January 2012

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Hello from the Macoupin County IL Archives to all of you out there.  It has been around 8 years since we asked for donations in order to buy acid-free boxes for preserving the large ledgers.  That and other purchases with our earned money have allowed us to make great strides in arranging, indexing, and storing the ledgers in acid-free boxes.  These boxes protect the ledgers and also protect us from dust from the deteriorating covers.

Last year we had a new gutter put on the north wall of the Archives.  The old gutter had many holes, and we sustained some damage to that north wall, particularly the plaster inside.  We have now made contact with the plasterer who did such a beautiful repair job in the Courthouse, and we negotiated a price for the north wall repairs on all 3 floors, plus a few other small spots, at $1800.  The repairs have been made but touch-up painting is still to come.  We had that amount of money from research earnings and donations and have paid all but $250, which he told us to use on a new storm door for the east entry door.

Those of you who have visited know there is heavy damage to the hallway ceiling and walls on the south and east.  He has looked at all of it and thinks he can repair all of it for some amount between $3800 and $5000.  We do NOT have that amount of money, having only a small part of it.  Without some repair, this 1916 building will continue to deteriorate.  If we raise enough money for this hallway ceiling and wall job, any remaining money will be used for work on the windows, some with nearly bare wood frames and missing putty, badly needing attention.

Like so many other entities, Macoupin County IL has no excess money, even for work on the Courthouse exterior, and so we are turning to you.  We know times are very tough for many, many people, but we are going ahead with this plea because this building is very important, one of a kind in Illinois and holding some of our oldest county records.  We’ve had wonderful volunteers since 2001, indexing at weekly sessions to help all of us find our ancestors more easily.  Please consider making a donation to keep this work going and to protect what has already been done.  As with 2003’s plea, we will publish a list of 2011-2012 donors, with our enormous thanks.  We have already established a $100 Club Challenge (see $100 Club Challenge Below).  These donations are tax deductible.  Please indicate if you need an acknowledgement for tax purposes.

Check should be payable to:  Archives Donation Fund

Mail it to:  Linda Kmiecik, 18310 Blackhawk Drive, Girard, IL  62640-8603

History of the Macoupin County IL Archives
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January 2012

Seven donors have led off this new Club to fund repairs at the Macoupin County Archives with donations totaling $900.00, challenging one and all to join them in a very worthy cause.  Can we find 50 people to participate?

This is not to say we want only $100.00 donations!  That isn’t true, and we are interested in any support from anyone, far and wide.  We need all of you to make this effort a success in these trying economic times.

Please make your checks payable to Archives Donation Fund, and on donations of $100.00 or more, please mark the comment line.

$100 Club Challenge

Their checks have arrived and the funds deposited.  May we count on yours too?

Mail ANY donation to:  Linda Kmiecik, 18310 Blackhawk Drive, Girard, IL  62640-8603.

If you want an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes, please state that with your donation, and it will be sent.