Vance, Nicholas Penn - Macoupin County Illinois
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Descendants of Nicholas Penn VANCE

submitted by Brian Phillips

First Generation


1. Nicholas Penn VANCE. Born in Tennesee. On 15 May 1838 Nicholas Penn first married Mary Polly BREWER, in North Palmyra,     Illinois. Born in Kentucky or Tenn?

They had the following children:
2 i. Thomas Jessie (1856-1943)
   ii. William Isaac. Born in 1840 in North Palmyra Illinois.
3 iii. Elizabeth Jane (1841-1914)
   iv. Isaac Newton. Born on 9 Feb 1843 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Isaac Newton died on 17 Nov 1931, he was 88. On 3 Dec 1868 when Isaac    Newton was 25, he married Elizabeth DANLEY, daughter of John DANLEY & Elizabeth MURRY, in Macoupin Co. Illinois. Born in 1841 in    ILLINOIS.
4 v. Nicholas Milton (1845-)
5 vi. James Harrison (1847-1936)
   vii. Richard Hiram. Born in 1849 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Richard Hiram died on 6 Apr 1932, he was 83. On 30 Sep 1885 when Richard    Hiram was 36, he married Phebe Litisha MAHAN, daughter of James H. MAHAN & Susan SHIPPLEY. Born on 30 Sep 1858 in Salvisa,    Mercer Co., Kentucky. Phebe Litisha died in Palmyra, Illinois on 27 Jan 1932, she was 73.
   viii. John Henry. Born on 4 Dec 1857 in North Palmyra, Illinois. John Henry died on 22 Nov 1939, he was 81.
   ix. Martha (Mattie). Born in 1861 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Martha (Mattie) died on 19 Feb 1937, she was 76. On 30 Nov 1881 when
   Martha (Mattie) was 20, she married Unknown SOLOMON, in Macoupin Co. Illinois.
   x. Edward Franklin. Born on 16 Jul 1864 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Edward Franklin died on 18 Nov 1952, he was 88.
   xi. George Amos. Born on 18 Oct 1867 in North Palmyra, Illinois. George Amos died on 10 Jul 1934, he was 66.

Second Generation


2. Thomas Jessie VANCE. Born on 11 Oct 1856 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Thomas Jessie died in Virden, Illinois in 1943, he was 86. Thomas Jessie married Virginia Catherine MARDIS, daughter of Elijah MARDIS and last Mariah PREYAR (PURYEAR). Born on 25 Dec 1854 in Kentucky. Virginia Catherine died in Virden, Illinois on 19 Sep 1931, she was 76.

They had the following children:
i. Rosa May (1882-1962)
ii. Newton (-1956)
iii. Walter (1895-1969)
iv. Cora Ethel (1890-1941)
v. Elmer (1888-1918)

3. Elizabeth Jane VANCE. Born on 24 Feb 1841 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Elizabeth Jane died in North Palmyra, Illinois on 13 Mar 1914, she was 73. On 23 Mar 1863 when Elizabeth Jane was 22, she married Ira Allen FRIEND, son of George Gillum FRIEND & Margeret Peggy THOMPSON. Born on 14 Jun 1835 in North Palmyra, Illinois. Ira Allen died in North Palmyra, Illinois on 29 Mar 1908, he was 72.

They had the following children:
i. William Newton (1865-1944)
ii. John Milton (1866-1942)
iii. Amilda Adaline (1869-1870)
iv. Robert Andrew (1870-1949)
v. James William (1871-1944)
vi. Laura Bell (1883-1942)

4. Nicholas Milton VANCE. Born in 1845 in North Palmyra , Illinois. Nicholas Milton married Lucinda.

They had one child:
i. Unknown (1881-)

5. James Harrison VANCE. Born on 8 Nov 1847 in North Palmyra, Illinois. James Harrison died in North Palmyra, Illinois on 17 Jan 1936, he was 88. James Harrison married Mary Francis PRYOR.

They had two children:
i. Kirwan Layfaette (1878-)
ii. Ora O. (abt.1880-)




Lucinda spouse of 4

Mary Polly spouse of 1

Amilda Adaline child of 3
Ira Allen spouse of 3
James William child of 3
John Milton child of 3
Laura Bell child of 3
Robert Andrew child of 3
William Newton child of 3

Virginia Catherine spouse of 2

Mary Francis spouse of 5

Cora Ethel child of 2
Edward Franklin child of 1
Elizabeth Jane 3
Elmer child of 2
George Amos child of 1
Isaac Newton child of 1
James Harrison 5
John Henry child of 1
Kirwan Layfaette child of 5
Martha (Mattie) child of 1
Newton child of 2
Nicholas Milton 4
Nicholas Penn 1
Richard Hiram child of 1
Rosa May child of 2
Thomas Jessie 2
Unknown child of 4
Walter child of 2
William Isaac child of 1

Frances spouse of 1

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