1850 Census Macoupin County IL

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page 180B, Carlinville, Macoupin County IL, 5 Aug 1850


Edwin R 6/12 M Ill.


L W 34 M Ten. Farmer 1000
Sarah 29 F Ill.

George W 11 M Ill.

Ellen C 8 F Ill.

Thomas L 3 M Ill.

Mary H 3/12 F Ill.

Candess 55 F Ky.


Emsley B 14 M Ill.

BISHOP (2-2)

Henry 40 M Ky Farmer 500
B A 33 F Ky

James E 7 M Ky

Mary D 6 F Ky

Martha E 4 F Ky

William F 3 M Mo


Martha E 50 F Va

ODEL (3-3)

Jeremiah 44 M Ten. Farmer

Sarah 37 F Ohio

James 15 M Ill.

John 13 M Ill.

Evan 9 M Ill.

Marion 7 M Ill.

Lavina 4 F Ill.

Eliza 1 F Ill.


Moses 24 M Main ? Farmer 1000
Elizabeth 22 F Ky

Eugene 1 F Ill.

NANTZ (5-5)

E W 25 M Ky Farmer

Louisa I 26 F Ky

Maria F 4/12 F Ill.


Mary F 13 F Ill.

BOTHIN (6-6)

James 39 M Va Farmer

Martha R 19 F Ill.

Jackson W 17 M Ill. Farmer

Thomas I 13 M Ill.

William D 1 M Ill.


James I 35 M Pa. Laborer


John 63 M Ky. Plasterer

Sally 44 F Ky.

Henry 29 M Ky. Farmer

Joseph 16 M Ill. Farmer

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