Deed - James Bristow Land in Cumberland County TN

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Background:  James Bristow died in Overton County, Tennessee, in 1818.  He owned land in Cumberland County, Kentucky, and in 1827, his heirs sold that land.  The deed named the heirs and their spouses, including the decedent’s widow Elizabeth Asberry, who by then had married William Asberry.  All of the heirs later moved to Macoupin County, Illinois.

James Bristow, the decedent, married first Delilah Elkins,who predeceased him.  He married second Elizabeth Clevenger, his widow named in this deed.  His heirs by his first marriage were Elijah Bristow, Sarah Miller, and Elizabeth Massey.  His heirs by his second marriage were James Bristow, Isaac Bristow (who never married), Mary Vance aka Polly Vance, Delilah Cherry, Susannah Bristow (who later married Andrew Gray), and Wesley O. Bristow (who later married Sarah Cherry, daughter of William Cherry and Anna Crawford.

Heir James Bristow’s wife was Mary Cherry aka Polly Bristow, daughter of Peterson Cherry.  Heir Elijah Bristow’s wife was Susannah Gabbert, daughter of Michael Gabbert and Elizabeth Brown.  Widow Elizabeth Asberry was a daughter of George Clevenger and his wife Hannah Clevenger, and a sister of Reuben Clevenger and Joshua Clevenger .

In the legal description, the original spellings were retained.  The correct spelling of John Ranow’s name is John Reneau.

James Bristow and Polly, his wife, Elijah Bristow and Susannah, his wife, William Miller and Sarah, his wife, James Harvey Cherry and Delilah, his wife, Isaac Massey and Elizabeth, his wife, Isaac Newton Vance and Polly, his wife, William Asberry and Elizabeth, his wife, late widow and relict of James Bristow, deceased, all heirs of the aforesaid James Bristow, deceased, and William Asberry, guardian of Isaac Bristow, Susannah Bristow and Wesley O. Bristow, infant heirs of the aforesaid James Bristow, deceased

Grantee:    Joseph Friend of Cumberland Co., KY

Type:        Indenture Deed

Deed Date:    26 August 1827

Recorded:    12 September 1827

Consideration:  Five Hundred Dollars

Acres:        200 acres

A certain Tract or parcel of land containing Two hundred Acres Lying in the county and state aforesaid on the waters of wolf river between the lick and Fox Branch Being the tract where on said Elija Bristow now lives on and Boundered as followeth To wit:  Beginning on a Beech and a popler thence North 48 W 61 poles to a dogwood and hickery thence North 16 poles to a white oak and dogwood Thence South 68 E 10 poles to a Beech popler and maple Thence North 30 E 126 poles to a White oak & Beech Thence North 68 W 124 poles to a white oak and Dogwood thence S 22 W 126 poles to a white oak and Dogwood near a rock Cave  Thence S 20 E 196 poles to a white oak on John Ranows Line  thence N 52 E 145 poles to the Beginning … with its appertainances

Witnesses:    John Sevier and Charles Friend

Location of Record:    Cumberland County, Kentucky Deed Book F, pages 243-244

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