1850 Census Macoupin County IL
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page 268B, Macoupin County IL, 29 Oct 1850

Rodarn ? (possibly
56 M N.C. Farmer
Rachael 54 F Ten
Jane 21 F Ten
Elizabeth 18 F Ill
Samuel M 15 M Ill
Malenda 14 F Ill
Angeline 11 F Ill
Daniel 22 M Ind Farmer 400
Mahala 22 F Ten
SMITH (2-2)
Herrod 36 M Ten Farmer
Aholy 30 F Ill
Frances M 11 M Ill
Mary E 9 F Ill
Cyntha E 8 F Ill
William T 3 M Ill
William M 21 M Ill Brk Layer
Thomas R 19 M Ill Farmer
? 16 M Ill Farmer
Nancy L 1 F Ill
PITMAN (3-3)
John 34 M Ind Farmer 700
Sophia 26 F Ky
Catharine 4 F Ill
Nancy A 2 F Ill
Rebecca J 4/12 F Ill
HOWARD (4-4)
Margaret 56 F Ky 1526
Nelson 19 M Ill Farmer
John 15 M Ill
Malinda 12 F Ind
SNOW (5-5)
Willis 23 M Ky Farmer 400
Mary A 23 F Ky
Sarah E 1 F Ill
John S 3/12 M Ill
STEAD (6-6)
Samuel 26 M Eng Farmer 560
Elizabeth 30 F Ky
Margaret E 10/12 F Ill
*Martin 33 M Ten Farmer 665
*Mary I 31 F Ten
*(Married within
the year)
Addison 11 M Ill
Eliza E 9 F Ill
Harriet 7 F Ill
William M 1/12 M Ill

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