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Cemeteries with green text are outside Macoupin
    with burials of Macoupin residents

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Abandoned Cemetery on Wilbur Cherry Property WPA
North Otter
31 Yes Linda R F Arnold 2008

Andersonville Georgia National Cemetery
State of GA

Gloria Frazier
Gloria Frazier

Anderson WPA
Carlinville 11 Yes Aaron Shipley
Aaron Shipley
Andrew WPA
South Palmyra 7 Yes      
Anna Rogers Farm Pasture Grave WPA
Shaw's Point
Arbuckle aka Cedar 3 entries  WPA
Shipman 30 No      
Armour (see Harmony)

gif Images picf Asbury (partial)
Brighton 6
Yes Diane & John Loy
Located north of Brighton and west of Rt 67.
Diane & John Loy

Asbury Church aka Asbury Mound
(partial listing)
Barr 20 Yes Ruthann Hellemeyer, Jere Braden, Robert Colby, Mary Ann Kaylor, Carla Mills Located 4 miles northwest of Hettick SE1/4 of NE1/4 Section 20
Ruthann Hellemeyer
Bacon South Otter 30 Yes Located in NW 1/4, NW 1/4, NE 1/4 of Section 30.
MCGS Quarterly Newsletter April 2006, Vol. XXXVI No. 4, page 96 has a plat map for the Bacon Cemetery.
Baird Bunker Hill 21 No Located SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec 21 Twp 7 Range 8 W on Cook Farm - from Jill Secoy
From Debbi Geer - Started about 1850; located off Bunker Hill-Brighton Road near the Old Reservoir
which is about a mile or mile and a half west of Bunker Hill
Baird (see Waggoner) Hillyard Twp

Baptist Brighton   Yes Located in Brighton, east of North Main.    
gif Images picfBehme (complete listing to Oct 1999) Brushy Mound 22 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Ben Biven Family North Palmyra 22 No      
gif Images picfBenld City  (partial listings)
A-D   E-L   M-R   S-Z
WPA-Vets only
Cahokia  31 Yes Rick Doty, Daryl Butcher and Eugene Tresch Rick Doty, Daryl Butcher and Eugene Tresch  
Benld Greek Orthodox

gif Images picf Bethel Church (complete listing to Sept 1981) Western Mound 3 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
gif Images picf  Bethel Ridge (partial)
Shaws Point 23 Yes Gary Otten
Gary Otten   
Bethlehem Baptist Church see Centerville

Binney Staunton 36 No      
Bishop Carlinville 13 No      
Blevins (partial listing) WPA
Cahokia 9
SE1/4 SE1/4
No Eric Adcock    
gif Images picf Bluegrass aka Horton (partial)
North Palmyra 14 Yes Diane & John Loy
Diane & John Loy   
Bohlen (See McGaughey)     No      
Boring Family Plot Shaws Point 17 No      
gif Images picf Bott Evangelical (Jersey County)     Rick Doty, Becky
(altho outside of Macoupin, many Brighton people are buried there.)
Rick Doty, Becky
gif Images picf Brayford aka Barnes then Sanders
then Brayford (possibly complete to Nov 1976)
Polk 22 Yes James H. Frank
RuthAnn Rives Hellemeyer
RuthAnn Rives Hellemeyer  
Brighton City Brighton   No      
Bullman Hilyard 27 No We think it is located close to the Bethlehem Cemetery which is in Hilyard Twp. Taken from the Centerville Record  
Bullman Bunker Hill? 27 No      
gif Images picf Bunker Hill City (partial listing) Bunker Hill 23 Yes Rick Doty, Dan Hyde & Barbara K Hitch, Bruce Pates, Alice Clay Benedict, John Scroggins
Rick Doty, Dan Hyde, Bruce Pates, John Scroggins
gif Images picf Calvary (partial listing) WPA
Mt Olive 2
Yes Rick Doty, Jean Jung
Rick Doty, Jean Jung
Camp - Gehner Farm
See Gehner - Camp
Cahokia   No

Cape Brushy Mound 17 No      
gif Images picf Carlinville City (partial listing)
Carlinville 28
Yes Don Barnard, Linda Kmiecik, Ruthann Hellemeyer, Paddy Lorenz
Don Barnard, Linda Kmiecik,
Ruthann Hellemeyer, Paddy Lorenz
gif Images picf Carrico (complete) Honey Point 1 & 12 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
gif Images picf  Centerville (aka Bethlehem Baptist Church
aka Hucklebridge)
Complete Listing to 2010

Hillyard 34 Yes Located in Centerville
Diane & John Loy
Diane & John Loy   
gif Images picfChapman (partial listing) WPA
Mt Olive 10
Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
gif Images picfCharity Church (partial listing) Bird 14 Yes Matthew Ferrick & Gloria Frazier Matthew Ferrick & Gloria Frazier  
gif Images picf Cherry (Old Cherry) (partial listing- possibly
complete to Jan 1990)
North Otter 31 Yes Joan Darr, Rick Doty,
Lisa Hunt Guinan
Joan Darr and Rick Doty
James Dugger
Chesterfield aka Kirby-Smith, Kirby WPA
Chesterfield 1 Yes      
Chesterfield Gelder WPA
Yes Located west of Chesterfield
Chesterfield Methodist

Listed in WPA papers

Chism Western Mound 31 Yes      
gif Images picf Clark Family (complete listing to 1914) Gillespie 21 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Close (destroyed) North Otter 33 No      
Cloud (destroyed) North Otter   Yes      
Coff Gillespie   No US Geological Survey says Coff Cemetery is located in Gillespie North.    
Colored (destroyed) Shipman 12 No      
Cooper Barr 17 No Located 1 mile west of Barr Store in Sec. 17 in Barr Twp and about 1/2 mile off the road. It was laid out by Robert Cooper in 1840. It is a private cemetery located on the HALL farm.
John Parks is the oldest burial, who died at age 70 in Dec 1843. Listed by the WPA in 1939.
Coops Family Plot Shaws Point 20 No      
Cormack-Powers (destroyed)
(partial listing)
Staunton   No Kathleen Cormack    
gif Images picfCorr (partial listing) Honey Point 18 Yes Jacque York Sparks Jacque York Sparks Yes
gif Images picf Crawford (complete listing to 1955)   WPA
South Palmyra 1 Yes Rick Doty & Eric Adcock Rick Doty  
Crossland aka Woods Western Mound SW1/4 16
NW1/4 21
6 Yes 2 ½ West,  ¾ mile south of Palmyra
Jim Dugger, Toni Linn

South Palmyra 6 Yes WPA - brief description
Davis Brushy Mound 2 Yes      
Dees Family Mt Olive   No      
Dehne Family Brighton 31 Yes      
Denby South Palmyra 26 Yes
Dews Western Mound SW corner
SW 1/4
NE 28
Dickerson Shaws Point 31 No      
Doss Grave
(all information here)
South Palmyra 1
SW Qtr
Yes Doss, Thos. J.    Civil War  Pvt.  Co. A  32 Ill. V. Cav. from WPA files
"The story is told that the roads were so bad the day of his funeral they could not make it to the cemetery so they buried him beside the road. He has a government marker and a chain linked to small posts surrounding the grave." quote from MCHS Cem book
[WPA file - location C. War veteran buried on Dylser/Dyker ? farm near Gilbert Moorehead. Lone Grave]
Dugger Carlinville 20
39.2914367 lat
-89.8920446 lon
gif Images picf Duncan Henderson (last known burial 1867)
Cahokia   No Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Eagerville Lake Cahokia   No      
Eddington Brighton   No Located on the Brighton Bunker Hill Road. Only one stone here.
Elmwood aka Carpenter or Shaw's Point or Barnett Shaws Point 26 No      
Emerick, Emrick or Meese Brushy Mound 5 Yes Aaron Shipley
Aaron Shipley
gif Images picf Etter (all stones found - last burial Apr 1991) South Palmyra 16 Yes Rick Doty
[WPA location described East of L. Mosetto ½ mile north, 2 miles N. W. of L. Mossetto
Rick Doty  
Evangelical Lutheran WPA
Located about three and one half miles South and East of Hornsby.
Farrar - (Prange)   WPA Cahokia 23 Yes NE 1/4; 4 1/2 miles south of Hornsby
Fishback Brushy Mound 2 No John Sissom found this cemetery in 2000 to have undergone improvements but stones were missing for names mentioned in the cemetery book.
Names could have been taken from funeral home records and there may have not been stones or
they could have been vandalized.
My guess. (gf)
Fleming Hillyard 28 No "is a very small family plot east of  Shipman about 2 miles." Taken from the Centerville Record
Fraley Hilyard 28
From WPA report

gif Images picf Franzmayer (Complete to last burial 1853) Mt Olive   No Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Funderburk Dorchester 34
Yes Located about 4 miles west of Staunton.
Gary Western Mound 7 No      
 Gehner - Camp  WPA
Cahokia 35
1/4 of an acre out of the center of the SW. 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 35, T. 8. N. R. 6
Located on the Gehner farm about 1 1/2 miles north of Mount Olive.
Alan Ball
gif Images picfGilead Baptist Church (partial listing) Barr 36 Yes Jere Braden, Rick Doty, Rudy Morris
Deloris DeAnn Summers,
Jane D. Dugger, Gary Otten, Betty Moake
Rick Doty, Rudy Morris,
Deloris DeAnn Summers,
Jane D. Dugger, Gary Otten, Betty Moake
gif Images picf Gillespie City (partial listing) Cahokia 19 Yes Rick Doty, Gloria Frazier, Mark Thompson
Rick Doty, Gloria Frazier, Mark Thompson
Gilson (Abandoned) Brushy Mound 31 No      
gif Images picfGirard City (partial listing) Girard   Yes Eric Adcock, Linda Kmiecik,
Gloria Frazier, Rick Doty
Linda Kmiecik, Rick Doty,
Gloria Frazier 
Goodnight Bunker Hill   No From Debbi Geer - actually Goodnight Grave (dated 1840) located on the Willis Wolff  property (2003) which is on the Catholic Springs Road; from IL 159 turn east onto Catholic Springs Road at the
blue water tower, after crossing the bridge (Paddock Creek) go to the second family dwelling
on left (north side of road)
Gray Family Plot Shaws Point 29 Yes      
Gulick - Combes see Plainview

gif Images picf Hacke aka Spanish Needle
(all stones found - last burial
Apr 2003
Brushy Mound 20 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Handlin (destroyed) Chesterfield 18 no      
Harlan Gillespie 11 No      
gif Images picfHarmony or Armour (complete)
Hilyard 6
NW1/4 NW1/4
D&G Frazier
D&G Frazier
Hayward Chesterfield 18 No      
Headwoodriver WPA
Bunker Hill
33 NW1/4 SW1/4 No
From WPA project, Debbi Geer
Henderson (abandoned) Barr 16 No Located about 3/4 mile south of Barr's Store and 1 miles East in a pasture.
Nathaniel Henderson's wife Martha died 11 May 1850 and appears to be the oldest burial.
Listed by WPA in 1939.
Henry Schmidt Farm WPA
Hess Grave South Palmyra 29 No [WPA location described - Close to L. Mosetto]    
gif Images picfHettick City (complete thru 2007) South Palmyra 31 Yes Rick Doty, Gloria & Doug Frazier Rick Doty, Gloria & Doug Frazier   
gif Images picfHettick Point (partial)
Scottville 27 Yes Gary Otten
Gary Otten   
Hickory Grove (see Joiner) Bird 5 Yes      
Hilyard Hilyard 22 Yes Linda R F Arnold
Connie Clark
Hodges South Palmyra 28 No      
Hogan North Palmyra 15 No      
Holliday Family Western Mound 28 No      
Hollingsworth (partial listing) North Palmyra 29 Yes Jere Braden
[WPA location description -
2 mi. N. W. Palmyra – Clarence Grimmett farm]
gif Images picfHoly Cross (a newer cemetery)
(complete listing)
Cahokia 19 ? Rick Doty & Barbara Carroll
Rick Doty
Holy Cross (the old cemetery) Cahokia 15  ?      
Holy Dormition of the Theotkos Orthodox
Catholic established 1919
(Russian Orthodox) (complete thru Mar 2010) WPA
Cahokia 31
Yes Located at the south edge of Benld on IL Rte 138 (South Eighth Street)
This cemetery appears to be just a part of Benld Cemetery,  but actually occupies the northern section, utilizing the entrance to Benld Cemetery.
Rick Doty
gif Images picf Holy Trinity or Trinity
(complete listing thru Aug 2005)
Mt Olive 11 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Howser Scottville 35 Yes      
Hucklebridge see Centerville

Huskey ? South Palmyra   No (GNIS shows this cemetery but I have no knowledge of the cemetery.)
gif Images picf Immanuel Lutheran
(complete listing thru 2006)
Mt Olive 2
Yes Rick Doty, Sharon Buenther
Rick Doty   
gif Images picf Joiner aka Hickory Grove
(complete listing - all visible stones were read 2006 -
may be stones destroyed or underground)
Bird 5 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Jonesborough (abandoned) Brighton   No Located about 2 1/2 miles east of Brighton a short distance past the intersection of Brown
and Blue Ridge Roads.
Karnes Union
Cahokia 11 Yes Jill Secoy
Located in Section 11 NE 1/4 of NW 1/4, 1/2 mile E. of entrance of Kinder Cemetery.

More on Hornsby and Karnes
Jill Secoy
Keller (partial listing) Western Mound 33 Yes John Sissom    
Kent Grave (one grave) Bird 35 No      
Killam   WPA
South Palmyra 15 No Linda R F Arnold
Connie & Wayne Clark
gif Images picf  Kinder  aka Oakland
(partial listing)
Cahokia 11
Yes Rick Doty
Rick Doty
Knowles  WPA
Polk 24 No      
Land (partial listing) Scottville 32 Yes Juli Claussen,
Betty Richardson, Gary Otten
Gary Otten
Landreth North Palmyra 6 No [WPA location description – 2 ½ miles west 2 miles n. Modesto; in Geo. Thompson farm]    
Lane - Etter - Wiggins Bird 20
From WPA report

Lemarr or Lemarr Burial Ground Barr 12 No Located Section 12 Barr Township
Stones were found on the north side of Goshen School in NE1/4 of Sec. 12. No further details.
Little Flock or Reno Complete  WPA
Shipman 16 No (this cemetery may also be known as Reno Cemetery as there are many Reno family buried there) Diane & John Loy
gif Images picf Loomis (complete) Chesterfield 1 Yes Gloria & Doug Frazier Gloria & Doug Frazier  Contact
gif Images picf Luken (complete listing - thru last burial 1936) Dorchester 6 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Lumpkin and Reineke Bird 31 Yes      
gif Images picfMcGaughey or Weeks or Bohlen or Phelps
Complete listing - last burial 1957

Staunton   Yes Rick Doty
Located in on Prairietown Road southwest of Staunton.. Part located in Section 11, Omphghent Township,
Madison Co IL.

Rick Doty  
McGhee aka Magee or Courtney
         or Womac or Indian Cliff
North Otter 35 No      
Macoupin County Home see Paupers
Carlinville 16 No      
McReynolds  WPA
Brushy Mound 35 No      
gif Images picfMayfield Memorial Park
(partial listing)
Carlinville   Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty Yes
Medora (Jersey County Cemetery)       Located in Section 36
of Jersey County
gif Images picfMemorial Park (partial listing) WPA
Staunton 1 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Metcalf Barr 31 No Located in Sec. 31 of Barr Twp, was a family cemetery.
John Leonard, a soldier in the Civil War is buried here as well as some Henderson's. Located on land formerly belonging to Edith Metcalf Orr and Conrady family.
Miles (complete listing 2011)
Brighton 5 Yes Diane & John Loy Diane & John Loy  
Miller Barr 3 Yes Located in SE 1/4 of Sec. 3 of Barr Twp, about 3 miles West of Palmyra, in a pasture off the road. Has a cemetery board and is kept in good condition, with burials as late of 1982. Jacob Miller laid out the cemetery in 1850.
Oldest burial is George W. Hawk who died at the age of 28 on 9 May 1855.
Listed by WPA in 1939.

WPA location described 6 mi. west ½ mile south from
gif Images picf Mitchell (partial listing)   WPA
aka Mitchell-Dooley or Dooley Mitchell
Brushy Mound 24 Yes Deborah Dooley Deborah Dooley  
gif Images picf Mize aka Hand
(complete listing
read 2008 - last burial 2004)
Dorchester   Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Moore Carlinville 24 Yes      
Moore Honey Point 7 No      
Moro - Madison County
Only Dorsey burials
Madison County

Bruce Pates Bruce Pates
gif Images picf Morrison (complete listing 2006
last burial 1999)
Gillespie 7 Yes Joan Darr, Rick Doty,
Eric Adcock
Joan Darr, Rick Doty  
gif Images picfMt Olive City (partial listing) Mt Olive 2 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Murphy Family Western Mound 12 No      
New Calvary Carlinville   Yes Located one mile southeast
of Carlinville.
Nifong North Palmyra 7 Yes WPA described location - 2 ½ West Modesto – 1 mi north; farm owned by Grace Wright, N. Palmyra     
Norvell aka Old Horton North Palmyra 23 No [WPA file - Sam Thompson, Trustee & Dave Loyd, Trustee] Connie & Wayne Clark  
gif Images picfOak Grove aka Chapman's Point (partial listing) WPA
North Palmyra 12 Yes Gloria Frazier, Eric Adcock, Gary Otten & Phyllis
Pitchford, Robert Fletcher
Gloria Frazier, Gary Otten
gif Images picf Oak Hill (partial listing) North Palmyra 32 Yes Carol Valantine Dugger, Linda Kmiecik,
Gloria Frazier, James Dugger, Gary Otten, Robert Fletcher
Carol Valantine Dugger
Linda Kmiecik
Gloria Frazier, James Dugger, Gary Otten
gif Images picfOld Calvary (partial listing) Carlinville 28
Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Old Shipman Community (destroyed) Hilyard 30 No      
Old Sims North Palmyra 7 No      
gif Images picf Old Union aka Union (partial listing) North Palmyra 33 Yes Linda Kmiecik and Connie Johnston Clark
Linda Kmiecik  
ONeal-Terry North Palmyra 34 Yes [WPA in Terry Park East Palmyra
gif Images picf  Panther Creek aka East Scottville (partial listing)
Scottville 14 Yes Gary Otten, Betty Moake, Robert Fletcher
Gary Otten & Betty Moake   
gif Images picf  Pauper / Macoupin County Home
Yes Gloria Frazier
Gloria Frazier
gif Images picf  Peebles Complete Listing to 2010 Chesterfield 2 Yes Diane & John Loy
Diane & John Loy   
Phelps (see McGaughey)     No      
gif Images picf  Piasa or Mt Pleasant Complete  WPA
Shipman 29 Yes Elizabeth Waggoner, Kathryn Sory,
David Waggoner
Elizabeth Waggoner, Kathryn Sory,
David Waggoner
gif Images picf  Plainview aka Gulick-Combs
Hillyard 4 No Diane & John Loy
Diane & John Loy  Contact
Pleasant Hill    WPA
Virden 18 Yes Dan Dixon, Betty Moake
Dan Dixon, Betty Moake
  Prairie Lawn    (complete to Jul 2008)
Brushy Mound 1 Yes Rick Doty
Rick Doty
Pulliam North Palmyra 4 Yes      
Raffurty Polk 6 No      
Ramey WPA
Brushy Mound 6 No      
Range South Palmyra 8 Yes [WPA location description - 1 mile south 1 mile w. Palmyra; Frank Ritchie farm]    
Reader or Reeder Western Mound 24 Yes Located 1/2 mile west of the village of Reader.
It is in the middle of a field, so after proceeding west 1/2 mile on Route 108 from the
junction, turn left and go south about 1/2 mile, and turn left onto a dirt road between fields, and you will find the cemetery in a grove of trees. It was being kept up fairly well a few years ago.
The cemetery was laid out by Paschal Reader on his farm.
He buried his sister Nancy (Reader) Brown there in 1834. Almost all the Reader family
who died before 1900 are buried there, including in-laws. There are about 24 other family names there as well.
Ironically, Paschal is not buried in the Reader Cemetery, although his monument was
erected there. He died in Texas in 1868-9 while visiting relatives there. See the story
in the First Families for more on this.
(information courtesy of Don Reader)
gif Images picf Rhoads (partial listing) Chesterfield 32 Yes Kim Phelps Kim Phelps  
Rice Brushy Mound 20 No      
Richards (destroyed) North Otter 30 No Located on theHendley Rees Farm    
Richie aka Ross  WPA
South Palmyra 8 Yes      
Roger's Farm, Anna
Shaws Point

                  Images picf Ross (partial listing)
South Otter 11 Yes Marita Gladson
Marita Gladson
Rural Methodist Shaws Point 29 Yes      
Ruther-Panhorst (graves moved to Memorial Park;
   Ruther-Panhorst was located at the end of North
   Hubbard St. in Staunton)
Staunton   No      
Ruyle Scottville 28 Yes      
St Alphonsus Catholic Jersey County     Becky
Located about two miles west of the Brighton City limits in sections 13 and 14 in Jersey County.
Listed because mostly Brighton people are buried here.

St Catherine's  WPA
Western Mound 22 Yes      
St Denis Shipman 25 Yes Located in Section 25 at the
eastern edge of Shipman on IL Rte 16.
St Mary's Catholic (partial) Dorchester   Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  Yes
St Michael's (Old)  WPA
Staunton   Yes Located at Memorial
Park Cemetery

gif Images picf Scottville West (partial)
Scottville 18 Yes Carol Valantine Dugger
Carol Valantine Dugger
Scribner Brighton   No      
Seaton  WPA
Shaws Point 10 No      
gif Images picf Sell Family (complete listing - oldest burial 1856) Bird 28 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Sharp-Berry destroyed

MCHS Book - there were a few stones left but were pushed into a stream. catalogued by Edith Pode and Florabell Lott

gif Images picf Shiloh Baptist (Church)
(complete listing - walked 2007)
Bird 18
Yes Gloria Frazier
Mary Ann Kaylor
Gloria & Doug Frazier  
gif Images picf  Shipman City (partial) WPA
Shipman 24 Yes Diane & John Loy
Diane & John Loy
Short Family Brushy Mound 27 No      
gif Images picf Sims (partial)
North Palmyra 8 Yes Diane& John Loy
[WPA location description - 3 mi. n. w. N. Palmyra farm owned by Thos. Hays]

Diane & John Loy
Sinclair - Frarrar
Cahokia 23
SW corner of SW1/4 NW1/4 on Wm Prange Land
4 1/2 miles SE of Hornsby

Small Burial Plot Brushy Mound 10 No      
Smalley Bunker Hill 10 No Located NW 1/4 sec 10 Twp 7 N Range 8 W pass over double culverts & go up
small hill.
Turn south at fence row go 1/4 mile to large clump of trees. from Jill Secoy
From Debbi Geer - Oldest grave dated 1817; located on Miles Station Road
about 1-1/2 miles west of the intersection IL 159 and IL 138
Smith-Kirby or Chesterfield Chesterfield 1 Yes Located east of Chesterfield   Contact
Solomon, A. M.  / Old Solomon   WPA
Barr 14 Yes Located in
Sec. 14 of Barr Twp, in the woods, probably a family cemetery and is about
1/4 mile from the road.
Solomon, G. O. / Solomon  WPA
Barr 14 Yes
Solomon  WPA
Barr 13

Sparks aka Mitchell Staunton   No Located about 1/8 mile past the Staunton Water Tower    
Spring Creek Cahokia 18 No One stone is lying by a porch at a house North of Gillespie. The cemetery was supposed
to have been destroyed to make use of the land for farming. It was located on the back
half of the 200 acre plot and consisted of 2 acres.
Single stone is that of William Elliot 3 Mar 1823 - 26 Jun 1864.
gif Images picfStaunton City (partial listing)  WPA
Staunton 30 Yes Rick Doty, John Scroggins, Jarid Ott
Rick Doty, John Scroggins, Jarid Ott
Steidley / Old Solomon Steidley WPA
Barr 20 No Located on Sec. 20
in Barr Twp 1/4 mile east of Asbury Cemetery.
The land was bulldozed for a large pond close to the cemetery and some graves
may have been lost and a few may have been moved to Asbury. There are a few
remaining stones.
Steidley grave Barr 20   Located SE1/4 of
Sec. 20 in Barr Twp on what was the Walter Baker farm about 1/2 miles south of Asbury Cemetery.
Stevenson aka Ditson North Otter 21        
Stewart-Crump North Otter 20        
Stewart WPA
Brighton 32        
Stults (complete visual 2006) WPA
Barr 34 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
gif Images picf Sulphur Springs (partial)
Nilwood 26 Yes Gary Otten
Gary Otten  Contact
gif Images picf Summerville Chesterfield 31 No Diane & John Loy
Diane & John Loy   
gif Images picf Tine-Sawyer (partial listing)
Formerly West Prairie,
WPA for West Prairie
Dorchester 11 Yes Rick Doty & Daryl Butcher Rick Doty & Daryl Butcher   
Trible Jersey County     Located South of Route 16 on 67/111.
1/2 mile south of the junction, turn right and go into Jersey County.
Tribles, Stevens, Jones, Wilson others all who lived in and around the Piasa area.
gif Images picf Trinity Lutheran Church
(complete listing - last burial 2003)
Cahokia 11 No Rick Doty
Rick Doty   
Two graves - no names Polk 14        
Union (see Old Union) North Palmyra   Yes      
gif Images picf Union Chapel Church aka Pleasant Point Camp Ground
(complete listing ) WPA
North Otter 34 Yes Eric Adcock, Linda Kmiecik,
Gloria Frazier
Linda Kmiecik,
Gloria Frazier 
gif Images picf Union Miners (partial listing)
Mt Olive 2
Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty   
Unknown Cemetery on Crawford Farm

From WPA report

Unnamed on the Bridgewater Farm Western Mound 8        
Upton Western Mound 15 Yes      
Vancil-Moffet North Palmyra 4 No     Contact
gif Images picf Virden City (partial listing) Virden 5 Yes Rick Doty, Linda Kmiecik, Susan Leach, Betty Moake
Rick Doty, Linda Kmiecik, Susan Leach, Betty Moake
gif Images picf  Wagner (complete)
WPA Record
History of Wagner Cemetery
Hillyard 4 Yes Diane & John Loy, Jim Frank
Wagner/Baird/Dorman/ Wagoner/Waggoner (from Jim Frank)
Located 1mile north of Plainview on the Shipman Road
then 1/4 mile east on Drew Road

Diane & John Loy   
gif Images picf Wayne (partial listing) Dorchester   No Dan Hyde Dan Hyde  
Weatherford Family Burial Ground WPA
Brushy Mound
Weeks (see McGaughey)     No      
gif Images picf Weller (partial listing about 10% read
 - latest stone read burial 2002)

South Palmyra 23 Yes Rick Doty
Rick Doty
Welton South Otter 21 Yes      
Wheeler-Huddleston Gillespie          
Wheeler Gillespie   Yes     Lookup
White Family Plot   WPA
Bird 20 No      
Williams Honey Point 28 No      
Wilson ? Family Bird 20 No      
Winston Chesterfield 13
S/E1/4 NW1/4
No Destroyed
Some stones moved to
the Keller Cem.
gif Images picfWitt  (complete listing - 2006) Barr 27 Yes Rick Doty Rick Doty  
Witt Polk 33 No      
Wood Bunker Hill   Yes from Jill Secoy - at junction of farm rd.
085 N & 735 W
From Debbi Geer - Oldest grave unknown but for sure there is a burial dated 1823;
located on Wood Cemetery Road probably about 4 to 5 miles west of IL 159 - two ways
to access cemetery: 1) from IL 159 turn west at the blue water tower (Moulton Road),
follow road until it ends at Huette Road, then turn north (right) on Huette Road, and finally turn west (left) on Wood Cemetery Road and cemetery will be on your right about a half mile or so with a surrounding wire fence; OR 2) go west on Bunker Hill-Brighton Road to Woodburn village, turn south onto Woodburn Road (aka Woodburn-Fosterburg Road), go about 2 miles or so to Pitts Road, turn
on Pitts Road for only a few hundred feet to Wood Cemetery Road, follow road until you see cemetery with surrounding wire fence on your left
Woodburn  WPA
Bunker Hill  17 Yes From Debbi Geer - Organized in 1866;
located on Woodburn Road (aka Woodburn-Fosterburg Road)
about two blocks in length south of the
Bunker Hill-Brighton Road

From Mary McKenzie:
N. W. Corner Sec. 29-8-6
One mile Southeast of Gillespie, Illinois. 
Originally located on the Woodroof farm.
From first reading WPA report: "no one knows anything about the people who were buried there. 
There should be 250 graves in this cemetery, but only 35 mounds can be distinguished by mounds. 
It had also been understood that some of the dead had been removed to other cemeteries.  Only 1 stone
left standing.   Others have been broken off and rolled around the burial grounds so you can't tell where the stones belong."

Workman (needs to be verified)

[WPA location description – 4 west – 2 miles north Luther Molin farm]
This was in the WPA file at the archives.

Yancey Brighton   No Yancey Cemetery is a part of Brighton City Cemetery - on the northeast corner of Brighton City Cemetery.    
Young aka Thompson aka Strate North Palmyra 34 No      
Yowell WPA
Shaws Point 3 Yes Located two miles east of Standard City
Zion Lutheran Carlinville   Yes Located on East Elm Street
in Carlinville.

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Lookup - Email subject: Cemetery name and one surname Lookup. For instance, "Girard Cemetery, Smith Lookup"

Township Cemeteries table

Scottville Twp Cemeteries

Hettick Point
Panther Creek
    (East Scottville)
Scottville West

Sharp-Berry (destroyed)

North Palmyra Twp Cemeteries

Ben Biven Family
Blue Grass (Horton)
Norvell (Old Horton)
Oak Grove aka Chapman's Point
Oak Hill
Old Sims
Old Union or Union
ONeal - Terry
Young (Thompson) (Strate)

North Otter Twp Cemeteries

Cherry and Old Cherry
Close (destroyed)
Cloud (destroyed)
Richards (destroyed)

McGhee (Magee)
(Courtney) (Womac)
(Indian Cliff)

Stevenson (Ditson)
Union Chapel Church

Virden Twp Cemeteries

Pleasant Hill
Virden City

--- T12N-R6W ---

Girard Twp Cemeteries

Girard City

Barr Twp Cemeteries

Asbury aka aka Asbury Mound
Gilead Baptist Church
Lemarr burial ground

Solomon, A. M.
Solomon, G. O.
Steidley Grave

South Palmyra Twp Cemeteries

Crum - Willis or Wills?
Doss Grave
Hess Grave
Hettick City
Richie - Ross

South Otter Twp Cemeteries


Nilwood Twp Cemeteries

Sulphur Springs

Western Mound Twp Cemeteries

Bethel Church
Crossland (Woods)
Dews Family
Gary Family
Holliday Family
Murphy Family
Reader (Reeder)
St. Catherine's
Unnamed Cemetery on the
Bridgewater Farm.
Upton Family

Bird Twp Cemeteries

Charity Church
Joiner aka Hickory Grove
Kent Grave
Lumpkin and Reineke
Sell Family
Shiloh Baptist Church
White Family Plot
Wilson?? Family

Carlinville Twp Cemeteries

Carlinville City
Macoupin County Home (Paupers)
Mayfield Memorial Park
New Calvary
Old Calvary
Zion Lutheran

Shaws Point Twp Cemeteries

Bethel Ridge
Boring Family Plot
Coops Family Plot

(Carpenter) (Shaw's Point)

Gray Family Plot
Rural Methodist

Chesterfield Twp Cemeteries

Smith-Kirby / or Chesterfield
Gelder Cemetery
Handlin (destroyed)
Medora, Jersey County
Winston (destroyed)

Polk Twp Cemeteries

Two Graves - No Names

Brushy Mound Twp Cemeteries

Emerick or Meese
Hacke or Spanish Needle
Prairie Lawn
Short Family
Small Burial Plot

Honey Point Twp Cemeteries


Shipman Twp Cemeteries

Arbuckle - Cedar
colored (destroyed)
Little Flock or Reno
Piasa - Mt. Pleasant
St Denis

Hilyard Twp Cemeteries

(or Bethlehem Baptist Church
  or Hucklebridge)

(also known as Gulick-Combs)

Harmony - Armour
Old Shipman Community (destroyed)
Wagner - (Baird)

Gillespie Twp Cemeteries

Clark Family
Gillespie City

Cahokia Twp Cemeteries

Gehner - Camp
Duncan - Henderson
Eagerville Lake
Farrar - Sinclair (Frarrar)
Gillespie Holy Cross (Catholic)
Karnes Union
Trinity Lutheran Church

The Holy Dormition of
The Theotokos Orthodox Catholic

Spring Creek

Brighton Twp Cemeteries

Bott in Jersey County
Brighton City
Jonesborough (Abandoned)
Miles Station
St Alphonsus Catholic

Bunker Hill Twp Cemeteries

Bunker Hill City

Dorchester Twp Cemeteries

Mize (formerly Hand)
St. Mary's Catholic

Mount Olive Twp Cemeteries

Calvary (Catholic)
Dees Family
Holy Trinity or Trinity
Immanuel Lutheran
Mt. Olive
Union Miners

--- T7N-R6W ---

Staunton Twp Cemeteries

Cormack - Powers (lost)
Memorial Park
McGaughey (Phelps) (Bohlen) (Weeks)
Sparks (Mitchell)
Staunton City
St. Michael's Catholic (Old)

Small cemeteries in Macoupin County are maintained usually by descendants of people buried in them. Those cemeteries that are maintained by Robert Landreth and Dennis Stiegemeier are in need of funds and volunteers. Please contact Robert or Dennis if you would like to volunteer to help in the mowing and resetting of stones. Also if you would like to start your own Cemetery Association Robert Landreth is available for advice.
Staunton City Cemetery Committee
C/O Dennis Stiegemeier
220 East Pearl Street
Staunton, IL 62088
    Robert Landreth
Box 478
Bunker Hill, IL 62014
Phone 618-585-3003 or 3022

Monument companies listed.
They won't know anything about your ancestor but if you need a new stone or work on an old stone in Macoupin County, you could contact the following.

Vesper Granite Associates
Carlinville Monument Company
17224 Prairie Lawn Road
Carlinville IL 62626

Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
Saturday 9:00-12:00

All listed under Carlinville Monument Company located south of Carlinville on State Route 4.
Brighton Monument Co - 618-372-3974
Staunton Monument Co - 618-635-2442
Virden Monument Co - 217-965-4406
Carlinville Monument Co - 217-854-4115
1 888-834-5735
Please read:
If there is a file for a cemetery in the alphabetical list above, a contact or association will be listed on the index file page for that cemetery.
For instance, the Cherry Cemetery contact/donations address is not found in the below list but is found at:

The following contact/association are for some cemeteries which we don't have a file for, yet.

DENBY Cemetery - South Palmyra Township
Anne Denby Michael
P.O. Box 50
Carlinville, IL 62626-0050
217 854 8720 May to October
One Earring Point Drive
Vero Beach,FL 32963-4103
772 589=5830

GELDER Cemetery (located west of Chesterfield in Section 10 of Chesterfield Township)
W. Albert Dowland
Chesterfield, IL,
Tel. No. 618-753-3256
There is no plat map for the Gelder Cemetery but Mr. Dowland's father was overseer of it for years and he has now taken it over, so he is very knowledgable about the Gelder, even tho there haven't been burials there for years.

HILLYARD Cemetery (Hilyard Township)
Robert Landreth
Box 478
Bunker Hill, IL 62014
Phone 618-585-3003 or 3022

Money and volunteers are needed for mowing and resetting of stones. All checks or money orders for maintenance and repairs should be made out to Robert Landreth (no association has been established) and mailed to Robert Landreth.

KARNES Cemetery (Cahokia Township)

There is no cemetery association for Karnes Cemetery and no donations are taken for the cemetery. Harold and Shirley Denson have been trustees for the cemetery since 1995. Trusteeship of the Karnes Cemetery to Harold and Shirley was declared by judgment 23 Mar 1995. The cemetery is located two and a half miles southeast of Hornsby in the northwest quarter of section 11 in Cahokia Township and is adjacent their property. Hornsby is located just off Route 16 in the north central part of Cahokia Township between Gillespie Macoupin County and Litchfield Montgomery County on Route 16. To reach the Karnes Cemetery from Hornsby, travel one mile south on a grated road then a quarter mile south, then about an eighth of a mile to the cemetery. It sets near the road. The oldest marked grave is that of Sarah Ann Bates who died 17 Mar 1877. Sandy and Gerald Brand have been added as trustees of the cemetery.

KINDER Cemetery Association (Cahokia Township)

For information, contact:
Jill Secoy

LOOMIS Cemetery
Jeff Eldred of Chesterfield is in charge of Loomis Cemetery

Donations  may be made out to:
Loomis Cemetery Fund
and sent to:
Chesterfield State Bank,
Chesterfield, Illinois 62630.  

PLAINVIEW, Illinois Cemetery also known as the Gulick - Combes Cemetery (Hilyard Township)

Plainview Cemetery Fund
Carlinville National Bank
West Side Square
Carlinville, IL 62626

Robert Landreth
Box 478
Bunker Hill, IL 62014
Phone 618-585-3003 or 3022

Money and volunteers are needed for mowing and resetting of stones. All checks or money orders for maintenance and repairs should be made out to The Plainview Cemetery Fund and can be mailed to Robert Landreth or the Carlinville National Bank.

ST. DENIS Cemetery Association.
St. Denis is located in Shipman (Shipman Township).
Contact secretary for information. Marie has limited burial records for the cemetery but will be glad to try and help.

Secretary St. Denis Cemetery Association.
Marie Goforth-Allen
620 Lakeview Dr.
Shipman, Illinois 62685

SMITH-KIRBY Cemetery is located east of Chesterfield in section one of Chesterfield Township (sometimes called the Chesterfield Cemetery)

W. Albert Dowland
Chesterfield, IL,
Tel. No. 618-753-3256

Mr. Dowland has a plat of the Smith-Kirby. The families of Smith and Kirby deeded the ground for the cemetery originally. He has always heard it called just Kirby.

Click on link:
SULPHUR SPRINGS Cemetery is in Section 26 of Nilwood Twp:

Sulphur Springs Cemetery
c/o Cindy Schroeder
26503 E County Line Rd
Waggoner, IL 62572

WHEELER Cemetery Association (Gillespie Township)

Robert Landreth
Box 478
Bunker Hill, IL 62014
Phone 618-585-3003 or 3022

Inquiries as to individuals buried in the cemetery should be directed to Kathleen Mirabella, 9 Cindy Court, Freehold, NJ 07728. Kathleen also has information on ancestors and descendants of many individuals buried in this cemetery.

Money and volunteers are needed for mowing and resetting of stones. All checks or money orders for maintenance and repairs should be made out to The Wheeler Cemetery Fund and mailed to Robert Landreth.


Funeral Homes in Macoupin County

Sample letter of inquiry to send to funeral homes
contributed by Ron Grassi
FuneralNet - a place to find addresses for Funeral Homes all over the United States and Canada. It is also a place to find out what your deceased military family member is entitled to receive.


BENLD, IL 62009
County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 839-2154


501 W Center St
PO Box 715

County: Macoupin
Phone: (618) 372-3712

Bunker Hill:

JACOBY-WISE FUNERAL HOME (probably under the name KRAVANYA now)
215 South Washington Street
Bunker Hill, IL 62014

875 South Washington Street
Bunker Hill, IL 62014

County: Macoupin
Phone: (618) 585-3266
(618) 585-4641


PO BOX 135
County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 854-3161

County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 854-3157


Davis-Anderson Funeral Homes, Ltd.
20 W. Depot Street
Chesterfield, IL 62630

County: Macoupin
(217) 854-3161


203 E ELM ST
County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 839-2154


County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 627-2119

226 N 3RD ST
County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 627-2126


Targhetta & Wooldridge Funeral Homes, Inc.
120 W. Locust St
Medora, IL 62063
(618) 729-3244

Mount Olive:

MOUNT OLIVE, IL 62069-1643

County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 999-3821


201 N. Main St.
PO BOX 293
County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 436-2214


Targhetta & Wooldridge Funeral Homes, Inc.
565 W. Railroad St (Highway 16)
Shipman, IL 62685
(618) 836-5555


County: Macoupin
Phone: (618) 635-2442


County: Macoupin
Phone: (217) 965-3321

The following form letter can be revised in your own wording. It is just for a sample. For instance, some think that "family research" might be more effective than the wording "genealogy research" because "genealogy research" might connotate a professional researcher getting paid for doing research which might "turn off" a funeral home director. Choose wording which best fits your need.


(name of person)
(city/state) (zip code)

(name of funeral home)
(city/state) (zip code)

To whom it may concern,

I am doing some genealogical research, and found your address on http://www.funeralnet.com, and have gotten information that (name of person/s) passed away in (name of town/city), and would like to have you check your records to see if you handled the arrangements.

If you handled the arrangements, would you please send me a copy of the Record of Funeral?

I am enclosing a SASE for your use in replying.

I really appreciate your help in this matter.



Suggestion for the questionable or close to illegible or even illegible gravestones -
from Debbi Geer

Before you do anything to the stone, use an old camera and look at the stone through the viewer.  All viewers are different.  Try the more recent models as well as ones made back in the 1960's or 1970's if you have any that old.  Somehow some viewers will clear up the letters and numbers for you.  Don't ask me how but they do.

Then use whatever method you prefer.  I've tried the shaving cream and didn't like the outcome.  Chalk is a lot better even if it's colored rather than white.  Then look at the stone again with the camera.

You may want to try this out on a few stones which you know what they have on them.  Compare the camera viewers to see which one works better and make a note to keep it for the cemetery inventory use. 

I had a Kodak instant (like Polaroid - remove the photo paper and within a few minutes the photo was developed before your eyes) which had a great viewer.  In a lot of cases I didn't even have to use chalk.  I was quite surprised on a few and even my husband couldn't believe that I could read them with the viewer.  He wrote down what I said and then to double check the data he used chalk on the stones.  He realized the data I gave was right.

I don't know what type of chalk you use, but I go to Wal-Mart and look in the school supplies for a plastic tub of kids chalk which is about a half-inch in diameter and about 4 to 5 inches long.  It may be colored chalk that kids can use for sidewalk games, but it works.  I think it takes a little longer for Mother Nature to blow and wash it off but if someone else comes along in a few months and it's still on the stone, they will benefit if they're looking for one of the older ones.

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