Macoupin County IL Bible record of Lewis and Easter Cormack
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Bible record of Lewis and Easter Cormack

contributed by Kathleen Cormack

Quoted by Kathleen Cormack exactly as transcribed in 1979: "Book bought of the Staunton Bible Society at Staunton, Illinois August 15th 1839

William Green Cormack - Book which was his grandfathers Cormack Book- my son take care of this Book to read it with prayerful attention and be religious. February 25th 1860. D. L. Cormack

Lewis Cormack was born 25 June 1769
Easter Cormack, the wife of Lewis Cormack ws born August 1st 1773
Nancy Wright Cormack, the daughter of Lewis and Easter his wife, was born 15 November 1795
Polly Cormack ws born April 22, 1797
Sally Cormack was born 1 March 1799
John Cormack 21 February 1801
Fanny D. Cormack 29 July 1803
William G. Cormack was born 7 December 1805
Margery Cormack 20 Jan 1807
Elizabeth Cormack 22 May 1809
Esther Cormack 29 July 1812
Lucy B. Cormack 4 October 1814
David L. Cormack 10 June 1818
Elizabeth Cormack, wife of D. L. Cormack was born 1 August 1830
Martha Louella Cormack - Daughter of D. L. and Elizabeth Cormack - born 28 December 1851
William Green Cormack was born 17 December 1853
Lucy Ellen Cormack 21 October 1855
Henry Monroe Cormack 16 September 1859
Esther Ann Cormack 22 Jan 1863
John Levi Washington Cormack 20 Sept 1864
Laura Josephine 27 April 1868
Marty Luella Floyd born 21 January 1883
Ellen Cormack - daughter of W.G. and Laura A. Cormack was born December 9, 188
9 Murray Cormack was born 16 February 1891
Claud Cormack was born November 27, 1893


D. L. Cormack was married to Elizabeth Tulk Novenber 21, 1850
W. G. Cormack was married to Laura A. McCall January 13, 1889


Fanny Cormack died 29 July 1804 Lewis Cormack deceased this life June the 21st 1842 and his funeral sermon was preached August 21st 1842 by Elder Jos. Long, from Hebrews 11, 14th verse
Esther Cormack, the wife of Lewis Cormack died December 25th 1846 ahd her funeral sermon was preached April 25, 1847, from 1st Samuel 6-20 v., by P. Long
William G. Cormack died April 15th 1847 and his funeral was preached 25th day of July 1847 by Peter Long from Eccl. 9c, 10 verse
Henry Monroe Cormack, son of D.L. and Elizabeth was taken sick August 23, 1860 and deceased his life 28 August 1860 and his funeral sermon was preached by William H. Hughs on Sunday October 6th 1860. Aged 11 months, 12 days. Text of Sermon Romans 6, 13 verse
Esther Ann Cormack deceased April 17, 1863
Elizabeth Cormack, wife of D. L. Cormack died March 11, 1908 77 yr 7 mo 10 days
Martha Louella Corruth died November 1, 1905
W. G. Cormack died 25 January 1917
Laura A. Cormack, wife of W. G. Cormack, died April 15th 1894, age 27 years 2 m.
Lucy Ellen Orr died 19 June 1923"

I hope this might be on benefit to other researchers in the future. Kathy.

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