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Descendants of Thomas D. JAYNE

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A “First Family” of Macoupin County IL

THOMAS D. JAYNE was born March 16, 1813 in Jefferson County, Tennessee, and died May 07, 1859 in Spring Creek, Tennessee. He married EMILY RENSHAW September 16, 1833 in Christian County, Kentucky, daughter of John RENSHAW and Nancy REED.

Thomas was the son of Nathaniel Jayne (born about 1777 in Wyeth or Lee County, Virginia) and Elizabeth Hazelwood, (born 4 October 1778, died 22 Sep 1844, buried Keller Cemetery, Macoupin County, IL.

Thomas was descended from William DeJeanne, a Puritan minister who was a supporter of Oliver Cromwell in England. Following Cromwell's loss of power, William was forced to flea to America about 1668-1670. He was born 25 Jan 1618 in Bristol, England and died 24 Mar 1714 in Long Island, New York, where he is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery.

EMILY RENSHAW was born 20 Nov 1813 in Christian Co KY, died 26 Aug 1896 in Greenville MO, buried Union Cemetery, Wayne Co MO. Emily married second 9 Sep 1862 to Hiram BIXBY, born 4 Jul 1811, died 23 Apr 1878.

Emily RENSHAW's parents: John RENSHAW born abt 1781 Rowan Co NC, d 9 Sep 1822 Christian Co KY, married 1803 to Nancy REED born abt 1783 in Rowan Co NC, died 1848 in Christian Co KY, daughter of James REED

Emily's fraternal grandparents: Elijah RENSHAW b abt 1753 in Baltimore Co MD, died 20 Nov 1823 in Bond Co IL, married Ann.


1. 1840 Census, Macoupin County, Illinois Jayne, Thomas Males 20-30: 1 Females Under 5: 2 5-10:2 20-30: 1

2. 1850 Census, Macoupin County, Illinois Page 398, Dwelling 6, Family 6, September 5. Thomas Jayne 36 M Lawyer $200 Tennessee Emily Jayne 35 F Kentucky Virginia Jayne 15 F Kentucky AS Nancy E. 13 F Illinois AS Emily T. 7 F Illinois AS James D. 5 M Illinois AS Laura S. 3 F Illinois John N. 6/12 M Illinois Nathaniel Jayne 73 M Farmer Virginia

3. Carlinville Free Democrat S.S. Gilbert Thomas Jayne Gilbert and Jayne Attorneys at Law, Carlinville Will practice in the 18th and 1st Judicial Circuits of this State. They will give prompt attention to the collection of claims, payment of taxes, buying and selling real estate, obtaining land warrants and all othe legal business entrusted to their care. Office south side of Public Square Office west side of Public Square in the new brick, up stairs.

4. I, Thomas Jayne, of the County of Macoupin, State of Illinois, being of sound mind and memory, knowing the great uncertainty of human life, and the absolute certainty of death, do make, constitute, and publish this, my last will and testament, in manner and form following. It is my will that my Executors herein named shall within nine months after my death sell to the highest bidder, at public sale, and on a credit of nine to twelve months in their discretion all the personal property of which I many died seized or possessed, Except such portions of said property as may be otherwise specifically disposed of by this will. And my said Executors are also hereby authorized and directed to sell within one year after my death the following described lands, to wit, the west half of the north west quarter of Section nineteen, and sixty acres off the East side of the North East quarter of Section Eleven, all in Township ten north, Range ten west, and on a credit of one and two years with 10 per cent interest in the last payment, and the said payments to be well secured by good personal security and a mortgage on the premesis sold. My said Executors are hereby fully authorized to make and Execute to the purchaser a good and sufficient warranty deed to the said lands on making sale of the same. Said sale is to be public with reasonable public notice, or private in the discretion of my said Executors hereafter named.

My said Executors are also hereby directed to collect all the debts that may be due or owing to me at the time of my decease as speedily asthey can and as fast as money may or can be realized from any and all sources, by said Executors to pay off, satisfy, and discharge such debts, as may be legally established against my Estate, paying first after funeral expenses those debts thay may be secured by mortgage on the land aforesaid or on any other lands owned by me, at the time of my death, and that may be due and pressing for payment. I will, devise, and bequeath to my beloved wife Emily, in trust for the use of herself and our children, Virginia, Emily T., James D., Laura S., and John N. Jayne for and during her natural life, or so long as she shall remain sole and unmarried, the farm on which we now reside the same having been recently purchased by me of Jackson Easton, also the farm recently purchased by me of Joel B. Handlin, and generally known as the Blair farm and also all other real Estate of which I may die siezed or possessed. I also devise and bequesth to my said wife Emily in trust aforesaid, and on the same terms and conditions as the other or former bequest all my household and kitchen furniture, my covered buggy and harness, one two horse waggon and harness, one sorrel mare named "Dove", one bay mare named "Knot", two milch cows, fifteen sheep, and fifteen stock hogs, two plows and one harrow. Intending hereby to leave the said lands and personal property to my said wife Emily in trust for the use and benefit of our said children herein named, so long as they may or shall remain at home and in the family of their said mother, and to be by her, at the time of her death, fairly and equitably divided amongst our said children above named, but in this Express condition that is to say "if my said wife Emily shall and does for and during her natural life, remain sole and unmarried, then and in that Event, she is to have the use, management and control of the said lands, and personal property as above stated, and to dispose of the same between and amongst our said children herein named in scuh manner and upon such terms at such times, or times, as she may deem proper and Expedient. But in case of intermarriage of my said wife Emily, the said bequests to her are to cease forever determine, and upon the happening of said contingency, my Executors are to take immediate possessions of all said lands and personal property not previously disposed of in pursuance of the provisions of this will and within one year thereafter to sell the same to the highest and best bidder the said personal property (if any of it remains) on a credit of ? and the said real Estate on a credit of one, two, and three years. The sale of said real estate is to be at public outcry, in pursuance of notice given and ? premesis, the payments are to be well secured by personal, and mortgage security, in the said premesis sold. My said Executors are also further directed ? in case the farm bought by me of Mr. Handlin containing Eighty acres is not bid on as high as thirty five dollars per acre, at said sale, and the Easton farm as high as twenty dollars per acre, they are to withdraw the same farms and rent said farm or farms, on the best terms aforesaid, and sell if the price stated be ? otherwise postpose said sale again, and rent as foresaid and offer the ? lands once a year, until the price stated or more shall be realized. And the proceeds of said sale of said lands and personal property I give, devise, and bequeath to my daughter Nancy E. Steidley, wife of A.J. Steidley the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid over to her as such times and wants may require to be paid to her, and no other person for her ? receipt alone to be voucher for the same, and to my son James D. Jayne I give, devise and bequeath the sum of one hundred dollars, and ? filly named "Dolly", to my son John N. Jayne, I give, devise, and bequesth the sum of one hundred dollars and one bay filly named "Molly", and residue of moneys arising from said sale is that it be equally divided, share and share alike, between and amongst my children Virginia, Emily T., James D., Laura S., and John N. Jayne, and if one or more of said children be dead leaving no lawful heirs of ? own body, the share of such deceased child or children is to discend ? be equally distributed amongst those that may survive and in ? and if any one or more of said children should have previously received anything at the hands of their said mother, by way of advancement of said Estate, the same is to be taken into consideration and deducted from ? share of said child or children. In case of the death of marriage of my said wife during infancy of any one or more of my said children and before said Estate ? have disposed of by their said mother, in pursuance of this will, I do ? in the Event nominate and appoint Richard J. Metcalf or James ? or both either of them guardians for such of said children as may ? aforesaid, be minors, and under lawful age, their persons and property ? direct that they be properly and ? school at least six months in each year the expense of which is to be paid out of their share or shares of said Estate allowing said child or children after the age of fourteen years to be ? for themselves. Since this writing and before the Execution of this will I have contracted to one Robert Chinn, the three first described lots or tracts of landherein described and to Pinkney Hughes the fourth described tract of land known as the old Blair farm. Now my will is that if these parties shall in good faith, pay for said lands, in pursuance of said contracts, and the proceeds of said sale are to be assets in the hands of said Executors to be appreciated in pursuance of the stipulations of this will, but if the said lands should not be paid for by said parties, in pursuance of said contracts, then and in the Event my said Executors are to proceed in the settlement of said Estate as though such sale or sales had never been made. I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my friends Richard J. Metcalf and James B. Steidley Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 12th day of March A.D. 1859
Tho Jayne Seal
In presence of us
Thomas Hughes
Henry Jayne
Illinois, Macoupin County

Be it Remembered that on this Eighteenth day of June A.D. 1859 before the undersigned Clerk of the County Court of Macoupin County came Thomas Hughes and Henry Jayne credible witnesses of lawful age who being sworn in due form of law, on their oaths say that they were present at the execution of the foregoing written instrument preporting to be the last will and testament of Thomas Jayne deceased, and saw him, the said Jayne sign his name ? , and he, the said Jayne, in the presence and hearing of the deponents ? published and declarted the same to be his last will and testament, and each of the deponents, in his presence, and at his request, and in the presence of each other signed his name thereto as witness. And the deponents verily believe that at the time said Jayne signed published and declared the foregoing written instrument as and for his last will and testament he was of sound disposing mind and memory and further deponents say not.
Henry Jayne
Thomas Hughes
? and sworn to before me this June 18th A.D. 1859
Geo H. Holliday Co.
Illinois Macoupin County ?

I do solemnly swear that this writing contains the last will and testament of the above named Thomas Jayne deceased so far as I know or believe, and testify I will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts and then the legacies mention therein so far as his goods and chattels will thereunto entend and the law charge me, and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all such goods and chattels rights credits and effects as may come to my knowledge belonging to the estate of the said deceased, and .............

Children of Thomas JAYNE and Emily RENSHAW are:

i. VIRGINIA ALICE JAYNE, b. July 23, 1834, Hopkinsville, Kentucky; d. June 15, 1911, Greenville, Missouri, buried Union Cemetery, Wayne Co MO. Married first 11 Dec 1862 in Bond Co IL to Leroy C D Hatchette. Married second to Robert O WHITE born 6 Jun 1824 in Bond Co IL, died 22 Mar 1888 in Bond County IL, Robert WHITE was the son of James WHITE (born 15 Dec 1794 in Rutherford County NC, died 7 Feb 1885 in Jerseyville IL) and Mary DENNY (born 26 Dec 1794 in Lincoln Co NC, died Mar 1852 in Bond Co IL). Robert O WHITE's paternal grandparents were Thomas WHITE (Revolutionary War Veteran born 5 Mar 1754 in Chester County IL, died 24 Apr 1824 in Bond County IL) and Isabella TORRENCE. Robert O WHITE's maternal grandparents were James DENNY (born Jan 1754 in Guilford County NC, died 3 May 1823 in Bond County IL) and Mary WILSON (born 25 Feb 1765, died 18 Aug 1836 in Bond County IL).

ii. NANCY JAYNE, b. July 31, 1836, Greene County, Illinois; d. February 26, 1881; m. Andrew J. STEIDLEY, June 17, 1852, Macoupin County, Illinois.

iii. CAROLINE K. JAYNE, b. February 13, 1839, Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois; d. September 12, 1844, Macoupin County, Illinois, buried Keller Cemetery, West Mound Township Macoupin County Illinois.

iv. THOMAS N.R. JAYNE, b. January 19, 1841, Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois; d. January 05, 1842, Macoupin County, Illinois.

v. EMILY T. JAYNE, b. November 26, 1842, Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois.

vi. JAMES D. JAYNE, b. January 04, 1845, Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois; d. July 21, 1862, Greene County, Illinois, buried Asbury Cemetery, Barr Township Macoupin County Illinois.

vii. LAURA S. JAYNE, b. March 31, 1847, Fayette, Greene County, Illinois; d. July 09, 1888; m. CHARLES W. HOLCROFT, June 07, 1864, Bond County, Illinois (r)1.

viii. JOHN N. JAYNE, b. November 09, 1849, Macoupin County, Illinois; d. January 17, 1889, Bond County, Illinois.

ix. MONROE D. JAYNE, b. January 06, 1852, Macoupin County, Illinois; d. April 07, 1854.

x. WILMER A. JAYNE, b. July 06, 1856, Fayette, Greene County, Illinois; d. August 16, 1857, Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois, buried Carlinville Cemetery, Macoupin County Illinois.

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