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Descendants of Samuel L. LOVE

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1. Samuel L. LOVE was born on 7 Mar 1824 in Palmyra Twp., Macoupin, Illinois.1 He died on 29 Sep 1891 in Bird Twp., Macoupin County, Illinois.1,2 He was buried in Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois.3 Charity Cemetary Samuel Love is claimed to be the first white child born in Macoupin County, Illinois, according to information found in Portrait and Biographical Record of Macoupin County, Illinois printed by Biographical Publishing Company, Chicago, 1891, Page 742-743 According to History of Macoupin County, Illinois with Illistrations;1763-1879, published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, 1879, Page 142;"Mr. Love has been a life-long democrat. Both he and his wife are members of the Baptist church, of which he has been a member since he was thirteen years of age." From newspaper article copy from 1954; "Out in Charity cemetery is a tombstone that is most unusual in design. It markes the last resting place of one of the pioneer residents of Macoupin county. The monument is carved to represent a log cabin. Mr. Love died Sept. 19, 1891, aged 67 years, 6 months, and 22 days. On the face of the tombstone is carved these words;"This is the first white man born in Macoupin County." He was born in what is now South Palmyra township, Mar. 7, 1824. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. John Love, natives of Alabama, and came to Madison county in 1812. In 1813 John Love, in company with Seth Hodges, came to what was afterwards known as Macoupin county, and planted a crop. They waited until the crop was "laid by" and then they returned to Madison county and brought their families to Macoupin county. Samuel Love thought that his father and Seth Hodges were the first to settle in what is now Macoupin county. Samuel Love remained with his father, going to Morgan and Greene counties, afterwards returning to Macoupin. He passed away on a farm in Bird township, in the year mentioned. We venture to say that the monument at Mr. Love's grave is one of the most unique in the county or even in Illinois. Mrs. Chas. Kessinger, of Carlinvile, is a daughter of Mr. Love, and she and her late husband resided for many years in Bird township."

He was married to Elizabeth TAYLOR on 9 Jul 1842 in Carrollton, Greene, Illinois.4,5 Elizabeth TAYLOR died on 10 Jul 1848 in Bird Twp., Macoupin, Illinois.1,6 She was born in , Greene County, Illinois.7

He was married to Minerva Jane LASATER (daughter of William LASATER and Mary HILL) on 1 Mar 1849 in , Greene County, Illinois.1,8 Minerva Jane LASATER was born on 6 Apr 1831 in , Greene County, Illinois.1 She died on 27 May 1907 near Hettick, Macoupin, Illinois.1,9,10 Mrs. Minerva Love, a former risident of this place died at her home near Hettick, Monday morning of cancer, from which she had suffered many weeks. She was 77 years old and is survived by 7 grown children, her husband having died many years before. She was buried on 29 May 1907 in Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois.11 Charity Cemetary Samuel L. LOVE and Minerva Jane LASATER had the following children:


3. James Madison LOVE was born on 9 Aug 1852 in , Greene County, Illinois.13,1 He was buried in Jan 1894 in Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois. Charity Cemetary He died on 8 Jan 1894 in , Macoupin County, Illinois.13,1

He was married to Ella Elnora VAN ARSDALE (daughter of Joseph Madison VAN ARSDALE and Lucinda BURFORD) on 11 Dec 1873.13 Ella Elnora VAN ARSDALE14 was born on 6 Apr 1857 in , , Illinois. She was buried in Oct 1902 in Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois. Charity Cemetary She died on 24 Oct 1902 in , Macoupin County, Illinois. James Madison LOVE and Ella Elnora VAN ARSDALE had the following children:

4. Mary "Mollie" Lavina LOVE was born in 1854 in Bird Twp., Macoupin, Illinois.
She was married to Charles E. KESSINGER on 28 Dec 1873 in , Macoupin County, Illinois. Charles E. KESSINGER was born on 16 Jan 1852 in Bird Twp., Macoupin, Illinois.

5. F. Newton LOVE was born about 1857 in , , Illinois.15 He died before 1911.

6. Ada E. LOVE.

8. Adelia "Delia" LOVE was born in 1868.12 She died in 1946.12 She was buried in Bird Twp., Macoupin, Illinois. Charity Cemetery

Richard W. MOORE was born in 1869. He died in 1946. He was buried in 1946 in S. Palmyra Twp., Macoupin, Illinois.

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