1850 Census Macoupin County IL
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page 210B, Macoupin County IL, 12 Sept 1850

CLARK (1-1)
John S 30 M Ten Farmer 20
Catharine 22 F Ten
Nancy 3 F Ill
LYONS (2-2)
Granville 26 M Ky Farmer
Serena 30 F Ky
James C 4 M Ky
Lear F 1 F Ky
Judea 13 F Ky
DRAKE (3-3)
William C 24 M Ky Farmer 800
Mary A 26 F Ky
James H 1 M Ill
James 44 M Ten Farmer 1200
Sarah 44 F Ten
Mary 15 F Mo
Jane 13 F Ill
Sarah 10 F Ill
Martha 8 F Ill
Almira 5 F Ill
James 3 M Ill
George 8 M Ill
HICKS (5-5)
Washington 26 M Ten Farmer
Amelia J 20 F Ten
Mary 10/12 F Ill
OWENS (6-6)
George 26 M Ten Farmer 1000
Jane 22 F Ill
Marion 3 M Ill
Rebecca 1 F Ill
Franklin 20 M Ten Farmer
James 32 M Ten Farmer 4500
Cyntha 25 F Ten
William P 8 M Ill
Sarah E 7 F Ill
Thomas W 6 M Ill
James F 4 M Ill
Margaret C 2 F Ill
Mary F 1 F Ill
Wesley 18 M Ill Farmer 200
Sarah 55 F Ten 1000

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