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First Macoupin County Courthouse 1829
Newspaper Excerpts relating to that courthouse

Oct 12, 1897 - Edwardsville Intelligencer
Carlinville is likely to have a prolonged lawsuit on its  hands. In 1829 Seth
Hodges and Ezekiel Good donated to Macoupin county 30 acres  of land in
Carlinville for county purposes with the proviso that if used for  other purposes
it should revert to the owners or their heirs. The land was  abandoned years
ago by the county, the court house and jail being erected on  another site. Now
the heirs of the donors of the land are consulting the records  with the
intention to recover the property. Some of the residents who were in  Carlinville
in the 30's say that the public square and a large part of the  business
portion of the city is situated on the tract.

The Alton Weekly Courier Feb 26, 1857 
Excerpt from Carlinville Free Democrat
Reminiscences of Macoupin

The first County Commissioners' Court of the new county,  composed of Seth
Hodges, Wm. Moore and Thomas Davis, sen., convened on the 12th  day of April
1829 at the house of Joseph Borough, about a half a mile east of  the present
court house in this place and completed its organization by the  appointment of
the late Tristam P. Hoxsey, once so well known, and now is kindly remembered,
their clerk.
On the first day of June 1829, John Harris, Jos. Borough, and  Seth Hodges,
Commissioners appointed by the General Assembly for that purpose,  reported to
the County Commisioners that they had selected a part of section 28,  twnshp
10, north range, seven west, as a site for the seat of justice of the  county,
and the Court, on the same day, received a title in fee simple, and  ordered
the County Surveyor to proceed to lay out the town of Carlinville, and  the
County Court ordered that twenty half lots in said town he offiered for sale  on
the 27th day of August following, and ordered, in anticipation of the sums of 
money likely to be realized from the sales of lots, that bids be invited for
the  erection of a Court House for the County, of the following description,
which is  copied verbatim from the Record: "To be built of hewn logs, 18 feet
by 24, the  logs to face on foot on an average' the House to be two stories
high, the lower  story to be 8 feet between floors, and the second story to be 6
feet below, 1 in  roof; to have one door below, and one above, door to be
cased and to have a good  strong plank shutter, the window to contain twelve
lights or panes of glass, 8  by 10; two good plank floors, to be jointed and laid
down rough' roof to be  double covered boards, height poles to be shaven
boards, and crammed on the  outside with mud and straw well mixed together, all to
be completed in a strong  manner by the first day after the 2d Monday in April
next, to be let on a credit  of six, twelve and 18 months, to the lowest
bidder, the undertaker to give bond  with appropriate security for the performance
of his contract."
I may state now, to avoid referring to it again, that this  Court House was
afterwards built by Seth Hodges, Esq. one of the members of the  court, who
appears to have received fourty-four dollars and thirty-three cents  for the job;
and thus the wheels of justice were set in motion in the county of  Macoupin;

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