1850 Census Macoupin County IL
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page 221B, Macoupin County IL, 25 Sept 1850

Samuel G. 17 M Ill Farmer
Joel 10 M Ill
Cyntha C. 8 F Ten
Terresa 5 F Ten
BAKER (1-1)
Samuel 42 M Ky Farmer 1280
Mary 40 F Ky
Nancy A. 19 F Ill Correction:
Nancy A. is Mary A.
Census shows this.
per Tom Richardson
Susan 17 F Ill
Martha 15 F Ill
George 12 M Ill
Sarah 4 F Ill
WOLF (2-2)
George 51 ? M Va Farmer 1600
Mary 47 F S.C.
James H. 20 M Ill Farmer
John 16 M Ill Farmer
Thomas 12 M Ill
George 10 M Ill
Peyton 7 M Ill
Dolly A. 17 F Ill
J. B. 57 M S.C. Farmer 560
Mary 57 F Pa
William 24 M Ill Farmer
Mary 18 F Ill
James 18 M Ill Farmer
Malinda 12 F Ill
William 29 M Ill Farmer 100
Huldah 23 F Ky
James R. 1 M Ill
Jeremiah 52 M S.C. Farmer 240
Delilah 36 F Ky
Mary D. 11 F Ill
Alfred 11/12 M Ill
Ambrose 28 M Ala Farmer
Elizabeth 33 F Ala
Mary C. 5 F Mo
Austin 4 M Ill
Andrew 7/12 M Ill
Jonathan 50 M Va Farmer 2000
Mary 46 F Va
Mahala 20 F Va

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