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Descendants of James Walker

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A “First Family” of Macoupin County IL

JAMES WALKER was born 1818 in Tennessee, and died in Macoupin County Illinois. He married MARY BENTLEY August 12, 1841 in Carlinville, Macoupin County Illinois. Mary married second Samuel DRAKE December 22, 1875 in Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois.


1850 census , ,Macoupin,IL
James Walker age:32(m) occup:farmer b:TN
Mary Walker age:25(f) b:IL
Jacob Walker age:6(m) b:IL
Agnes P Walker age:1(f) b:IL
A.C. Walker age:33(m) occup:farmer val RE:$1100 b:TN

1860 census Staunton,Macoupin,IL
James Walker age:42(m) occup:farming val RE:$1360 val PP:$277 b:TN
Mary age:35(f) b:IL
Jacob age:17(m) b:IL
Pernicie age:12(f) b:IL
Amanda?? age:5(f) b:IL
Silas age:4(m) b:IL
James age:2(m) b:IL

Other Walkers on 1860 census either side of James Walker
John S Walker age:49(m) occup:farming val RE:$1500 val PP:$600 b:TN
Elizabeth age:49(f) b:TN
James age:23(m) b:IL
George age:15(m) b:IL
Sarah age:8(f) b:IL
Mary age:6(f) b:IL

John S Walker age:60(m) occup:farming val PP:$600 b:TN?
Lavinia age:4?(f) b:KY
William age:22(m) b:TN?
John age:13(m) b:TN?
L???? or S???? age:11(f) b:TN?

Adam? Walker age:41(m) occup farmer val RE:$2800 val PP:$898 b:KY
Nancy age:37(f) b:TN
Nancy age:16(f) b:IL Ca???? age:13(f) b:IL
Henry age:11(m) b:IL
William age:9(m) b:IL Herman? age:8(m) b:IL
Mary age:5(f) b:IL Edward age:3(f) b:IL
James H Alexander? age:22(m) occup:laborer b:KY

1870 census Staunton,Macoupin,IL
Walker, James - age 5? sex:m occup:farmer value land:$180value personal property:$200 b:TN
Mary - age:45 sex:f occup:keeping house b:IL
Silas - age:13 b:IL
James - age:12 b:IL
Martha - age:10 b:IL


1850 Census ,,Macoupin, IL age:25,child:2,b:IL,hb:TN
1860 Census Staunton Macoupin County IL age:35,child:5,b:IL,hb:TN

Children of JAMES WALKER and MARY BENTLEY are:

i. JACOB2 WALKER, b. 1843, Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois; m. (1) UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Abt. 1865, Illinois; m. (2) HANNA JACOBS, Abt. 1870, Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois.


Agnes was born in Staunton Illinois, parents married in Macoupin Co Illinois, so I am assuming he was born there.

1870 census Staunton,Macoupin County IL
Walker, Jacob - age 27 sex:m occup:farmer value personal:$100 b:IL
Hanna - age:24 sex:f occup:keeping house b:IL
Walker, James - age:20/30 sex:m occup:working farm b:IL
Charles - age:3 sex:m b:IL twins: James A - age:1 sex:m b:IL
Edwards - age:1 sex:m b:IL P????, J???? - age:10 sex:m occup:hired hand b:IL

Notes for UNKNOWN UNKNOWN: source: The House of David by David Wall says his first wife was Martha Spence, but I found a Macoupin Co, IL marriage record for: Walker, Jacob to Spence, Martha Ann v.3 or p.3 lic.1576 Macoupin 11-21-1850. Therefore not possible - Jacob would have only be abt 7 yrs. I did find a record: Walker, Jacob to Kizy Ann Sawyer(Miss) v.5 p.10 lic.4332 Macoupin 08-05-1863 - this seems more likely because first child b:abt 1867 - may have not been married before Hannah Jacobs.

source: The House of David by David Wall

ii. AGNES PERNICIE WALKER, b. December 19, 1848, Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois; d. October 14, 1911, Terlton, Pawnee County Oklahoma; m. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS YOUNG, October 24, 1867.


BIRTHDATE: Pawnee Co Oklahoma Rural Cemeteries Vol 2 has birthdate as Dec 19, 1849 - I used type written information I found going through old papers of Laura Urshall Young (York)

DEATHDATE: Used date from death certificate. Cemetary date is Oct 15, 1912

1910 Census - House Creek Township, Pawnee County OK
Young, Agnes - head - age:61 b:IL m:wd c/living:12/8 fb:TN mb:IL occup:own
Cora E - daug - age:25 b:KS fb:IN mb:IL
Mattie M - daug- age:15 b:OK fbIN mb:IL
Walker, Bert - boarder age:34 b:IL fb:IL mb:IL occup:farmer

Supposedly Harry Truman's mother was a Young and these Young's are related to us - source Ivy Findley Mathieson - Nellie Young Findley's daughter

Fact 2: Sinnett Memorial, Pawnee County Oklahoma


1870 census Twp Range 7,Macoupin County IL
Young, Christopher - age:26 sex:m occup:laborer b:IN
Lucy - age:22 sex:f occpu:keeping house b:IL
Eliza - age:2 sex:f b:IL
Wm H - age:3/12 s:m b:IL,Mar 1870

1880 census Sedan,Chautauqua County KS
Christopher Young - head - age:36(m) mstatus:m occup:farmer b:IN fb:OH mb:MD
Agnes P - wife - age:31 mstatus:m b:IL fb:TN mb:IL
William H - son - age:10(m) mstatus:s b:IL fb:IN mb:IL
Ida B - daug - age:7(f) mstatus:s b:IL fb:IN mb:IL
Frances E - daug - age:4(f) mstatus:s b:IL fb:IN mb:IL
Maggie R - daug - age:1(f) mstatus:s b:KS fb:IN mb:IL
Silas E Walker - br-in-law - age:23(m) mstatus:s b:IL fb:TN mb:IL

1900 census Jordan Valley Township,Pawnee County OK
Christopher Young - head - age:56(m) b:Feb 1844 IN mstatus:m/31yrs fb:IN mb:IN RE:O
Agnes - wife - age:52(f) b:Dec 1842 IL mstatus:m/31yrs child:12/8living fb:IL mb:IL
William - son - age:30(m) b:Mar 1870 IL mstatus:s fb:IN mb:IL occup:farm laborer
Maggie - daug - age:21(f) b:Apr 1879 KS mstatus:s fb:IN mb:IL
Lizzie - daug - age:15(f) b:Feb 1885 KS mstatus:s fb:IN mb:IN
Harry - son - age:11(m) b:Mar 1889 KS mstatus:s fb:IN mb:IN
Nelley - daug - age:5(f) b:Jun 1894 OK mstatus:s fb:IN mb:IL

He served in the Civil War - not sure which side - was wounded - died of pneumonia, 1902 - source Ivy Mathieson - Nellie Young Findley's daughter

obituary - Pawnee County Courier Mar 6 1902
TERLTIN - C.C. Young ex-postmaster, at this place, died on Feb 28th and his remains were laid away at the Kelly grave yard Saturday, Mar 1st. He was a man well liked in this neighborhood, and one among the few left who helped to maintain and uphold this Glorious Union of states that we now enjoy. He has answered the last roll call.

Chautauqua County, KS 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll Cert # Name of Pensioner PO Address Cause Monthly Rate 15,549 Young, Christopher Sedan wd. rt. arm $8.00

Fact 2: Terlton, Pawnee, Oklahoma, Sinnett Memorial

iii. MARY WALKER, b. Abt. 1852, Macoupin County Illinois; d. Abt. 1856, Macoupin County Illinois.

iv. AMANDA WALKER, b. 1855, Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois.

Notes for AMANDA WALKER: She is found only on the 1860 census - I don't know when she died

Not really sure of first name, although I think it starts with A - could be a C - census hard to read - think her name may be Amanda

v. SILAS WALKER, b. 1856, Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois.

vi. JAMES WALKER, b. 1858, Staunton, Macoupin County Illinois; m. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.

Notes for UNKNOWN UNKNOWN: source: The House of David by David Wall says spouse named Minerva Owens - but I found a marriage record:
Walker James to Minirva China Owens lic.3007 Macoupin 12-31-1857 - that's not possible because James would only have not have been born yet???

vii. MARTHA WALKER, b. Abt. 1860, Macoupin County Illinois.

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