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Descendants of Henry Miller

Henry and Anna Crow Miller came to Macoupin County from KY in 1836 with Henry's widowed  mother (Elizabeth Wise Miller), his sister and brother-in-law, Samuel and Nancy Clark and four younger brothers and sisters.  The family is first seen in the 1840 census--near the Mississippi.  In the "History of Macoupin County", they are said to have built the first horse-driven saw mill.  Henry's eldest sister, Mary Ann married an Englishman named Robert Bacon who became well-known in Carlinville during his time.   The family settled in the area where descendants still live.

My husband, Richard C. Miller Sr. was a descendant of Henry and Anna's youngest son, Isaac H(enry?) Miller.  When the Civil War began, Isaac's older brothers, John C(rowe?) and Andrew W(ise?) went to war in the battles surrounding Vicksburg--John in Quartermaster Corps and Andrew in Artillery.  They left youngest brother--Isaac--to care for the farm and their parents while they would be away.  Isaac was newly married with a young wife and 2 small sons--named Edward Livingston and William Andrew Miller.  This family group is buried in Bacon Cemetery now part of someone's farm--once part of the land holdings of Robert Bacon.  My husband is 3rd Great Grandson of William Andrew Miller.

Several years ago after researching to discover this  information, I was able to  establish contact with Marjorie Miller _Roberts?__ wife  of __________ and daughter of John C, Miller. The couple owned and operated an Ace Hardware store  in Carlinville and had 4 daughters.  We began correspondence I hoped would go on forever.  I believe her brother --also married at the time--had 4 sons--which she thought was quite ironic.  She did say in one or 2 letters that she had a lot of material in her family archives which she was willing to copy--while I could tell her about the youngest brother's family as well. We both looked forward to it, but It was not to be -- Marjorie had been suffering with severe illness which stepped in to change it all.

Later, I tried to establish contact with any Miller family member interested in pursuing the line--but circumstances made it impossible.  Perhaps there is renewed interest from some of John C. Miller descendants--for it would be exciting to meet/share knowledge and details of both families.  I do know that Edward Livingston Miller returned to be buried in Macoupin county along with his wife, Captilla Jackson Miller--so there is probably an opportunity to at least know names and addresses for this sturdy pioneer family.  From what I have seen, they have all done very well.  Both John and Andrew made good lives for themselves, and--at least from what I know "my" Millers have made the family proud, too--mostly in McLean County IL--then La Grange, IL--eventually Syracuse, NY where my father-in-law was Director of Syracuse Univ. Press. 

After the Civil War ended, Andrew moved to Montgomery County where he was a Constable for some time.  Their siblings made names for themselves in Alton. Both John and Andrew received patents on a re-designed wagon seat and a long-handled saw/tree pruner for trimming tall trees.  I have copies of the patent applications in my file--signed by both Andrew and John.  I made an Addendum to the Miller research--begun by a professional Indiana genealogist whose daughter married into this Miller family and was part of their migration to Illinois.  I sent the addendum to MCGS giving credit to the original  researcher whose work got me where I am at this time and which I copied for the MCGS.  I am forever grateful to Mrs. M. Arthur Payne, G. R. S. 1975 and the Floyd County/New Albany Library in New Albany, IN for her valuable research and for their assistance.  (MCGS has copies of both--donated to the society).

I hope this is of interest to you and others who enjoy family research.  I am now 85 years old and no longer travel to Salt Lake City..  Have moved into a Senior residence where household duties are taken care of by others, and I have time for my "own thing".  Right now  I am still settling this new nest and new life--and as for genealogy--I will content myself with updates/corrections and adjustments to my over-crowded files--'a good housecleaning'!

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