Macoupin County IL Bible record of Theodore and Annie Cryder
@Jim Walker

Bible Record of Theodore and Annie Cryder

contributed by Jim Walker

The following entries are transcribed from a Family Bible, that belonged to Theodore and Annie Cryder.
Inside the front cover is inscribed "Purchased in Delaware, Ohio 1860".
The front cover of the Bible has "Theodore" stamped in the leather, and the back cover has "Annie" stamped in the leather.


Eliza Cryder to George B. Edwards October 5, 1902
Myrtle Cryder to Boyd McKinney September 6, 1893
Iva L. Cryder to Newton Herrin Sept. 27, 1899

James W. Cryder was married to Pearl Plummer
Fred R. Cryder was married to Josie Huddleston Jan 16, 1902
Ella Cryder was married to Albert Balty 1908


James W. Cryder was born March 20, 1857
Mary A. Cryder was born April 30th 1858
Ralph Cryder was born July 18th 1861 - (1864 buried Brush Creek Cemetary, Divernon, Ill)
Eliza D. Cryder was born June 26th 1864
Fredrick R. Cryder was born June 20th 1869 (-1932)
Myrtle D. Cryder was born June 10th 1873
Ivalean Cryder was born October 7th 1876
Ella F. Cryder was born March 19th 1881
Myrtle Marie Walker April 2, 1921
Mary Ellen Walker February 21, 1923
Allen Walker September 11, 1926 Deaths

Ralph Cryder departed this life January 11th 1864
Theodore Cryder died March 1st 1903/4
Annie C. Cryder died June 26th 1905
James W. Cryder died June 15th 1908
Myrtle McKinney departed this life May 3, 1936
Boyd McKinney died Dec 5, 1943
Mary Eillen Walker died May 5, 1923
Mary Annette Cryder Dec 27, 1914
Fred Cryder died 17 of Sept - 1932
Lida Edwards died Feb 7 - 1935
Viola Herrin born Oct 17 - 1908 died Sep 13 1931
Geo Edwards died Mar 3, 1933

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