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Descendants of James R WALKER

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A “First Family” of Macoupin County IL

JAMES R WALKER was born October 15, 1796 in Greene County Georgia, and died September 13, 1876 in Kemper, Jersey County Illinois. He married DELILAH R VANDERPOOL Abt. 1821 in Bluffton, Ray County Missouri.


Information for this family found on 1840, 1850, & 1860 Census Records His name also found on death certificate of Nancy Anne Walker Glessner York

1830 census , , Ray County MO
James R Walker
Males: 5-10:1, 30-40:1
Females: -5:2, 20-30:1

1840 census , , Macoupin County IL
James R Walker
Males: 5-10:1, 40-50:1
Females: -5:1, 10-15:2, 15-20:1, 30-40:1

1850 census , , Macoupin County IL
James R Walker - age:54(m) occup:carpenter b:GA
Delia R Walker - age:45(f) b:TN
Mary Walker - age:22(f) b:MO
Martha Walker - age:19(f) b:MO
Franklin Walker - age:17(m) occup:farmer b:IL
Sarah Walker - age:12(f) b:IL
Henry Walker - age:9(m) b:IL
Edward Walker - age:5(m) b:IL
Charles Walker - age:2(m) b:IL

1860 census, Carlinville, Macoupin County IL
James R Walker - age:63(m) occup:carpenter b:GA RE:$400 PP:$25
Delilah - age:55(f) b:TN
Edward - age:15 b:IL
Charles - age:12 b:IL

Steve Blockburger has the town as Gillespie for the 1860 census
Birthdate and place from Carlinville IL Free Democrat newspaper 1876
Death info from the Carlinville Free Democrat of 28 Sep 1876 pg 5.
James R Walker died 13 Sep 1876 at his son Edward's home in Kemper, Jersey, IL; He was born 15 Oct 1798 in GA; m. 1820 Miss Delilah Vanderpool in Ray Co. MO (see FD dated 27 Jul 1876 pg 5); she d. 1861; Came to Carlinville in 1839; had several children; was 78 years. Could he have remarried after Delilah died - found marriage record: Walker, James R to Hall, Matilda (Mrs) v.5 p.6 lic.4161 Macoupin 11-1-1862


Her last name of Vanderpool found on Nancy Anne Walker Glessner York's death certificate.

Death date from James R Walkers obit in the Carlinville Free Democrat of 28 Sep 1876 pg 5.


i. UNKNOWN2 WALKER, b. 1822-1823, Ray County Missouri.


1830 census has a male child 5-10 yrs. Since they were married in abt 1821 and Nancy Ann was born in 1824, child probably born abt 1822-23

ii. NANCY ANN WALKER, b. November 28, 1824, Missouri; d. August 25, 1913, Walters, Cotton County Oklahoma; m. (1) ALEXANDER GLESSNER, December 23, 1841, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois; m. (2) JOHN YORK, August 05, 1863, Nodaway County Missouri.


Birthdate: Used date from handwritten family history -
Obituary says birthdate 12/24/24 - used family history
1850,60,70 census records list birthplace as Missouri - obituary says Indiana - used census info

The Walters Journal Sept. 4, 1913 Glissner, Nancy Ann, was born Dec. 24, 1824 in Indiana, and died in Walters, Aug. 25, 1913, at age 89. she married Alexander Glissner Dec. 23, 1841. She was Nancy Ann Walker. Their 10 children are Marion, Elnora, Theodore, John Alexander, Henry Clay, Sarah Victoria, George Hamilton, Elizabeth Gertrude and Nathaniel Lewis. On Aug. 5, 1863 she married John York, who died Aug. 7, 1874. They had children Susan and Franklin. She joined the M.E. church at 16. Funeral at the home 10 miles northeast of Walters. (Marion, Elnora = Marion Elnora)

First husband of Nancy Ann Walkeer

1850 census says he was born in Maryland
1860 census says he was born in Pennsylvania

1850 census Carlinville, Macoupin, IL
Alexander Glessner - age:41(m) occup:laborer b:MD
Nancy A Glessner - age:25(f) b:MO
Eleanor Glessner - age:6(f) b:IL
Theadore F Glessner - age:4(m) b:IL
John A Glessner - age:2(m) b:IL
Henry C Glessner - age:4/12 b:IL

1860 census Carlinville, Macoupin, IL
Alexander Glessner - age:50(m) occup:hatter RE value:300 b:PA
Nancy - age:36(f) b:MO
Elenora - age:16(f) b:IL
Theodore - age:14(m) b:IL
John - age:12(m) b:IL
George - age:4(m) b:IL

1870 census Carlinville, Macoupin, IL
Alexander Glessner - age:60 b:MD occup:domestic servant
Caroline - age 42 b:Germany occup:keeping house
Charles A - age 3 b:IL
His will date May 10, 1888 lists a second son Jake L Glessner also wife's name as Sebine

Notes for JOHN YORK:

BIRTHPLACE: 1870 Missouri census for Stewartsville, De Kalb Co, Missouri has birthplace as Indiana.
DEATH: Probably died in Missouri in De Kalb Co, Missouri - Possibly Nodaway Co, Missouri

1840 census Hamilton Co, IL
John York - males:(-5)1(5-10)1(30-40)1 females:(-5)1(5-10)1(30-40)1

1850 census Dist #10,Hamilton Co, IL
John York age:40(m) occup:laborer b:IN
Barsheba age:40(f) b:TN
Samuel G.B. age:17(m) occup:laborer b:IL
Lucinda age:15(f) b:IL
Ellender age:14(f) b:IL
Riley M age:13(m) b:IL
Margaret M age:10 b:IL
Catherine age:8 b:IL
Hannah age:6 b:IL
Nancy age:3 b:IL
Robt C age:2 b:IL

1870 census Stewartsville,De Kalb, MO
John York age:59(m) occup:farmer val pp:$260 b:IN
Nancy A age:44(f) occup:keeping house b:MO
Susanna S age:3(f) b:MO
John A Glessner age:21(m) occup:farm laborer b:IL
George H age:13(m) b:IL
Elisabeth G age:11(f) b:IL
Nathaniel L age:8(m) b:IL

iii. MARY WALKER, b. 1828, Missouri.

iv. MARTHA WALKER, b. 1831, Missouri.

v. FRANKLIN F WALKER, b. 1833, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois; m. CATHERINE ARMOUR, November 08, 1855, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois.


1860 census, Rhodes Point, Macoupin County IL
Franklin Walker - age:26(m) occup:farmer b:IL
Catherine - age:19(f) b:IL
William E - age:3 b:IL
Mary E - age:1 b:IL
Edward - age:14 b:IL - probably same Edward as the Edward listed with James R Walker, 1860 census

Notes for CATHERINE ARMOUR: Her last name was found on a listing of Macoupin Co Illinois marriages

1860 census for Carlinville, Macoupin Co, Illinois lists an Edward age 14 with no last name - possibly her brother

vi. SARAH RACHEL WALKER, b. February 15, 1839, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois; d. June 11, 1927, Alton, Madison County Illinois; m. LEVI D BOONE BLOCKBURGER, April 14, 1853, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois.

Information on Sarah's family from Steven Blockburger. Letter from her father giving permission for marriage because she was under legal age. She married at 14 yrs.

1900 census reports a total of 14 children, 7 still living. 1900 census reports a total of 14 children, 8 still living.
1910 census shows last name of DeLisle. She may have remarried between 1900 and 1910???

There are at least 10 different sources for Sarah's birth year, none of the years match. She could have been born anywhere between 1831 and 1839. Steven believes that 1839 is the correct year and fits with other known facts of her life (age at marriage, 1850 census). If she was born in 1839 she would have been 88 years old at the time of her passing.

Sarah Rachel Walker Blockburger was born on 14 February 1839 in Carlinville,Macoupin County IL. She was the fourth child in a family of seven (eight) born to Delila Vanderpool and James R. Walker. Her father was a carpenter who had moved the family to Illinois in about 1833. At the age of 14 Sarah married Levi D. Boone Blockburger on 14 April 1853 in Carlinville. Sarah and Levi owned and operated a "general black smithing and repairing" shop with their sons.
According to census reports and Sarah's obituary, she and Levi had 14 children Levi passed away after a long illness in 1891 and was buried in Carlinville. Sarah remained in Carlinville for 16 years then relocated to Alton,Madison,Illinois in about 1907 to live with her youngest daughter Eliza Gertrude Pettifer. She continued to live with Eliza until her death in 1927.
She is buried in the Upper Alton Cemetery (Oakwood) in Alton, Madison County Illinois. Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, June 11, 1827 Woman 97 Years Old Died Today in Upper Alton Was Married at Age of 14 and Was Mother of 14 Children of Whom 8 Are Still Living. Mrs. Sarah Blockburger in her 97th year died this morning at 8 o'clock at the home of her daughter Mrs. William Pettifer at 2518 Washington Avenue after an illness that began about 3 weeks ago. Mrs. Blockburger was a native of Carlinville but had lived in Alton 25 years. She passed her 96th birthday on the 24th of last February. Mrs. Blockburger's long life which extended over almost a century was all spent in Macoupin, Montgomery, and Madison Counties. She was born in Carlinville, her maiden name being Walker.

At the age of 14, eight-two years ago, she was married in Carlinville to Levi Blockburger. At that time her husband's brother, Jack Blockburger, was running the Blockburger Inn at Hillsboro and the young couple spent their honeymoon at that historic place. Recently the Inn was wrecked to make room for a new filling station in Hillsboro and the tearing down of the building, which was a hundred years old, attracted wide attention.

To the couple fourteen children were born, eight of which are living. The husband died 29 years ago. Mrs. Blockburger lived all her life in Carlinville, Hillsboro, and Alton. Not withstanding of her great age Mrs. Blockburger had been in fairly good health up to three weeks ago. She was a wonder for physical strength and was eager to get about her house work and her mind was especially clear for a woman of her age. Her relatives and members of her family had noticed for a long time that she remembered things that happened years ago much better than recent occurances. Even during her last illness when it was apparent that her long life was soon to close she talked with members of her family at intervals when her mind would be clear. After brief conversations she would lapse into a coma and remain in that state for some time. Yesterday was the last day she talked. On one occasion four members of the family entered the room and she counted them correctly. Just before dark last night she became unconscious and remained in that state until death came this morning.
Mrs. Blockburger had outlived all the members of her own family many years. During the time she resided in Alton she always made her home with her daughter Mrs. Pettifer who resided downtown for a number of years. For the last nine years they had lived at the Washington address.

The eight surviving children are: Mrs J.M. Clark of Pana, Mrs. William Pettifer of Alton, James Blockburger of Carlinville, Will and Charles of Kansas City, and John and Otis Blockburger of St. Louis. She is also survived by 23 grandchildren and 13 great- grandchildren. The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 1:00 at the Pettifer home on Washington Avenue and services will be conducted by Reverend John N. Morrison. Burial will be in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Fact 2: June 13, 1927, Alton, Madison, Illinois, Oakwood Cemetery

Information from Steven Blockburger:

1870 and 1880 census list occupation as blacksmith.


Fact 2: January 12, 1891, Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois

vii. HENRY WALKER, b. 1841, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois.

viii. EDWARD WALKER, b. 1845, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois.

ix. CHARLES WALKER, b. 1848, Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois.

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