Macoupin County IL Bible record of: Wright Whipple and Jebebah Lisk
@Larry Clark

Bible Record of Wright Whipple and Jebebah Lisk

contributed by Larry Clark

The following two groups of names were written in my family Bible. The Bible is missing it's covers and a number of pages at the beginning. There is a page at the end of the Bible which reads:
                             THE BIBLE etc,

I haven't been able to connect these people to my family; however my Grandfather Charles LISH Hutton was adopted and they may be his relatives. LISH was his birth name and he was adopted by a Hutton family.

My family has lived in Macoupin County, Illinois since the 1830's, so the Whipples may have lived there also. This particular line of Whipples came from Rutland, VT according to records I have uncovered.

Wright Whipple b. March 13, 1777 d. March 15, 1841
+Rachel Stieueris Whipple b. May 22, 1783
    Lilenda K. Whipple b. April 7, 1812
    +Thomas Mills
    Maryann Mills b. February 22, 1834 d. September 12, 1838
    Maryett Mills b. August 6, 1839
Sally S. Whipple b. June 19, 1800
Lydia Whipple b. July 18, 1802
Lucinda Whipple b. January 20, 1805
Larinda Whipple b. January 20, 1805
Rosalee S Whipple b. June 15, 1807
Caroline Whipple b. November 24, 1811
Asa S Whipple b. June 20, 1817

2nd Group of Names in Family Bible
Phoeba H. Lish Lish b: Sep 03, 1855 in Wells Creek, Utah Territory
Carry Amandy Lish b: Aug 21, 1857 in Wells Creek, Utah Territory
Evret L. Lish b: Feb 15, 1859
Peter U. Lish b: Nov 20, 1861
Daniel Lish b: Feb 11, 1862
Mary Lish b: May 19, 1866
Martha Lish b: Oct 23, 1867
Alice Lish b: Mar 26, 1870
Angaline Lish b: May 13, 1872

Charles A. Lish b: Jul 02, 1873

I believe Charles A. Lish was the birth name of my grandfather Charles J. Hutton.

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