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Submitted by Jere E. Braden Generation No. 1

1. JAMES3 BRADEN (JOHN2, EDWARD1) was born 02 Jan 1819 in Tennessee (Source: Bible of Sarah (Buell) Braden, wife of Francis Braden, son of Samuel Braden and Susannah Crobarger.), and died Before 1889 in Taney Co. MO.. He married (1) SARAH MADDY 13 Oct 1838 in Claiborne County Tennessee (Source: Claiborne County Tennessee Clerk Records.), daughter of MANN MADDY and LUCY STINNETT. He married (2) NANCY FRANCES WALKER 14 May 1868 in Carlinville IL Macoupin Co.

Notes for JAMES BRADEN: Married Sally (Sarah) Maddy in 1838 in Claiborne County Tennessee and was in Macoupin County in 1839. He was counted in the 1840 census in Macoupin County Illinois, North Palmyra Township. Nothing is known about Sarah and some of their children after the 1860 Illinois, Macoupin Co. census. It is thought that James and Sarah had a child named Charles Thomas Braden about 1862-63 as "Tom" is referred to in later writings by his full brother William A. Braden. James's first wife Sarah Maddy is thought to have died about 1863. James married a Mrs. Nancy Francis Walker-Cummings-Blunt on 19 May 1868 in Macoupin Co. and was living near his son-in-law, George Washington Sample and daughter Lucy Ann Braden Sample in Chesterfield Township, Macoupin County IL in the 1870 census. James and Nancy migrated to Missouri after 1871 and homesteaded land in Taney County Missouri but James died before the paper work was completed and Nancy Signed the papers. James died before 1889 as son William A. Braden indicates in a letter dated January 2, 1889 that his father is dead.

More About JAMES BRADEN: Burial Location: Johnson Cemetery Hilda, MO Taney Co.

Notes for NANCY FRANCES WALKER: Nancy had one child before marriage to Alfred Cummings (Alfred died in Civil War?) and a Mr. Blunt Nancy used the last name of Blunt when she married James Braden. It is unknown where or when she married Mr. Blunt. Alfred Cummings and Nancy were shown in the 1860 Macoupin Co. Illinois census in Palmyra, IL. with children.

More About NANCY FRANCES WALKER: Burial Location: Johnson Cemetery Hilda, MO Taney Co. Children of JAMES BRADEN and SARAH MADDY are: i. LUCY ANN4 BRADEN, b. 27 Oct 1839, Macoupin County Illinois; d. 05 Nov 1875, Jasper, MO. Jasper County; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON SAMPLE, 30 Sep 1858, Macoupin Co. Illinois.

ii. SARAH JANE BRADEN, b. About 1843, Macoupin Co. Illinois; d. Unknown; m. JAMES SHEPLAR, 03 Sep 1863, Macoupin Co. Illinois.

Marriage Notes for SARAH BRADEN and JAMES SHEPLAR: James Sheplar was thought to be from Morgan Co. IL around the Murrayville, Woodson, Nortonville area but no information can be found for James and Sarah in Morgan County as of this date: 27 Jul 1998.

iii. PERMELIA BRADEN, b. 08 Nov 1844, Macoupin Co. Illinois (Source: Tombstone Old Union Cemetery Palmyra, IL.); d. 09 Sep 1876, Macoupin Co. Illinois m. WILLIAM M. HUSON, 22 Oct 1863, Macoupin Co IL.

Notes for PERMELIA BRADEN: Permelia and daughter Martha Huson are buried next to each other and their information is on the same tombstone.

Notes for WILLIAM M. HUSON: Buried in Ross Cemetery on Feb 10 1918. Informant on Death Certificate was Effie M. Shutt of Virden, Illinois.

iv. JOHN M. BRADEN, b. Abt. 1847, Macoupin Co. Illinois; d. Unknown. v. WILLIAM A. BRADEN, b. Abt. 1848, Macoupin Co. Illinois; d. 1936, Delaware Co. OK.



Wild turkeys are plentiful near here. I have seen a number of flocks containing twenty or thirty. Bill Braden brought down two at one shot.

William A. Braden was elected constable in North Palmyra Township in 1877.


Since the decease of our auctioneer, Mr. Wm. B. Gardner, we hear several spoken of as engaging in the business. Among then are Mr. William Braiden and Mr. Wm. Morrell.


Our mail contract has again changed hands. It is now in the care of Mr. J. F. Rice, our efficient constable Mr. Braiden retiring.


Constable Braiden when he thinks someone is on the dodge is as quick to rush upon them as anyone at the first opportunity.


Constable Braiden on the watch for horse thief.

More About WILLIAM A. BRADEN: Burial Location: Allen Cemetery. Delaware Co. OK. About 5 miles from Siloam Springs, AR

vi. JAMES BRADEN, b. Abt. 1851, Macoupin Co. IL; d. 30 Jan 1892, Palmyra, IL. Macoupin Co (Source: Macoupin County Illinois Death Certificate.); m. ELLA M. QUICK, 21 Oct 1880, Carlinville, IL Macoupin Co.

Notes for JAMES BRADEN: Buried in Hollingsworth Cemetery near Palmyra, Illinois. No tombstone. He was a farmer and died of La Grippe.

Notes for ELLA M. QUICK: Buried in Million Cemetery in rear of Rubicon Township building in Greene County Illinois.

vii. BENJAMIN F. BRADEN, b. About 1854, Macoupin Co. Illinois; d. Unknown.

viii. GEORGE W. BRADEN, b. About 1858, Macoupin Co .Illinois; d. Unknown. ix. CHARLES THOMAS BRADEN, b. About 1862-3, Macoupin Co. IL. Children of JAMES BRADEN and NANCY WALKER are:

x. CHARLES EDWARD4 BRADEN, b. 09 Mar 1869, Macoupin Co. IL; d. 06 Jun 1944, Cleveland OK; m. MARY MARGARET SMITH, 07 Feb 1890, Protem MO Taney Co.

More About CHARLES EDWARD BRADEN: Burial Location: Sennett Cemetery Cleveland OK

More About MARY MARGARET SMITH: Burial Location: Sennett Cemetery Cleveland OK

xi. ISSAC RICHARD LANE BRADEN, b. 22 Jan 1871, Macoupin Co. IL; d. 10 Dec 1919, Taney Co. MO; m. EULA HELEN AWBREY, 07 Nov 1897, Taney Co. MO..

More About ISSAC RICHARD LANE BRADEN: Burial Location: Brown Cemetery Cedar Creek MO

More About EULA HELEN AWBREY: Burial Location: Brown Cemetery Cedar Creek MO

xii. MARTHA AMARILLA BRADEN, b. 25 Mar 1874, MO; d. 08 Nov 1918, Taney Co. MO; m. JOHN URIAH PATTERSON, 26 Jul 1890, Taney Co. MO.. xiii. ELLA JANE BRADEN, b. 1875, MO; d. 1899, Taney Co. MO.; m. ASA SHRUM, 24 Dec 1896, Taney Co. MO..

More About ELLA JANE BRADEN: Burial Location: Johnson Cemetery Hilda, MO Taney Co.

xiv. ROSA BRADEN, b. 1875; d. Unknown; m. ??? PATTERSON.

xv. ELMER BRADEN, b. After 1876, Taney Co. MO.

For more information on this family contact: Jere E. Braden, a descendant of James Braden P. O. Box 313 Delavan, Illinois 61734

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