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Fifteen years ago, I observed volunteer Yolanda Reid "build" the Robertson County TN Archives. I was researching my family. In 1982, she started a county archives in a basement downtown Springfield TN with some of the old county records (which I do not have the inside of bldg pics). Eighteen years later in 2000, she was given a great building, more records, and is the paid Archivist at The Robertson County TN Archives. In the basement previous, she did have help such as part time Green Thumb workers or students. The current building had been the county jail but the county had transferred county offices including the jail to the abandoned hospital complex.

I dreamed that Macoupin County could have the same. I saw her document presses in 2001. Her husband had made them. When it came to a point that Macoupin County might start saving the old probate packets and in 2009 a $1000 figure was mentioned for a press....where would I find information....?

I emailed Yolanda and ask her if her husband would build us some presses for a price or give us the dimensions and particulars in building one. I could not believe reading an email from Yolanda saying she would give us a press because Robertson was down to few pressings needed. Gosh. What more could we ask for? As we travel in the rv and was on our way to FL, we stopped in Springfield TN and shipped the press back to Linda.

Now, I am "observing" Linda Kmiecik build the Macoupin County IL Archives.What troupers the Macoupin County volunteers are!

Yolanda Reid
Robertson County TN Archivist

Robertson County TN Archives 2001

Robertson County TN Archives 2001

Robertson County TN Archives 2001

2001 Robertson County TN Archives Presses

2001 Paul Frazier and Yolanda Reid at
Robertston County TN Archives

November 2009
Yolanda Reid & Gloria Frazier
at Robertson County TN Archives
Thank you, Yolanda!!
And, yes, she is short as my mother was.

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