Macoupin County IL Birth Index 1, Macoupin County Illinois, 20 Mar 1998
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Birth Index 1

Macoupin County Illinois

Earliest Births through 1881

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The Macoupin County Illinois Birth Index 1 entries, earliest births (from 1877 with some delayed birth index entries before 1877) through 1881, were typed and proofread by Macoupin County IL Internet Volunteers below:

©20 Mar 1998-2005 Macoupin Research Group:
Carolynn Jones Bettis of IL
Larry Clark of MD
Mary Collins of MO
Debi Faris of FL
Gloria Frazier of MO
Judy Gronwold of IL
Becky Hargett of IL
Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor of IL
Cindy LeMons of CA
Richard Neumann of WA
Frank Oglesby of NJ
Pam Robertson Ripplinger of IL
Susan VonBehren Ruth of TN
Tracy Smith of AZ
Judy York of WA

We have done the best at interpreting/transposing the handwriting of the earliest through 1881 birth entries as we know how. Some entries in handwriting were very hard to read.

*No effort was made to correct entries or omit a double entry. The typed entries are as close to the original entries as was possible.

We know when the births were recorded the pronunciation of unfamiliar names to the doctor or birth assistant were written down incorrectly.

When you can't find your ancestor and want to be sure it was not recorded, think of different variations of a surname. Ask yourself how could it have been misspelled.

If you can prove errors in the typed entries through birth certificates or legal changes of birth certificates, please contact the County Clerk's Office, Macoupin County Courthouse, Carlinville, IL 62626, phone 217-854-3214.

We are proud to make these birth entries freely available for all genealogical researchers. And, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our volunteerism.

Reading the Macoupin County Illinois Birth Index 1 Entries

If there was no entry where entry data should have been then the words "no entry" was typed.

Columns defined.
First Column gives the surname of the parent(s) and child.
Second Column gives the given name(s) of the parent(s)
Third Column gives the child's name.
Fourth Column gives the date of birth. Much of the time only a year was given in the index.
Fifth Column gives the Book Number 1 for original births (those births recorded at the actual time of birth) or Delayed Books are numbered or lettered such as A, B,... or higher numbers such as 28, 51 and so forth.
Sixth Column gives the page number in the Book or Delayed Book.

You must note that many births before 1916 were not recorded because it was not a law to record births until 1916.

However, birth records were recorded in 1877, but since it was not a law and doctors were only fined a few dollars and many births were assisted by family members or midwives, many births were not recorded.

Delayed Birth records were made by parents or by the birth person him/herself going to the courthouse to have the certificate made, say, years later. A Delayed Birth Certificate usually required 3 proofs, say, a school attendance record, a Bible record and one of the parents or siblings of the birth person.

Name changes by the parents or birth person were common. Sometimes parents or the birth person just decided to change their name but didn't bother about legally changing the name. If the name was changed without legally changing it at the courthouse, the changed name is not the legal name of the birth person.

For details on how to obtain a copy of a Macoupin County IL birth certificate from an entry in this index, contact the courthouse 217-854-3214. More info on birth records.

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