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We have some very generous donors! Thank you to the following:

Bettis, Carolynn
Blatter, Carolyn
Bolton, Mary Ann
Critchlow, Judy
Crouse, Patricia
Determan, William
Drobny, Pauline
Frazier, Gloria
Kmiecik, Linda
Lahey, Jane
Lentz, Carl
Leonard, Cindy and Chuck
McMurry, Sue and Bob
Mirabella, Kathleen
Moore, Rayna
Peper, Linda
Pierce, Maureen
Stein, Kay D.
Wiegand, Laura

Boxes arrived Friday 24 Oct 2003 picture.  Phyllis Pitchford and Linda Kmiecik picture.

Currently we have collected $1211.25, mostly in donations, but also in research money earned by our volunteers. Thank you all very much, from all of us. Thank you also to those who have contributed supplies. That includes Georgia Ferry, Mary McKenzie, Phyllis Pitchford, and others, and yet others who have given of their time and energy for research efforts, indexing, and cleaning and building upkeep and repairs.

On Friday October 17th an order was placed online with The Hollinger Corporation for 130 additional 18-1/2" x 14-1/2" x 3"acid-free drop front boxes with lids for holding the large ledger books, as shown in the Archives Donation Plea photos. The current box order costs $734.50, plus $39.00 for two additional boxes of filmoplast P paper mending tape, plus $82.30 shipping. Our grand total for this order is $855.80, with no tax applied. The shipping address is our house, and the billing address is Macoupin County Clerk, Courthouse, Carlinville, IL 62626. Michele Zippay, County Clerk, now has on hand our funds with which to pay the bill in full.

There has been some discussion about ordering a greater number of boxes, since we have additional money available from our donors. However, we have some concerns for future needs and have decided to keep some donor money on hand - $355.45 - to cover unforeseen needs or emergencies.

Again, thank you to everyone. This truly is your Archives. And donations may be made at any time.

Linda Kmiecik
18310 Blackhawk Drive
Girard, IL  62640-8603

Update May 2010

Since the 2003 plea for donations and the order of 130 boxes, we have placed additional orders through the years, using money earned in doing research.  The acid-free box shown was formerly around $6.30, when 50 were ordered.  They are now up to $8.50 per box when 50 are ordered.  We have a new order of 50 on hand and work continues on boxing up the books in the worst condition.  We have not had to ask for donations again, and won't in the near future, especially in this tough economy.  We still appreciate those donations in the past, which got us over a difficult time.

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