1850 Census Macoupin County IL
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page 204A, Macoupin County IL, 6 Sep 1850

Nathanul ? 38 M Ohio Farmer 2200
Mary 15 F Ill
Byron P. 13 M Ill
James O. 12 M Ill
Cyrus B. 10 M Ill
Martha E. 8 F Ill
Edwin M. 8 M Ill
Sarah A. 6 F Ill
Harriet M. 1 F Ill
WIZNER (2-2)
Lorenzo 41 M N.C. Farmer 1200
Elizabeth 34 F Ky
Martha 14 F Ill
John L. 12 M Iowa
Mary 10 F Iowa
Frances 8 F Iowa
Erastus H. 3 M Ill
James B. 37 M Va Farmer 1700
Rachael 36 F Va
Martha A. 15 F Ill
Emma V. 11 F Ill
John W. 6 M Ill
Elizabeth C. 3 F Ill
Jacob A. 4/12 M Ill
GRAY (4-4)
Joseph I. 45 M N.C. Farmer 6000
Sarah 34 F Ky
James L. 15 M N.C. Farmer
Edward P. 15 M N.C. Farmer
John L. 12 M Ill
Thornton G. 12 M Ill
Caleb 10 M Ky
John 8 M Ky
Fredric R. 6 M Ky
Martha A. 1 F Ill
Charles G. 4/12 M Ill
CRANE (5-5)
G. W. 26 M Va Blacksmith 500
Eliza A. 24 F Ten
Robert H. 8 M Ill
Ranson M. 11 M Ill
George M. 10/12 M Ill

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