua Co., KS, George Henson.

    All of these family members and many of their children are buried in the rural Round Mound Cemetery, west of Sedan, KS.

    Linda Kmiecik Girard, IL


    County Coordinator Kathleen Mirabella
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