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Descendants of Thomas HANLEY

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The history of the Hanley Family in Macoupin County, IL, prior to their move to New Albany,IN,is based on the following information from the 1860 census of Macoupin County, IL, transcribed by Littleton P. Bradley and referred to as the Bradley Book. This information was stored on the Macoupin County ILGenWeb website, http//www.macoupinctygenealogy.org/1860census. I must say that the Irish seemed to have had lots of kids but little imagination when it came to names.

          C14  104  7  7 8  HANLEY Edward      17 M W x        x    x    MA   H64
H64   C14  104  7  7 8  HANLEY John        43 M W **2      800  1000 VT   H64
          C14  104  7  7 8  HANLEY John C.     2  M W x        x    x    IL   H64
          B229 1654 7  8 3T HANLEY Mary        24 F W x        x    x    #2   H65
          C14  104  7  7 8  HANLEY Mary        3  F W x        x    x    IL   H64
H65   B229 1654 7  8 3T HANLEY Thomas      26 M W **4      x    100  #2   H65
          B229 1654 7  8 3T HANLEY William     1  M W x        x    x    IL   H65

It looks like there were two Hanley families in Bunker Hill in 1860. One was headed by John Hanley, a 43 year old, and the other headed by Thomas Hanley, a 26 year old. Thomas is my great-grandfather. John’s family was enumerated by W.M. Snow and Thomas’ was enumerated by Randolph J. Haley. John used the Dorchester post office in Dorchester township (T7N – R7W); Thomas used the Bunker Hill Post Office in Bunker Hill Township (T7N – R8W). John had property and an estate and may have been in agriculture. Thomas may have been a laborer and lived in town. John (45 years old) had several people living with him in his house. In order of descending age they were Charlotte (25 years), Edward (17 years), Mary (3 years) and John C. (2 years). Thomas (26 years) had two people in his house: Mary, his wife (24 years old) and William, a son (1 year). From the Hanley Family Bible info, this Mary almost certainly is Mary Ann Buckley from Limerick, who was Thomas’ wife. John was born in Vermont, Edward in Massachusetts, Mary in Illinois and John C. in Illinois. Thomas and Mary (Ann Buckley) were both born in Ireland and their son William was born in Illinois. I have a note from Julie Noel, Parish Secretary of SS Peter and Paul Church in Alton noting a Baptism record for a second son, Thomas, born February 13, 1863 and Baptized March 2, 1863 which correlates with the family Bible account. The Baptism was sponsored by Hugo and Anna Conley. 
As an aside, Ms. Noel also mentioned a Baptism of Brigitt Hanley on April 18, 1858, daughter of Patrick Hanley and Catherine Snevens. I know nothing of these Hanleys. Maybe they are connected, maybe not. I need to check Madison Co.

From the family Bible, written in Mary Buckley’s own hand, she and Thomas Hanley had 5 children: William (b. 1858), mentioned in the Bunker Hill 1860 census, Michael Timothy (b. 1860), Cornelius (b. 1861), Thomas J. (b. 1863), and Johnny (b. 1865). All of these were born in Bunker Hill. She had no other children. Her husband died and was buried in New Albany in 1867. Because Johnny was born in Bunker Hill in 1865 and buried in New Albany in 1866, I assume they moved there in late in 1865 or early in 1866. Mary Ann died in New Albany in 1895. Note on the Hanley Family Bible: I have a typed transcription of Mary Ann Buckley Hanley’s entries in the Bible. I do not have access to the Bible itself.


There are no “Hanleys” listed in the 1850 Macoupin Co. census. We know Thomas’ family migrated to New Albany, IN, shortly after 1860. I wonder what happened to John’s. It cannot be an accident that both Hanley families were the only Hanleys living in Macoupin County for the 1860 census. It seems to me that they must be related. Maybe Thomas is John’s cousin come to join him in America. As John Hanley is “Handley” this speculation might be baseless.

Since John was pretty successful, maybe there are tax records or land ownership records related to his tenure in Macoupin County. What happened to the mother(s?) of his children?

Did Mary Ann Buckley come to America to join Thomas? Or is there some other connection that brought her to Macoupin Co. Her tombstone in New Albany definitely says that she was born in Limerick in 1833 and her written record says she immigrated to the US through New Orleans when she was 16 which seems young to be just headed off, though she was educated. She was not alone as she traveled with a friend and neighbor from back home.

I need to check Vermont and Massachusetts 1840 and 1850 census records for info on John and Edward.

I need to check land and tax records in Macoupin Co. for info on John.

Edward would have been old enough to serve in the Civil War.

Written by Tom Hanley, August 7, 2008

Aug. 11, 2008. Since writing this, Debbi Geer has provided me with additional information, the most important of which might be that John Hanley should have been spelled “Handley” by the enumerator. This might indicate that he and my GGF, Thomas, were not related. Also, John Handley and his wife Charlotte moved to Staunton between 1860 and 1870 and John Handley died before the 1870 census.

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