Ed Trover of Carlinville 1870 Letter to Frank and Elizabeth Trover Russell, Macoupin County IL
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I found another letter that my great grandfather wrote. He mentions several area people. The letter was written to his sister Elizabeth Trover Russell and her husband Frank Russell. Frank Russell was the grandfather of Judge John Russell of Carlinville, IL. Frank and Elizabeth married June 4, 1863 in Macoupin County, IL. My great grandfather Edward Trover married in 1877 when he was 37 years old. He also tells of the courthouse and hotel being completed.

March 10th, 1870

Dear Brother and Sister,

I seat myself to let you now(sic) that I am well at present and hope you all the same. I received your letter and was glad to hear you was all well. I have not heard from you for three or four months un till I received this letter. I have riten (sic) two letters to you and got no answer. I could not imagin(sic) what had become of you all. I have not much news to write you at present times are vary(sic) hard here now. I am out at Aunt Ann's now and has bin for some time and sparking the girls like cats a fighting you had ought to be here and see me go for them. The reason I did not get this letter sooner I have bin in the country and it laid in the office some time before I got it. I will send them cands(sic) of fruit the first time I go to town. I think I will go to town in a few days so look out for them. Do you think you will stay where you are this yeare(sic) if you do not let me now(sic). I have got several letters from Pap this winter he was well when last I heard from him and wanted to see you vary bad. I was awful glad to receive a letter once more from you. I had come to the conclusion you had entirely forgotten me. I would love to see you all very much but as I cant I will write and hope for the better. Tell Walter and Ida I would love to see them and hear them talk some. Aunt Ann's family is all well and wants to see you vary bad. Her children is all grown but one a girl 9 years old. You said you wanted me to come on a visit I guess I can't come times are so hard and money scarce. I wish you was back heare(sic) so as we could se(sic) each other when ever we wished and as often. Rebecca Snow is well and wants to see you. Mrs. VanKirk is well and wants to see you and wants to see you vary bad. The small pox has bin in town not vary bad though. Will Manns family was well when I herd from there last. He is doing well I think I will go out to his howse(sic) in the morning to go a hunting and kill some ducks and geese and then I will have a rost (sic). You must come over and take dinner with us. The court howse is nearly done it is a nice house shure and certain the new hotel is done. It is a vary nice building they have got town lit up with gas. It looks real nice there now shure Aunt Ann's Polly is living here now. She wants to see you and wants you to write to her. Polly's last man's name is Fletcher. You now (sic) Tom Long died during the war. She says for you to write to her and she will write to you. Aunt Ann has bud(sic) one child married. Jo and Fena the twins is grown and wants to see you. Bud and John Barnett is working on the railroad. Old Mary is living yet she is blind and can't hardly walk she looks awful old. So I will have to stop writing I have told you about all I now (sic). Be shure and write soon a big fat letter like this. So no more your Brother, Edward Trover to Frank Russell and Family

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