Staunton Star Times Stories, Macoupin County Illinois
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Old Staunton Newpaper Articles

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Extracted from Macoupin Connection Volume 3: Days Gone by In Staunton, publication by Cindy Leonard.

Staunton Star-Times issue May 16, 1929 - WILL SHOW PICTURE OF UNUSUAL INTEREST. The Labor Temple Theatre on Thursday and Friday evenings, May 23 and 24, will, in connection with the regular program, show a one-reel film of more than ordinary interest to the people of this community. The film is a moving picture taken underground at mine No. 15 of the Consolidated Coal Co. and shows the methods of mining coal. The film will show how coal is loaded by hand and also the new way of producing coal by means of conveyors; the old time haulage by mules and the more modern method of motor haulage will also be shown. The men who appear in the picture are Mt. Olive men regularly employed at the No. 15 mine. The Star-Times believes that this picture will be of more than ordinary interest locally and no doubt will attract a considerable crowd each evening it is shown.

Staunton Times - 1897 - THE WEST PRAIRIE RIOT CASE Feb. 5 - Deputy Sheriff Bayless this week received summons for 57 witnesses in the celebrated West Prairie riot case to be tried in the circuit court. Feb. 12 - The West Prairie riot case is in progress in Carlinville this week. About sixty-five persons from the West Prairie neighborhood went up there on Wednesday. Feb. 19 - The West Prairie riot case, The People vs. Richard Sawyer, Wm. Jarman, Walter O'Neal, Harvey Alexander, Hamp Wooldridge and Pony Page was tried last week and resulted in the acquittal of the defendants. The case consumed three days of valuable time and will cost at least $1,000. All over a free fight at a dance. These are the kind of cases that make reputable taxpayers weary. Thursday night one of the witnesses in the West Prairie riot case of whom there were about 40, fainted while on the witness stand, causing some commotion for a time in the court room.

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